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Quintessential Chesapeake Bay-area Dishes

Ugh. I'm sorry Bob. They were clam fritters, not cakes. But they are round and flat - something like a sausage patty in appearance. Not the shape I think of when I think fritter, so I misremembered.

Quintessential Chesapeake Bay-area Dishes

We attended a Road Scholar trip to Crisfield, Smith & Tangier Islands. Every place we went we were served clam cakes. I was not a fan....but clearly they have some kind of history to the area.

Friendship Heights Whole Foods in slight decline?

I was in the Columbia WF yesterday. Plenty of baby romaine, and they were restocking when I was there. I saw crumbled goat cheese when I was looking for fresh ricotta. The produce department was fully stocked with lots of variety and things looked good.

Not trying to prove anything except to maybe agree with the point you seem to be making. Something isn't right at your WF, the "closed Weds" doesn't quite cut it.

Lunch between Alexandria & Ellicott City

OK let me be more specific. And this is serious. I live in Ellicott City and very rarely go out to eat, definitely never head toward Bethesda, etc for meals out so I have no clue where to start. So - we would want to drive to the place & have easy parking, not street parking. DC is out, I do not want to navigate the roads there.
We would likely meet on a weekday. Prefer it not to be a chain restaurant.

Lunch between Alexandria & Ellicott City

A friend wants to meet for lunch somewhere between Alexandria, VA and Ellicott City, MD. I am clueless, anyone have any advice? Someplace casual, moderately priced is ok.

Blue Crab visiting baltimore in the next 2 weeks.

If you get steamed crabs in the Baltimore area now they are likely from Texas or maybe Louisiana, as others have said. But if you haven't had MD blue crabs in a while they will taste just fine.

We were in the Crisfield, MD area for a week this past summer, meeting with watermen, restauranteurs, local businessmen. I was really disappointed to hear they all pushed Asian crabmeat as being indistinguishable from Chesapeake Bay crabmeat. Very little local crabmeat was available, all was Asian. Oysters seemed to be what most were making their living on, politically they all wanted us to be happy with accepting Asian crabmeat.

Frank's Seafood in Jessup closed

For those of you who shopped there, Frank's Seafood in Jessup has closed. No word on reopening or why they closed.

Oregon Grille - new

I just have to post this separately because there have been so many posts about the Oregon Grille, all negative, that I knew mine would be buried.

A small group of us went to the Oregon Grille to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary. From the moment we walked in the door until the moment we left, we were treated wonderfully. The staff in the doorway, our wait staff, everyone was polite, friendly and extremely efficient.

The food we ate was delicious. We shared some appetizers, rather than plunk the plates on the table for us to pass around, the waiter served us each individually. Grilled oysters, fried calamari, lobster egg roll, all perfectly prepared and delicious. Our entrees were equally wonderful.

Really the Oregon Grill went above and beyond to make sure this special occasion was properly celebrated. Yes the food is expensive, but you pay for expert service and well-made food. Not a one of us felt we were treated badly.

Recent advice on MoCo Farmers Markets

Before you say "no overhead", remember they had to grow, pick, package & drive the product to the farmer's market. And gas isn't cheap for those panel trucks or vans they drive. So yes, there is a cost with providing the food to you.

But yes, I went to the Silver Spring market last year and thought the prices were on the high side.

Reasonably priced halloumi source in Baltimore?

I heard today that Trader Joe's has it. I don't know the price but I'm pretty sure it will be less than Whole Foods!

Gunnings Closed?

The people who used to own Blobs Park in Jessup are opening a German restaurant in the Gunnings location. We saw them taking down the Gunnings sign today.

Elkridge/Annapolis in July

For pit beef. there are of course arguments as to who has the best. But among the top contenders, and fairly close to Elkridge is Pioneer Pit Beer (note their hours, 11-5 weekdays & Sat, not open Sunday):

Crab Imperial near Baltimore/Howard Co area

Gunnings in Hanover might have it too. But given that Snyders is closed, my first choice would be Olive Grove.

Not eating out or just not posting?

Or is it just because local people are on so many social media sites that they just aren't real interested in Chowhound any more?

Source for fresh rabbit in Baltimore County?

I would really think twice especially about frozen rabbit. I spoke to a local butcher and she said they get their rabbit from China. Unless you are ok with that. If it's a farm that raises them, then freezes that's altogether different.

Is there a REAL good old fashioned bakery in the Baltimore area?

In a word - no. BUT, within the last few years I am seeing better and better bread from small bakeries, and more people willing to pay for it.. So I am hopeful that things are turning around.


They have every mustard imaginable. I used to order from them all the time.

Copper River Salmon

When it's here, Frank's Seafood in Jessup will have it.

Local strawberries available yet?

Pick Your Own has started at Gorman Farms (MD)

Need opinions - Arundel Mills's Sweets From Heaven: good place to get my wedding candy??

I second the hint to buy online., for example, has candy sorted by color or flavor. Their items are FRESH, shipping is super fast.

Honeybell Oranges

Have you tried them yet? I finally broke down and bought a box from Cushmans last year. I thought they were overripe and not quite up to the hype in the ads. I think if you can find really good navel oranges in your local store you probably will like them better.

But -- like my -- maybe you ought to try them once anyways.

bakery that will slice sandwich loaf lengthwise

You should call around, many bakeries would not want to cut bread you bought elsewhere. They may not normally have the kind of pullman loaf you're looking for, but you might be able to special order it. I don't think you'd want Wonder Bread (if it was available) or Sunshine, they are too soft. Pepperidge Farm makes a couple firmer breads but, as you said, they come sliced.

SAF Gold Yeast

Another mail source:

Resturant Supply's open to public

Sysco - but they're not really in DC area. Closer to Laurel

Anxiously Awaiting Chestnuts

Love Dove Farm didn't have chestnuts at the market today, they had husked black walnuts. But if you want something not too far from you, I'd call or email John. Maybe he still has chestnuts but not enough to bring to a market.

Anxiously Awaiting Chestnuts

Are you anywhere near Howard County? John Dove had chestnuts the week before last at the Weds farmer's marked at the Miller Branch Library. You might try to contact him - Love Dove Farm

Are crabs still in season in Baltimore?

You are right, DWD. Crabs are really delicious in the Fall and the prices are much better. We wait until this time of year to make crab cakes, because the meat is so much sweeter.

Souffle vs Gratin Dish

A souffle uses egg whites for leavening (what makes it raise) and they cling to the sides of the tall souffle dish as they rise. In fact, you often have to add an aluminum foil "collar" around to makethe sides of the dish taller or the souffle will overflow.

Just Visiting makes a good point about the gratin, it might well retain moisture & the top won't brown properly if you use a dish with real tall sides. Now, you don't have to have an official gratin dish, any sort of casserole with 1 1/2" to 2" sides will work just fine.

In other words, souffle and gratin dishes really shouldn't be interchanged.

Sep 26, 2012
ivysmom in Cookware

Any love for the Double T?

We used to eat breakfast at the Catonsville one fairly regularly, but after that article about harrassment, we quit going also.

What happened to Chicken Out?

There is still one in Columbia, as far as I know. We were there not long ago and the food was still good.