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Rhodes -- 4 days

I'll be in Rhodes for four days this coming week, and need both lunch and dinner suggestions for each of those days. I'll be traveling around the island seeing all the sites, so suggestions outside of the old city of Rhodes is are also welcome. I've seen from other posts that Kioupia is highly recommended, and saw both Alexis and Mavirkos mentioned once. What else??

Thanks for your help!

Sep 13, 2008
bookworm in Europe

Where to eat in Burlington area?

The Korean restaurant is called New Jang Su BBQ and should be one of your first stops.

260 Cambridge St
Burlington, MA 01803
(781) 272-3787

Jun 02, 2007
bookworm in Greater Boston Area

Moody St. (area) suggestions???

I really love Mi Tierra, a great Salvadoran hole-in-the-wall. You could make a meal out of the appetizers alone, and the homemade cheese is wonderful.

585 Moody St
Waltham, MA 02453
(781) 894-5676

Jun 02, 2007
bookworm in Greater Boston Area

Fish Bones in Chelmsford

Has anybody tried this new restaurant/fish market? Any thoughts?

Nov 19, 2006
bookworm in Greater Boston Area

dinner for a large group

I'm looking for restaurants that can handle a ~20 person dinner party, that meet the following criteria:

--inside/around Rt 95/128 (but not in Boston!)
--cost around $25/person
--any cuisine
--slow paced meal so that any late arrivals won't be too left out

Please help! The resuarant I was planning on using just told me they didn't like to accommodate large parties on a Friday night, and I'm feeling pressed to find another option.

Oct 10, 2006
bookworm in Greater Boston Area

Great food near Waitsfield, Vermont

Thanks so much for all of the great feedback, especially on the Spotted Cow and the Warren house -- I've been contemplating trying both of those places on each of my prior visits, but they never really captured my imagination. And I appreciate the heads-up on the Route 100 construction.

Dinner on/near Rt. 9?

Sushi at Oishii's is an unvelievable experience, but certainly does not meet your criteria for not being time consuming. It is a teeny tiny restaurant and there is generally a long line. If you can ever make it right when it opens, though, it is not to be missed.

Aug 27, 2006
bookworm in Greater Boston Area

Great food near Waitsfield, Vermont

I'm heading up to Vermont for Labor Day weekend and will be staying in Waitsfield. This is not my first trip to the area, so American Flatbread is already on my list of places to eat (yum!). What I'm looking for are a few other dinner recommendations that wouldn't involve an hour long drive (so anything in Vergennes, Middlebury, Shelburne, Burlington, etc. are out). Feel free to throw in lunch recommendations as well -- these can certainly be farther away from Waitsfield, as we will be driving all over the area during the day. Thanks!