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Restaurants I love, you hate

Agree on Tim's chili. Also Wendy's chili on a baked potato with sour cream. Great lunch for $3.

Restaurants I love, you hate

Actually, the thread states "What restaurants do you love that we have (and vice versa)." I'm going with the "vice versa" part of the thread and have to say that Caplanskys was a major disappointment. We didn't like it at all.

356 College Street, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

iso corn tortillas Leslieville or Danforth

Try No Frills on Coxwell. I purchased a package there about four months ago (I'm sure they still carry them). They had two different types in stock.

Green Basil restaurant on Queen east of Woodbine

Unfortunately we recently had the exact opposite experience. Although we're far from experts on Thai food ourselves, we were very disappointed with our order. The rice was mediocre (seemed like a spongy version of uncle bens with a handful of frozen mixed vegetables tossed in), and we were taken aback by the large peices of inedible plastic-like pieces in our curry. We were told later that this was thai ginger. Authentic, yes but it should either be ground, or used as a flavouring and discarded. I almost choked while eating my dinner. Needless to say we won't be returning. Pity as the ambiance is nice, and the beaches needs a decent restaurant!

Looking for Turkish food/grocer

Pizza Pide at the corner of Gerrard and Pape . Absolutely delicious!!

Best "normal" pizza delivery

Depending on where you are in North York, By The Slice has excellent plain cheese and pepperoni pizzas, and they also have a wonderful selection of delicious gourmet pizzas as well. They are located at Lesmill and York Mills - 861 York Mills Road. Excellent value as well! I pick up a large cheese pizza for around $7. It's not a chain but they offer delivery or you can can pick-up.

Gluten Free dining in the GTA

Although far from gourmet, Pizza Pizza now has a gluten-free pizza dough (rice and potato based). I tried it today and have to say I was actually impressed. Be careful on the toppings, though - make sure to ask for gluten-free. They only charge $3.25 on top of their regular priced pizzas. Not as good as Magic Oven, but convenient locations and delivery areas)

Chia seeds - where to find in Toronto?

You can get packages of organic Black Chia seeds at Ambrosia foods. This month the 500 gram packages are on sale for $8.22 (so about $8 a pound). This is about a quarter of the price of Salba, and in my opinion there is no difference that I've noticed, and I've tried white chia seeds, Salba brand and these black chia seeds. They are all the seed of Salvia Hispanica and nutritionally very similar.

ISO Kamut or Spelt Bread (Ginger)

I'm looking for a spelt or kamut loaf of bread that has ginger in it. I had picked it up at Noah's, and was buying it at Longo's until a month ago but they no longer carry it. I don't remember the brand, just that it was similar to a quick bread loaf (no yeast) and came in a package unsliced. My dad loved it and I can't seem to find it anywhere. I would love to suprise him with a loaf. Thank you.

Chia Seeds

Be very careful when dealing with Arizona Chia. I had a very bad experience with them where I was mislead on the shipping cost (they changed the shipping costs arbitrarily at the last moment without my approval) and I got taken. Try Ambrosia in Thornhill. They have 500 grams (over a pound) now onsale for $8.22.

Teff Flour

I buy my teff flour at Bulk Barn (Shoppers World on the Danforth). I'm sure all of the locations carry it as well.

Chowfind at Main and Danforth

We ventured into the new shawarma place at Main and Danforth on its opening day during their special buy one, get one half price. We usually head up to Lawrence and Pharmacy for Farhat's, so we were hoping this might give us a closer-to-home shawarma fix. Unfortunately they only serve chicken, and although they have a large assortment of sides (including pickled turnip), the lettuce was decidedly brown, and they were very stingy on the filling. Two shawarmas equals one at Farhats. I guess we've been spoiled by great shawarmas, but this place just doesn't cut it. My daughter had their falafel and her verdict was that they were just okay.

15 Min from O'Connor and Donlands

We love Thai Fusion (I think thats the name!) at the corner of Coxwell and O'conner (north east corner, just south of LCBO). Inexpensive relatively healthy meals, and very, very tasty. I think their combos run from around $7.00 which include mango salad or hot & sour soup and spring rolls, and your choice of mains. I love their green curry beef on rice with mango salad. Delicious!

Top Quality, World Chocolate Retail Shops in GTA

Try . They are a Canadian company and for orders under $200, their shipping charge is a flat rate of $4.99. Make sure to check out their clearance center. This week they have Belgium bittersweet chocolate 70% cocoa with caramelized cacao bean chip for 2.00 $ and some Poulain bittersweet for $1.75, some Pralus, Vahlrona, and more. In their regular priced section, their selection is worldwide and endless!

No Frills vs. Food Basics vs. Loblaws vs. Valu-Mart vs. Sobeys vs. Dominion vs. Other

The No Frills at Dufferin Mall is very large, well stocked (busy tho!) store. For me, they've always had what I've needed and the prices are, of course, lower than most of the competition. Dufferin Mall is one block south of the Dufferin Subway station.

More,Eating establishments along Woodbine Ave south of Danforth..Part 2

Against my verbal warnings as I am nowhere near as brave as he is, by bf tried the chili at Ruby Tuesdays. I actually got a "You were right" response - that was the giveaway that it must have been terrible!!

All he could say was Bad. Nothing else on the menu looked appetizing either and it wasn't very clean. But at least the beer was cold!

