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Seattle in March with Baby

We'll be visiting Seattle in March with our 6 month old child. He's getting beyond the age when we can take him to a restaurant and expect him to sleep in his car-seat under the table.

We're big carnivores and are looking for a restaurant in Seattle that serves locally -raised meat and sustainable fare at about $20-25/entree. Oh, and is mildly kid-friendly. Too much to ask for?


Feb 05, 2009
nora.daniel in Pacific Northwest

Must Eat in Baton Rouge?

I'm an adventurous eater traveling on business to Baton Rouge for 2 nights in mid-February and would love to know the must-eat restaurants in town. I'll be at LSU, so within walking distance of campus is preferable. Thanks!

Happy hour in SF

I'm not certain how often this is updated, but has a pretty long list of happy hour specials when you search in San Francisco.

sushi in Oakland?

I really enjoy Drunken Fish on Broadway (south off of the 24 east highway).

Brussels Sprouts on the Menu in SF?

Luna Park, so says a raving colleague.

Suntory Whiskey?

You might ask the bartender at Nihon on 14th/Folsom where you can find the nice bottles. They have a large selection of Suntory on their gargantuan whiskey list.

Russian River Valley/Sonoma County Restaurants and Wineries? Also, sept 22-25 events?

I visited the Applewood Inn in Guerneville this past February and it was outstanding. One of the best filet mignon dishes I've ever had and my fiance had the same sentiment for her duck breast.

Sat nt Drinks around Downtown Crossing?

I moved away 5 years ago, but in Downtown Crossing I liked J.J. Foley's, Silvertones (too bad it's closed right now), and Good Life. Back then none of them were very collegey.

PDX: Five Days Early Oct.

Thanks for the food recs.

Can anybody recommend favorite drink happy hours for whiskey & scotch lovers in PDX? I'm not talking top-shelf, necessarily, so bring on the dive bars too.

Sep 01, 2006
nora.daniel in Pacific Northwest

I also would like to know why my posts were removed

I'm trying to get recommendations on happy hour in Portland and they keep getting removed. What's going on? Would love to know what's prohibited, etc.


Sep 01, 2006
nora.daniel in Site Talk

PDX: Five Days Early Oct.

Hi there -

Heading to PDX from SF the second week of October. We'll be staying 4 nights at the Kennedy School and would love Chowhounds' recommendations for great breakfast, lunch, happy hour, and dinner spots in Portland and the surrounding areas. We do plan to head to Hood River for a day as well, so if you have recs for Hood River, send 'em along! Also, any good festivals or events that we should check out?


Aug 26, 2006
nora.daniel in Pacific Northwest