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Meatballs at The Cookery [Dobbs Ferry]

This is my go to meat ball recipe. After a little experimentation, I went with a two thirds challah to white bread otherwise the challah flavors come through a little too strongly.

The other tip is to really do interesting things with the sauce. I made mine from scratch and added anchovies, capers and black olives to the canned tomatoes. Added a few chopped tomatoes to the sauce in the casserole before adding the meatballs.

Meatballs at The Cookery [Dobbs Ferry]

This is my go to meat ball recipe. After a little experimentation, I went with a two thirds challah to white bread otherwise the challah flavors come through a little too strongly.

The other tip is to really do interesting things with the sauce. I made mine from scratch and added anchovies, capers, Kalamata black olives and garlic to the canned tomatoes. Added a few chopped tomatoes to the sauce in the casserole before adding the meatballs.

Blue Hill Stone Barns private table? [630 Bedford Road Pocantico Hills, New York]

Apart from the slightly exasperated tone, Frank does make a good point. The problem is that Blue Hill is not cheap to run. Barber wanted a restaurant that shows the absolute ultimate farm to table experience, and given the levels of staff, the room itself and the cost of the ingredients, the cost of the meal must necessarily be high.You cannot separate the restaurant from the advocate; if you want it on the cheap, there is a cafe open for lunch, or you can go to to the bar (first come, first served, where they offer a three course $57 menu).

I do enjoy the restaurant, but it is not a restaurant that even if money were no object, I would go to more than once or twice a year. It is an entertainment as well as a meal, and brilliant as it is, it is time consuming, and sometimes a little precious. And most of time, I prefer to eat in less than three hours.

But occasionally, I want exactly this; and know the food will be almost perfect. A small piece of chicken may have been the finest I have ever had, the belly of pork is sublime, the dessert, "needle in a haystack makes me smile every time I think of it.

The Twisted Oak or Bistro 12 in Tarrytown, NY?

Twisted Oak.

Frankly, when we do an event in Tarrytown, we generally go to MP taverna in Irvington.

The Twisted Oak or Bistro 12 in Tarrytown, NY?

We were there last week. It really was a place we wanted to love, but it was somewhat hit and miss. I would be wary if you have something of a time crunch, because it took a very long time for the food to come out, and one of the main courses was luke warm. We brought in wine, and they comped us corkage.

The food though was very good; it's imaginative and the chef uses unusual ingredients (for instance barley and nettles) very creatively. Friends who have dined there love it. We are putting it down to a bad night, and plan to go again.

Greek Food in Irvington

The food is as good if not better than ever. I have been three times since it re-opened- generally with three or four people. I like just ordering the appetizers: it gives you a chance to really see the kind of food they are doing.

I love the dips, particularly the chick pea, although the group usually votes for the yoghourt. The octopus is incredible. Meaty and tender; occasionally they oversalt the water, and it that can be a problem, but if you ask the kitchen to keep saline levels low, they will tell you they can't do anything because it is pre made, but somehow it comes to the table perfectly seasoned.

The Cypriot lamb sausage is also a gem. Wonderful.

We had the scallops last time, and again beautifully cooked.

Crispy cod, not quite crispy enough but very tasty.

I am local enough that I can go once a week' the prices are low enough that it does not seem like an extravagance.

Is Blue Hill at Stone Barns worth the aggrevation of making a reservation?

I get the feeling it's reached its mature stage. At first, there was an evangelical feel to the farm to table message. The best comparison is a 3d movie; they start ed off showing what it can do, and it was all special effects and not much plot, and after a while, the 3d was used to enhance the storyline. So it is with Blue Hill and how they use the ingredients, and I like where it's gone.

Is Blue Hill at Stone Barns worth the aggrevation of making a reservation?

Put me down as a non believer at least until my last meal there a month or so ago. All the affectation had gone (well not quite all, there was still a platter with skewered vegetables) but the food is truly amazing, and far more creative than a riff on decent ingredients. Now the quality is used imaginatively and the purity of flavor is enhanced by some seriously creative cooking and I had one of the best meals of the year.

The alternative to trying to book a table is sit in the bar area and snack.

