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Graduation Dinner in San Luis Obispo

Rooms....check. Brunches...check. Now just need dinners. Thanks for the heads up. After 5 years of going back and forth for various school functions, I am very aware of how quickly everything fills up, and how high the hotel rates go up! We are staying in Avila Beach, made those reservations months and months ago. There is a little Italian restaurant in a house a few blocks from downtown, do you happen to know the name of it?

Apr 01, 2012
The_Foodaholic in California

Graduation Dinner in San Luis Obispo

Thanks for the idea.

Mar 27, 2012
The_Foodaholic in California

Graduation Dinner in San Luis Obispo

Need a recomendation for a great dinner for 12-14 people in San Luis Obispo. My daughter is graduating in June and we are all heading down for the weekend.

Mar 26, 2012
The_Foodaholic in California

Restaurants when cruising San Juans, etc

Front St. Ale House in Friday Harbor is darn good. Is Rosario re-opened yet? Also, the Knead and Feed in Coupeville, on Whidbey Island is my all time favorite, but I don't think Whidbey is technically a "San Juan Island". Worth the stop none the less.

Best Local Soft Drinks in the Northwest

I am looking for a list of the best local soft drinks produced here in the Northwest. Any ideas?

Wedding: 100 guests seated luncheon in DC

Do you have someone in your family who was / is an officer in the military? If so, you can use the Army Navy Club on Farragut Square. Talk about history! I have been a member for years, and always stay and eat there when I am in DC. The only requirement for membership is to be or have been an officer in any of the armed forces (I think they even let Air Force people in).

Driving North From San Luis Obispo

First have dinner in SLO at Novo, I eat there every time I am in the area. After that you are on your own.

May 13, 2009
The_Foodaholic in California

Jerry's to die for Salmon

No, you leave the salt on. You would think that it leaves it very salty, but the brown suger cuts the salty flavor. But as I advised at the top, the salt is still there, so someone with a health issue, should avoid this one.

May 09, 2009
The_Foodaholic in Recipes

Best Caterer in Pacific Northest

I was just reading a side post on Gravlox and thought of the best Gravlox I have ever had, which led to the best Caterers I know. Landau's is without a doubt the best caterer in the Seattle area (and they serve the aformentioned best Gravlox in the world), what are your thoughts?

What's the Difference Between Lox and Gravlax?

The best Gravlox in the WORLD is prepared by Mary Jane and David Landau (Landau's catering in Redmond, WA). I have had it at a couple events they have catered and have made an absolute pig of myself.

The Landau's came to Seattle by way of Hong Kong where the Landau family had Jimmy's Kitchen and Landau's Restaurant for many years. All their food is wonderful, but the Gravlox is to die for. If someone can get them to give up the recepie we are in fat city!!

May 03, 2009
The_Foodaholic in Features

Best Breakfast within a half hour of Seattle Bellevue

OK kids, lay it on me. Where can I get the best breakfast within a short drive of the Seattle Bellevue area? Dives are good, someplace where you can throw a hat on your un-combed hair and get a decent meal and a cup a joe (oh, and the Mrs wants great hash browns).

Jerry's to die for Salmon

Tried it last night. Very, very good. But what do I do with the juice from the second lemon? This really was the best salmon I have ever had. Used a pink salmon (pacific, not the pathetic atlantic), didn't use too much salt, that kind of scared me, although with the brown suger sauce I didn't taste any salt at all. Good job! 5 Stars my kind sir (or madame)

Apr 30, 2009
The_Foodaholic in Recipes