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Baltimore-Blueberry Pie

That's funny- I was goign to advise to ask them to cook it just a little bit more well done because I think their fruit pies stay a little too wet in the middle. My dad was saying that his pecan pie tasted spot on, but the filling was just a little too wet.

I also know Cafe Con has really good cakes and pies too- you may want to check to see if they do whole blueberry pies

Seared Scallops

Baltimore is easier, but honesly, for good scallops, I'd travel the world.

Baltimore-Blueberry Pie

Have you tried Dangerously Delicious Pies? I'm not a fan of fruit pies, but I love their savory pies. My fiance says that all their fruit pies are amazing. You can also try it by the slice before you order a whole pie, which would be a fun audition, if nothing else.

3 dinners in baltimore

I second Tapas Teatro. Catch a movie next door at the Charles for a very Baltimore experience. Don't waste your money on their pitchers of Sangria though- not that great. The food is good though.

Seared Scallops

Seared scallops are my favorite food. I'm not too crazy about seafood otherwise, but I just can't help but order seared scallops if they're on the menu. I love when they're tender inside and perfectly golden around the edges, in some sort of sweet and salty creamy sauce. I don't even mind a bit of gritty sand in there.

Where have you had AMAZING seard scallops? I don't want to imagine that someone has good ones that I'm missing out on. So far I think my all time favorite were from the Left Bank restaurant in OBX, but Woodberry Kitchen had great ones too for a local favorite.

DC Honeymoon meals

Thanks for all the advice! I think we're going to do CityZen the night we get in- I'm a little hesitant because of the mixed reviews, but I figure it would be nice just to be able to BE at the hotel and stay for dinner. I think Marcel's is looking like our Saturday night plans, and then maybe Veritas, which is one of my faves!

Minibar sounds AWESOME. Since we live in Baltimore anyway, I'm going to try to get reservations there another night. I think the best food is little food!

Maybe we'll try the Inn at Little Washington for my birthday with is early September- it sounds really good, but I don't think we'll have time that weekend.

Also- I will be booking our spa treatments this weekend! I'm getting really excited and all your wonderful recomendations will have me drooling for the next 3 months.

DC Honeymoon meals

Since my husband-to-be is starting Law School at UBalt the Monday after our wedding, we decided just to stay at the Mandarin Oriental in DC for a local "mini-moon." It's going to be in August, so very hot and sticky. Does anyone have any ideas for dream restaurants? Money is not an object, and I don't want to make reservations somewhere to only have to wait for a half hour, or sit shoulder to shoulder once I'm there. Luxury and service are tops!

Sushi-grade Tuna

What about Whole Foods? There's one in Mount Washington, and I'd think that would be the place to go. I would call them first for sure though.

Tater Tots in Bmore

Cafe Golden West in Hampden has tots too!