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Suggestions for a tourist please!!

Thank you for your great advice and suggestions!! Keep 'em coming!

Jan 22, 2008
jen2202 in Outer Boroughs

Suggestions for a tourist please!!

Sounds great! Although I'm not sure I will be able to do it, as you can see I have a busy schedule. But I would love to see it, and if any places are along my routes then I will definitley visit. Can you provide me with a link? Thank you!

Jan 21, 2008
jen2202 in Outer Boroughs

Suggestions for a tourist please!!

I will be in New York for a week in Feb., and would like some suggestions on where to eat cheaply. This is my first time in the area, so of course I will be doing all of the things tourist do...Rockefeller Centre, Empire State Building, paying my respects at Ground Zero, Canal St shopping, Late Night with Conan, Sex and the City tour, Amateur Night at the Apollo, Nets game, Bloomingdales, Central Park etc. I would like suggestions for places to eat that are authentic to New York (I'm from Toronto), but please keep in mind I am a student on a budget! Also, if there any sights that you recommend I see, please advise. Thank you all sooo much!

Jan 21, 2008
jen2202 in Outer Boroughs

Home Delivery - what do you tip$? (moved from Ontario board)

What gets me is that some restaurants charge for delivery, and that charge doesn't go to the driver. I understand the concept of paying for extra service but nowadays it just doesn't seem right. With the amount of competition out there I think this should be a service at no extra charge(within the area), especially because drivers don't receive the money and they get paid like dirt. It's like asking for an extra charge because gas prices are going up and it costs more to get ingredients in the restaurant. If anything, I think delivery should be built into the cost just like the cook, ingredients, dishwasher etc. Sorry, a little off topic..

Jan 17, 2008
jen2202 in Not About Food

Loblaw's = downhill

I used to do my groceries at No Frills in the Dufferin Mall. This location was always busy and the shelves were always stocked and there were always soooo many staff members working. I never experienced a problem at this grocery store and I shopped there for almost 2 years (the only problem was it was always too busy, no matter what time or day).
I have recently moved, and I now do my groceries at either the Real Canadian Superstore at Don Mills and Eglinton or at the WalMart Supercenter on Eglinton. The RCS is usually fairly busy, and the shelves usually seem full, the only thing is that they don't seem to offer a lot of PC Blue Menu products that I used to get at No Frills. WalMart is nice shopping too (when it's not too busy) but I find the same problem there too, they don't seem to have everything I need.
I am a student and I find these 3 grocery stores to be almost equally in line with eachother price wise. As for Dominion, Sobeys and Loblaws...too expensive because the shopping experience isn't worth the increase in cost.
I do agree with the OP that Loblaws is experiencing a problem, I have witnessed it in other locations I have visited. I think that the corporation needs to come up with a sustainable competitive advantage to be able to stay relative. It seems as though the retail grocery business has become very hypercompetitive.

Fav Shawarma places in the GTA???

I was in the mood for a shawarma tonight and was glad to find this thread because I wasn't sure where to go. I wrote down the names of 3 place that were suggested on Lawrence St and the first one I saw while driving down Lawrence was Nasbi's. I went in to order a chicken shawarma but they were out of chicken for the day. So I continued down the street and found Ibrahim's. I went in and was served by a nice man named Mohammed, and I ordered a chicken sandwich. It was by far the best shawarma I've had in Toronto (originally from Ottawa). All of the ingredients were fresh and flavorful, the sandwich itself was huge, and to top it all off they offer a two for one deal. I was so excited I told Mohammed I would tell everyone about this place, and I couldn't wait to get home to share this experience with all of you!!! I've lived here for two years now have been struggling to find a good shawarma place, although it's not quite the same as home, it was delicious and I will be back for more very soon!!! Thank you fellow hounds!!

Best Bagels in Toronto?

If you are ever west on the bloor line subway get off at runnymede and try sunglow bakery on bloor st....although i have never tryed their bagels, many people rave about them. The few times i have gone it has been later in the day and they look sort of picked over, so maybe go earlier.....

Big Fat Burrito - short review

My SO and i were going to go to Big Fat Burrito last weekend.....there were no customers in the restaurant and the punk music was so loud we decided to dine a little Mexican spot a few doors down (which had very nice owners!)

Best "BIG" Salads in TO???

My favorite big salad is from Milestone's.....the California Spring Salad, it had goat cheese, fresh strawberrys and pecans and it is sooooooo yummy!

Finally found my way out of pizza-delivery hell - I'm BONA-fied!

