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Best Jambalaya?

My friend and I will be returning to New Orleans for yet another chance to sample all the deliciousness that the city has to offer. The one thing we are in search of this trip is the best jambalaya in town. Just wanted to hear from those in the know their experiences. My friend cannot eat shellfish so a meat version would be best.

We are staying near the quarter but will be visiting different neighborhoods all through the week so any part of town is fair game. Thanks for your help!

Jan 21, 2011
zoo zoo in New Orleans

anyone been to Crown Of India?

Yes, I absolutely agree. Just went and it is by far the best Indian I have had in LA. Was expecting to be disappointed after all the fancy, over-priced, bland restaurants I've been to. Had given up hope. But they made delicious Butter Chicken, with a complex, spicy sauce that had us both sopping up every last drop with our perfect Galic Naan. As the daughter of an Indian who ate the original Butter Chicken at Mothi Mahal, I can say it was excellent. And the lunch specials are an exceptional value. Highly recommended. And it's in my neighborhood which is perfect as we plan to go here often.

Nov 02, 2009
zoo zoo in Los Angeles Area