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Visiting Washington DC and area from Toronto - Aug 5-11.

Thanks Doc!

Visiting Washington DC and area from Toronto - Aug 5-11.

Thank you!

Visiting Washington DC and area from Toronto - Aug 5-11.

Great, thanks!

Visiting Washington DC and area from Toronto - Aug 5-11.

Any suggestions on a first time visitor to the area re Food/Farmers Markets?

Driving from Toronto with two friends and out child who 6 years old (who eats a full range of food).

Looking for anything from seafood, famous must-try stops, quick to a few fine dining (without child).

We need three meals a day for a week!!

Thanks ahead of time!

Whitby/Durham restaurants that don't suck

Arthur's on the 4th - Oshawa, Finally Something Delicious in the GTA East!

(905) 435-2442

Driven by the Compass Group (C5 example, host of others) and situated in the RMG (Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery in Oshawa), Arthur's on the 4th was a delicious retreat from the everyday commute and in the sub par Oshawa/Whitby dining scene. My husband and I went for dinner tonight. The place is modern, simple and in a great space. The 4th floor of the gallery. We were promptly greeted, seated and jackets hung for us. The place was not busy because they've been open a few weeks and well, in my opinion, (possibly?) the Shwa doesn't pull in those with a fine dining clientele. They have menu's which change every two weeks to allow for freshness and seasonal updates. The chef had an extensive conversation with us and was friendly and intelligent. The food! Amazing. Three course meal, hearty and substantial portions for $30, two course for $25 - menu simple, offerings of 5 apps, 4 mains and 3 desserts. Covers all bases. We are extremely picky about food being in the food industry ourself, but this place has it all! Starters of pea and shellfish risotto, goat cheese parfait, GRILLED casear salad etc, Mains of petit beef with an amazing hash, chicken stuffed with a sweet potato and celery puree, vegetarian choice, a trout main and something else I can't remember. Desserts pot au creme chocolat, lemon shortcake something or other, and the sticky toffee granny smith dessert. But it all changes next week! Anyway, this is my review. I live in Whitby and have dined at Nice Bistro, Port in Pickering, Chatterpaul's, Avanti, Green St. Mansion, Pimento's, Hot Rocks (still a great spot), the dismal Brock House among a host of others and trust me, this is in a league of it's own for this region. I want our local businesses to succeed and this place is a great place to start!!

Check it out, and comment on this post. I'm just a very satisfied customer!!!!! I'm now hosting my rehearsal dinner there!!

3500 Brock N, Whitby, ON L1R0G2, CA

Compass Group
455 10 Ave, Cochrane, ON P0L, CA

Caterer for Christmas dinner

I know Noble Culinary Catering has a menu- if you get on the mailing list they send you out the package - for Thanksgiving and Christmas.It's reasonable price and a few friends have done it that I knwo of last year and were very happy. You have to pick up I believe. Google them.

Noble Culinary
127 Manville Rd, Toronto, ON M1L, CA

Toronto Wedding Venue Help!

Not to take away from the original post - To Market to Market I have a few questions re Archeo. I am contemplating using the space for my wedding next fall. Was the food well prepared, hot, meat overcooked or anything you would have changed? It's usually hard to get an unbiased opinion from the staff that work at the same restaurant, but we want a good food selection. Also, what appetizer is that in the picture you posted? Is that picture of the veue with flowers your wedding? i was also contemplating centerpieces etc, and the staff say people rarely bring in anything since its a historic buliding. Glad you enjoyed it and the staff. Any more info would be great for me. I can even give you my email if u dont want to post here....thx

Oshawa/Bowmanville Area?

Nice Bistro - Brock St. Whitby
Hot Rocks - Anderson Street, Whitby
Shrimp Cocktail - Hwy 2, Whitby
Mexico Lindo - Taunton Road and Garrard, Whitby
The Lake Grill - a hidden gem for food.

Mondo's closed ages ago. Chatterpaul's is a new place from the old owner of Shrimp Cocktail, my food was swimming in sauce though, but a lot of people are talking about it (Brock St., Whitby). Just realizing while typing this that you were going for dinner in 2003. Oops! Anyway...

Cupcakes and Bakery Items in Durham Region

I get my stuff (don't know about cupcakes though, sorry) from The Baker's Table at Ritson and Bloor Street in Oshawa. It's a small place with high traffic but good bakery goodies. Lots of breads, cakes, mini pastries, tarts etc. Try them out.

Rosewater Room-Liberty Group

I am going to this venue on a site inspection for a wedding. I am wondering how the Liberty Group of caterers stacks up to ho-hum banquet food and whether or not this should be even considered. The venue looks nice on the website, atop the Supper Club, and it seems reasonably priced. We are having around 80 pp. I know Liberty does the Liberty Grand, Courthouse etc for meals. Just wondering anyones experiences either at the venue or from the food standpoint. thanks!

Port Restaurant Review - Pickering

Myself and my husband are from the Durham Region. We decided to go to Port last night to see the good, bad and ugly, based on the reviews on here and other sites. We brought our well-mannered 3 year old (who ended up falling asleep in the booth no less).

We entered noting the exterior looked nice and modern. We were just opening the doors when the hostess saw us with a child, her face dropped. We just laughed. We proceeded in and said we had a reso for 6:30pm for THREE people, she corrected me and she said "you mean two?" (a remark that left us totally displeased - is our child a nuisance to your establishment? - this isn't Canoe we are going to!) - I corrected her and she scoffed. We sat in a booth and we promptly saw our server, an uneducated, half asleep, in a rush, server.