What an entertaining post! I have no choice but to try Bona's pizza now, perhaps you should work on commission!?!

Driving the 401 - Toronto to Montreal

Don's fish and chips gets my vote, fresh tasty food every time....they even make their own corndogs!!!!

Banjara (Bloor near Christie)?

I finally tried Banjara tonight....i thought it was very good. I ordered butter chicken, plain rice and naan bread to go. From what I observed while I was there, the staff seems very friendly. They may not be the most organized, but while I waited for my food at the bar three people asked if they could help me, and they were all very nice. To be honest, I avoided trying this place because of its appearance (lack of renovations after transforming it from the fried chicken place it used to be) but I'm very glad that I did. Staff was friendly, food tasted great, and price was excellent for the portions served. I recommend it!

Best butter chicken in the Toronto area

Where is Little India?


Soul Food had amazing food!!! We eat there every few weeks, it's like having a home cooked meal. Great family restaurant.....but only open thurs-sun 5-9. This is a MUST try for those of you who haven't tryed it!!!!!

What foods, available in the U.S. and not in Toronto, do you covet? [moved from Ontario board]

Fiber One bars

Oct 05, 2007
jen2202 in General Topics

Bloody Mary.... what have you got?

OMG!!! VODKA!!!!!!! I can't believe i forgot to mention the most important part!!!! You can use regular or lemon or lime flavored

Oct 02, 2007
jen2202 in Spirits

How do you dress up your Kraft mac & cheese?

1) I add left over spaghetti sauce instead of milk and butter
2) Throw in some Mrs Dash original

Oct 02, 2007
jen2202 in Home Cooking

Bloody Mary.... what have you got?

Hi Mixxapm,
I see that you are from the UK, and I'm not sure if you make Caesars there. In Canada we make Bloody Marys, but Caesars seem to be the drink of choice.
If you are not familiar, here is a basic recipe
-rim the glass with celery salt
-fill the glass with ice
-add a few dashes of Worcestershire Sauce, a couple dashes of Tabasco, and salt and pepper to taste
-fill with clamato juice
-garnish can include lemon and/or lime wedge, a stalk of celery, a piece of shrimp....

Now of course there are a number of variations on this too....I like to add horseradish and pickle juice to mine!!! Yummy!

Oct 01, 2007
jen2202 in Spirits

Stage West Dinner Theatre

The food was ok, looks like i had the same buffet as rsvp7777. I actually had the roast beef and was suprised because i felt it was above average (still not amazing though). The dessert was ok as well, i love black cherry ice cream, and that was one of the selections so i was happy! The service was good. IMHO, been there done that, i wont be back, but i did not leave hungry.

Stage West Dinner Theatre

Thanks for your input everyone. Wish me luck tackling through the food tonight! I'll let you know how I made out

Stage West Dinner Theatre

I'm attending a dinner and theater show tomorrow night. The dinner is buffet (I know), and I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me what I should expect.

New Authentic Mexican food on Bloor (wed only)

Yes thats what i mean, it came on a small skillet and it was basically melted cheese with some onions and green peppers, and it is served with tortillas! I hope its the same b/c it was tasty! Thank you!

Fried Chicken Craving!

I've heard that Mary Bown's is the best chain wise, but other than that I'm not sure.

New Authentic Mexican food on Bloor (wed only)

Speaking of Mexican, I was in Mexican Town in Detroit a few weeks ago with my friend, and we ordered flaming cheese (not sure of the mexican name) and it was sooooo good! I was wondering if anyone knows where i can get this in Toronto???

Who's open for groceries this holiday Monday?

Dominion on college just west of Little Italy is open today

Visiting Brockville and Prescott

The sandwich place mentioned above is called Boboli, it does have very good sandwiches and pasteries. 1,000 Islands Seafood is no longer open. Brockvile has a lot of "hit or miss" type of restaurants. If you want pizza, my suggestion would be 1000 Islands pizza, they're pizza is amazing!

What happened to 65 degrees steak house?

I drove by today and they're closed, and theres a new sign up(i dont remember what is said the new name is). I guess its going to be a lounge?? Does anyone know what is going on?

Toronto Ribfest

We went tonight and ordered the pulled pork as well as the ribs from Camp 31. The sandwich was tasty, but the ribs were tough and they didn't cut them very well so we had to rip them apart....the sauce on them was tasty though!

Toronto Ribfest

Any one been yet?? I plan to go tomorrow, and I'm looking for some advice....which vendor has good, or not so good ribs etc. Also, the best beans and corn bread!


Looking for a lebonese restaurant in the downtown area of Toronto