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Best Fish and Chips?

THANK YOU! So many great suggestions, might have to do a pub crawl.....

malibu recommendations visiting from Toronto

If you like Greek, go to Taverna Tony's, it's right in the center of Malibu's shopping area. The food is VERY good, always consistent, and the pour a great drink. Sit on the patio, you can't go wrong.

Looking for a shaved ice place around Sylmar or the valley.

Let me know if you do and it's good. Maybe they've gotten on their feet and it's better now!

Are there any outstanding bars in SO CAL?

Good suggestion! Great Mexican wrestler paintings and masks in the place.

Looking for a shaved ice place around Sylmar or the valley.

I used to agree with you, but the last 2 times I went I thought things had really gone downhill (the ice cream tasted old) Maybe they have new management. I know of another place, but it is out in Westlake or Thousand Oaks - but I haven't tried it yet. My friend (who lived in Hawaii) said it was VERY good but they didn't have beans like they do there, I don't know the name of it though.

Best Fish and Chips?

I'm craving it and I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions of their favorite place to go for good fish and chips.

Is Patina worth it?

The food is good, but not what it used to be. I would explore the others, there are so many excellent new restaurants that have popped up.