The music was some sort of country music. Soon changed to elevator techno. It was drowned out around 7:30pm when more customers showed up. But i digress, back to the server - I asked if they had any specials "nope, its a new menu so we haven't gotten there yet", I asked "do you plate child portions?" - "ya you know, things like chicken fingers and a kids burger" - I asked "How much is that" - ""not sure, something like $8.50" - all with a tone of "come on already just order so I can get the heck outta here!". So we ordered two drinks and juice with the chicken fingers. We looked over the menu and all seemed ok. Prices fine. The server came back to tell me the bartender couldn't make one of the signature drinks I had asked for, so I accepted a glass of wine.

The meal - I had the steak, potato and carrots with foccacia. Mine was good. My spouse on the other hand, got the duck three ways (note style in original post on this page). Not so good. Gravy tasted like Bisto. Drowned flavours. Small breast of duck. We asked for a small scoop of ice cream for our daughter. The server told us that they didn't give a small scoop but the standard bowl. Ok, we got it. Fine, vanilla. Then the bill came, her juive was $4.00, her chicken fingers were $8.50 adn the ice cream was $5.00 (as much as the beer ordered).

The restaurant is pretty and we'd like to see the view from the patio in daylight. I noted that once we looked over at the other tables, their servers were talking and taking the time to explain the meals and such. Maybe we just got the one guy that night that didn't want to be there. Guess BrownRB's post is correct in pointing out the inconsistencies of the place. Maybe is we had a server who was attentive we'd be a happier pair. Maybe we are too critical!! We would go back on the basis of the food, I liked my meal, and to see if we have one positive experience. I may hold my kid's next birthday party there just to piss off that front line hostess. We would never bring a child who is restless and hot tempered to an establishment with a fine dining appeal, but this place is not fine dining so kids are more than welcome I say! Hope this helps.

Wedding reception at Sutton Place Hotel vs. Archeo??

Have you decided on your location? I too am considering Archeo. The space is very nice. I haven't had the food at either space yet. Did you go for tastings? Any further comments on the choices? We are having about 85pp.

55 Mill St, Toronto, ON M5A3C4, CA

Stop 33 Sutton Place Toronto

Hi, I am looking at Stop 33, Sutton Place, Toronto for a wedding venue. The view is great, the space if nice, but really - how is the food? I enjoy a great meal but dislike wedding "banquet" type fare. Has anyone been to a wedding or party here and honestly, was the food memorable or just another typical wedding. Thank you!!

Rosehill Venue Lounge

Thanks CarNut - is there any way to find out who the caterer was? Was the entire night a disaster or just the seating and the food? I know that Rosehill can only accommodate so many seats on the ceremony side of the venue, but further than this I wonderwho the caterer was? Yikes, a bit scary. If you do find out please post. thx.

Rosehill Venue Lounge

Thanks supergeek. i'd really love if you could post your noble tasting. they get back to us quickly as well and yes, we know that the budget is mainly for food. Industry should be one staff per 12 people, so they will accommodate this im sure. my budget is reasonable. I was told to contact Sequel as well. Sso they are getting back to me next week. I will keep you informed as well but let know about the tasting and which courses they serve you. many thanks!!

Rosehill Venue Lounge

Hi Beergal - any details on your wedding, love to hear how it all went. Did you use a day-off planner or did it work well with the staff from the venue and caterer. I am on the fence about the day-of wedding planner.

Rosehill Venue Lounge

I have booked Rosehill but have yet to decide on caterer. Wedding is not until 2011. Never heard back from Beergal unfortunately. Are you considering this as well? Noble Culinary gave us a great price point and interesting menu.

Niagara on the lake

Hillebrand is 5* fantastic food. We go there every time. Fine dining at it's best, paired with the wines. Go have a pint afterwards - enjoy the wines why you have a chance with local fare cooked to perfection. Hillebrand is top notch!!

Rosehill Venue Lounge

Beergal. Can you let me know how your wedding went? What caterer did they use? Did you have the ceremony there as well? This is what we were planning. How did the overall event go. I need ideas, we are planning on booking by November and I want to make sure you were happy. thanks! you could also email me all of the details at

Interesting Wedding Locations in Toronto

Congrats on your engagement. I too am looking at Rosehill for April 2011 wedding. I love the space. I too contacted Noble Culinary and got an amazing response within our budget for a delcious menu - we have yet to go for some tastings, but after getting quote from Daniel et Daniel, L'eat, and a few others, the menu and the price sounds great. The company is no shying away from throwing things in as an added bonus and the sales rep ensures that an extra wedding coordinator is not needed to set up misc. details like the linens, place cards, gifts for guests... they do it all. We are having the ceremony and reception there and I think we might go with Noble, depends on tasting. Let me know what you decide and how things go. I'd love to hear.

Rosehill Venue Lounge

thanks everyone, we met with the manager and loved the space. your comments help. beergal - are you having the ceremony and reception in the venue? the outside is not very appealing but walking into the space is breathtaking....

Rosehill Venue Lounge

I am considering my wedding (ceremony & reception) at Rosehill Venue Lounge (St. Clair and Yonge, Toronto). I saw the space and liked it. I was wondering if anyone had either pros or cons about the venue - if you've been to an event or if you've booked it. Thanks!