Best between Dixie and Hurontario around Eglington

We were in the habit of going to the Belfast once a month and in the past had enjoyed most everything we ordered, but we went there last week and were extremely disappointed. The four of us all ordered different items off the menu - items we normally had tried and liked - but we all received very sub-par dishes. The steak pie was mediocre. The wings, which everyone loved previously, were actually terrible. The fries remained on the plate uneaten. The roast beef was just okay, the yorkshire pudding doughy, and the vegetables were still close to raw. I don't know what has happened, but we're disappointed that one of favourite little haunts for pub style food has changed so dramatically. Maybe new ownership?

Coffee at Danforth / Coxwell?

Funny, I had the exact opposite experience at the Upper Beach. It was watery and tasteless, and had sat in the thermal carafe for too long. We had to wait at least 10 minutes for someone to come out from the back to serve us at the counter (us and another customer).Yes, the Fade in has gone downhill as they seem to be catering to a different crowd. They have new owners now and for awhile had changed their coffee to what tasted like a costco brand -- very weak. Lately, though, they have reverted back to their old organic coffee (choice of dark or mild). Maybe my experience at the Upper Beach was just a terrible "one off", but we actually threw the coffee in the garbage. Edited to add: Maybe we will give them one more chance.

Coffee at Danforth / Coxwell?

We went to the Upper Beach Cafe yesterday and didn't like their coffee at all. I'm usually not too fussy about coffee - atmosphere can make a difference - but this one was actually undrinkable. We, too, are looking for a great neighbourhood coffee place (with WIFI, if possible) and have come up empty handed. Unfortunately the Renaissance Cafe on Danforth doesn't open until 4:00. The Fade In Cafe at Gerrard and Main has decent coffee but their food has gone downhill.

Wi-Fi and Lunch?

On the Wireless Toronto list is the Rice Bar on Augusta in Kensington Market. Great food, friendly atmosphere, and high speed access. .

Whipped cottage cheese

I, too, would be interested in finding whipped Cottage Cheese in the Toronto area. I've wanted to try a recipe that calls for it "Friendship 1% Whipped Spreadable as it has 16 g of protein and only 3 g of carbs", but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I think I might try just putting 1% cottage cheese in a blender and see what happens.

I need Panamanian Coffee in Toronto!

The second cup at king and john carries Panamanian coffee as well. See the review at

I need Panamanian Coffee in Toronto!

I know the Second Cup on Leslie (just south of 401) always has the El Toucan beans. I don't know if other outlets have it as well, but according to their website its "An exquisite estate coffee from slopes of the 11,500-foot volcano Café Volcan Baru in Western Panama ". I have to say its not my favourite, but they seem to sell a lot of it at this location.

Organic/naturally raised brunch in Toronto?

We just tried the Rice Bar on Augusta in Kensington Market for the first time and was very pleasantly suprised at both the taste and the quality of their offerings. And their ingredients are advertised as being organic/naturally raised.

Here's a link to their weekend brunch menu . I went during the week and now would also like to try their brunch as well.

Yoga Spice and Rice: Mediocre Indian Food on Queen in the Beach

That's what that awful taste was. I couldn't put my finger on it but, yes, it was freezer burn. I can't figure out how they have they stayed open almost two years.

Review of multiple restos in Leslieville/Riverside

After our disappointing try with Jimmy's Place for wings, we thought we would brave one more recommendation, and off to Coyote Willie's we went.

Fantastic place! The food really was awesome. I ordered the beef and chorizo enchilada and it was really delicious. We couldn't believe the quality of food you get for the price. And the servers/owners are very kind and extremely attentive.

Coyote Willies' definitely gets a "thumbs up". Thanks for the recommendation, Loftman!

Yoga Spice and Rice: Mediocre Indian Food on Queen in the Beach

We were taking a stroll along Queen St. East and passed by the Yoga Spice and Rice restaurant. When we walked in on this very warm day it was actually hotter inside so we took our order for butter chicken on rice and naan to go. What we received was reheated store bought frozen naan with butter chicken and rice that was barely passable. There were a few pieces of decent chicken but unfortunately they were covered in a sauce that was thick and grainy - very hard to describe. Though we were glad that we didn't have the usual lovely sauce to sop up with warm naan, as we had tossed our order of naan in the garbage after our first bite. Their rice was fairly decent though, nicely cooked and lightly seasoned. There are much better indian food restaurants around, especially in the east end. This was very disappointing!

Review of multiple restos in Leslieville/Riverside

In no way was the comment a reflection of the price!! You're absolutely correct, we had 20 wings between us, a big plate of cheesy fries and a couple of pints, all for $22. All I was saying was no matter how low the price, the verdict was still the same: we won't be back. Bad food is bad food at any price. For us we'd rather pay more for something that tastes good, and where we recieve at least some semblance of service.

Review of multiple restos in Leslieville/Riverside

I have to disagree about recommending Jimmy's Place for wings. We tried it last night for the first time, and although it was not busy (one table and two customers at the bar), it took over 45 minutes to get our order. Just getting our drinks took almost 20 minutes. When the wings did arrive, they were very small, overcooked, and the sauce-to-wing ratio was way out of whack. All we could taste was the sauce. We chanced the poutine and what arrived was a huge plate (I do agree that their portions are enormous) with fries covered in tons of gravy and what seemed like melted kraft cheese all over the top. When we wrapped our heads around the fact that this was in no way poutine, but almost like cheesy fries in a bowl, we didn't so mind them. Reminded me of what my friends and I used to throw together on a Saturday night when we got the munchies. The bill on half price Tues: two orders of chicken wings, one order of "poutine" with two pints on tap: $22. Our verdict - we won't be back.

Secret Food Festivals

This weekend is the African Food Festival between Crawford St. and Ossington Ave., (Bloorcourt Village). Just read about it in the Star .