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What Foods Would You Miss Most If You Were Banished from New York?

I can tell you what I miss most...DELI'S. I grew up between NY and Philadelphia and now live in Washington DC - There are no good old fashioned (or any fashion for that matter) deli's. We have a counter in back of the supermarket with little to no selection. AND god forbid you ask them to slice cheese THIN. They have no idea what to do! My next big complaint : MAYO on everything! Mayo?? Why?? They don't even ask you - they just put it on.

Oct 26, 2010
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Where to find Maille Dijon Mustard in DC...

Does anyone know where I can find Maille Dijon Mustard in Washington, DC - (Dupont Circle maybe)? The label looks familiar, but I don't remember seeing it in anywhere local.