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Bangalore a few reviews

Great to see the number of reccos and detailed reviews from vanderb and others.
Now my budget rarely ever runs to many of the 5-star hotel restaurants mentioned here, so, I'm going to suggest a few other options :)

Kanua - Mangalorean food in a lovely partially-closed terrace sitting; this place always seems to be very popular with large families/groups. The only mistake we made was asking the waiters to suggest options, and ended up ordering too many similiar gravies. But, the fish and prawn (curries as well as dry - rava fried) are excellent. The bill came to approximately Rs.600 per head. They don't serve alcohol but you're allowed to carry your own beer for a small table charge. Kanua is in Sarjapura.

The Rogue Elephant - This is attached to the Ambara outlet in Ulsoor (near the Ulsoor lake), and has just a few tables with the owner doing the cooking. I think it can loosely be called European cafe style food. Everything always tastes so light and fresh here. Love their lemon-butter sauce in particular. The sandwiches are pretty good too.

Aangan, which has been mentioned by vanderb, I would unhesitatingly second. It remains one of my favourite Punjabi eateries in the city. Their chatpata arbi (spicy yam) is lovely. The thali is good value for money too, though I think it's only available for lunch.

Another good place is Road Trip in Indira Nagar - again, Italian/European but at more reasonable prices than you'd find at most places...

For Andhra food, my favourite is Nagarjuna - I like especially their outlet on Residency Road (near Mayo Hall). Of course, not meant for those who can't handle spicy food.

Oct 03, 2010
apusworld in India & South Asia

Culturally Insensitive Takeout

@Captainspirou - the equivalent of 'Oriental' for people in UK/France/Spain etc would not be 'European', it would 'Occidental'. There is nothing incorrect about calling them European, because all those countries are part of the continent of Europe. By the same logic, people from India to Japan are all Asian, since they form part of the Asian continent. There is no such continent as the "Orient" and the concept developed primarily in the minds of Europeans.

Sep 01, 2010
apusworld in Features

Bangalore Recommendations needed

Not 5-star, but for Punjabi food in Bangalore, Queen's on Church Street is my choice. No-frills, but lovely food - spicy, but flavourful - not just chilli. And their Dal Makhani is one of the best things I've ever eaten at a restaurant.

May 05, 2009
apusworld in India & South Asia

Drunk at Yoga Class

No-brainer really! As Catkid points out, right breathing is critical to yoga practice. Doubt anyone could do that after a couple of drinks.

Also, yoga isn't just about physical fitness - it is also meant to help the mind stay focused. During asanas, instructors will tell you to kind the mind focused on the correct posture/breathing etc and not allow it to drift. How would that be possible after a few drinks?

May 04, 2009
apusworld in Features