Tru, Arun, and why I would not go back to Topolobampo

Came in for a couple of days, loved Tru, really interesting menu. Definitely resurgent, as I had been advised. A chef with a sense of humor, lots of food puns like balls of sturgeon on a bed of avocado puree served in caviar tin, a pea soup ladled onto a bouquet of edible faux fruit, flowers and pea pods (made from pea puree and cooled) a magnificent salmon dish, smoked and then cooked perfectly with sorrel served on a wonderful kitschy plate. A couple of minor glitches at the end (one of the cheeses, an emmmentaler, served warm, so damp and rubbery) and a failure of essence of cucumber served with vanilla. Nasty, but that is a cucumber for you. Horrible with wine, and I suspect does not like oak barrel flavors either. Overall though, a solid A

Arun: Thai restaurant good, an array of beautiful dishes, very consistent high quality, a little spicy for me. I should realize I am medium for Indian but mild for Thai.Some adorable carved carrots in the form of a carp. Delicious A-

Topolobampo: Very disappointing. Hard not to be overly commercial with a celebrity chef, but I felt like I was on cattle class on an airline. Get us in, get us out, the food was OK but certainly not great. Lots of upselling, and the waiter looked furious if guests declined. Overall like being in Disneyland, rather than a great restaurant experience.

And perhaps the thing that really put me off the place was watching the hostess seat an elderly couple. It is a crowded restaurant, and he struggled to get into a banquette and finally landed on it with a very heavy thump. The hostess stood around posing rather than helping with the table; after that I watched her seat another couple, different pose, and luckily, he was little more lithe, so less of a thump, but a thump nevertheless. This is not how I would want to be greeted at a top restaurant.

445 N Clark St., Chicago, IL 60610

Jul 15, 2011
Musigny 151 in Chicago Area

British or Irish sausages

Butchers Fancy on Maclain street in Yonkers. Real old fashioned Irish Butcher making his own sausages, black puddings etc. Delicious.

Poor meal at Equus

I really don't usually trash a restaurant, but a week or so ago, I had such a poor meal that I decided it needed to be written about. The setting is gorgeous, but there is little parking so a valet is necessary. For lunch it adds an unneccessary not to mention costly addition to the meal.

So, I arrived and tried to get into the dining room, but before I could, I was asked to wait in one of the anti rooms. I was waiting for ten minutes and decided it was ridiculous and decided to leave. The Maitre d' saw me going and urged me to return. When I finally did get into the dining room, expecting a real crowd, there was a group of six people and myself.

I went a la carte as the menu had a dessert which I tend to avoid at lunch. The French onion soup was a pretty thing, the problem was that much of the prettiness derived from cold greasy onions on the top used as garnish. The soup stock, was excellent but there was too much bread and the result was after a few spoons, it became mush.

More problems with the main course. There were three elements to this and all were appalling. The skin on the chicken was burnt. The chef tried to hide this by carefully spooning greens over it. The white mess on the side was so watery that it was hard to identify. The greens had deposited a small pool of water, as if they had been inadequately drained. The chicken came back; I am not sure if it was the same piece or a new one. there was certainly missing skin on it. Either way, it was dry.

On the bright side, the service was excellent. But the food was really poor... Sad, given the setting.

Disappointment at Mima Vinoteca

On the recommendation of a friend, had lunch there yesterday, and equally disappointed. Penne Carbonara came to the table so undercooked that I had to send it back. Chewy rather than al dente. So instead of doing a new one, they cooked it more, and the of course the egg curdles. The pasta itself is still tough. Did not dare order a replacement, so went with the monkfish special. Incredibly salty, worsened by the olive/capers but even when the sauce was scraped off, the fish was still way too salty. The vegetables were perfect, so took so small bites of the fish and averaged out the salt by piling vegetables on the same fork.

Nice location, decor is fine, but the food poor, and the lunch prices relatively high. Won't bother going back.

Chart House

Had dinner there tonight. Great view, but the food merely adequate.

Began with the clams. Too many crumbs for the clam. Poor. Salmon asked medium rare to medium way overcooked. On the second attempt, the chef overcautious undercooked it. Sent it back and it was perfect. My Veal Milanese was ordinary; the meat good, the coating soggy. Good accompanying greens, and a flavorful tomato. The cheesecake dessert was solid, and the highlight of the meal. Good wine list, well priced.

Previously, was hit and miss as well, but the view is so spectacular, it is tempting to overlook the food. But the view is not that good. Won't bother going back.

Sweetgrass Grill in Tarrytown sort of open!!!

The restaurant has promise but still needs to iron out a few glitches. Staff mostly pleasant but when harried are abrupt.

Sauces overly sweet and thick. need some acidity as a counterbalance. There was a cereal that was not cous cous but related that tasted of dust and animal feed pellets. Meat for the grass fed burgers excellent. Greasy baby shrimp. Great ingredients, needs better execution.