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Agata Valentina or Eataly - sushi quality seafood?

Anyone know if either of these places has good sushi-quality seafood?

Citarella is good but with Lobster Place closed temporarily...not a lot of good options. I find Whole Foods seafood gross. I don't buy it anymore


Mar 24, 2013
soopster in Manhattan

Lake Tahoe - especially South

Any dining recommendations for South Lake Tahoe? I have read that it's generally lowest-common-denominator food. Any places that don't fit this bill? thanks!

Dec 27, 2012
soopster in California

small taco shells - where to buy in NYC?

I want to make small tacos (like fish tacos, or sashimi tacos like the ones as La Esquina) -- anywhere know where to buy small taco shells in NYC? preferably below 23rd st or williamsburg area? thanks! Josh

May 20, 2012
soopster in Manhattan

best place to buy filet mignon in Manhattan or Brooklyn

any suggestions for the best place to buy filet mignon steaks in manhattan or brooklyn (williamsburg, dumbo, or cobble hill areas)?

i don't mean restaurants, to make at home


Feb 12, 2012
soopster in Manhattan

Kaffir Lime - where to get

Hi, where can one get kaffir limes in NYC? besides the Thai grocery on Mosco St, which only had frozen ones today.


Apr 30, 2009
soopster in Manhattan