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36 hours in NOLA

staying in the quarter. more than willing to drive...up to 30/40mins.

would like "the best" since I only have limited time. Looking for po-boys, gumbo, whatever...thought someone in London was telling me about really amazing fried chicken...

Mar 21, 2010
raulduke69 in New Orleans

36 hours in NOLA

Total foodie, classically trained chef will be in New Orleans for a day and a half with two kids in tow (6 and 9). Looking for the BEST street/casual food. Po-Boys, Gumbo, Fried kids eat everything but I don't need to do fine dining with them.

Willing to eat more than 3 meals a day if nessasary.

Cheap, casual and really REALLY GOOD, whacha got NOLA?

Thanks in advance.

Mar 21, 2010
raulduke69 in New Orleans

Pagosa Springs/Durango/Pueblo CO

Spending a week in the Pagosa Springs area, will be in Durango and Pueblo as well. Any suggestions?


May 12, 2009
raulduke69 in Southwest

Birmingham AL & S. & good meat&3 or BBQ for motorcycle trip

Thanks all.

I have eaten and enjoyed Interstate before, thought about trying Dreamland in Mobile AL last month but couldn't drag myself away from The Brick Pit (so good).

Thanks again and keep them coming.

Birmingham AL & S. & good meat&3 or BBQ for motorcycle trip

I am taking a motorcycle trip next week from St. Louis MO, through Memphis, Southern TN to Birmingham AL.

As I will be on a motorcycle, fancy is out of the question (jean/leather jacket/helmet etc. and I like to be able to see the bike while I eat since all my worldly possessions will be piled on it). Really looking for GREAT bbq (as I am a huge BBQ snob) and good mom and pop type diners/meat & 3 type places. No chains pls.

Good bars for a icy cold beer or cocktail in the evening after I park the Ducati for the day would also be appreciated.