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Memphis birthday and anniversary

For fine dining, there is no substitute from Restaurant Iris. Call ahead for reservations because it is pretty hot right now. They also have a great brunch. Some other inbetweens you might want to look into are Soul Fish, Boscos, Flying Fish, Las Tortugas, and Central BBQ. All of those except Tortugas are pretty close to the Peabody. Flying fish is walking distance. My favorite blues place is Rum Boogie Cafe. Go up the spiral staircase and sit above the stage. Sadly we do not have done of Must-do's in Memphis, but STAX museum and Civil Right Museum are both great. I really hope yall enjoy it here.

New to Memphis, where to find great sandwiches, pizza, and chocolate?

From the super sub shop, I usually just get turkey, and I love it. If you like pimento cheese, at holiday ham try papa's pimento plus, which is pimento plus turkey or plus a BLT. It is delicious. All of Deli Mexicana's sandwiches are good. Shrimp special sandwich is the best. Bogie's also has great sandwiches. Make sure to get some of their special oil dressing on the side. Pasta salad is great there too. Yang's also has some good sandwiches. I will keep thinking. Good luck.

Best Lunch In Memphis?

I have been away at college, but upon graduation am returning to our fair city. I feel like I know lots of good dinner places, but since I was in school, I did not go to lunch that often. Some of my current favorites are La Guadalapana, the Chinese sub shop, Quick Check, Bogey's, and of course BBQ (BBQ shop and central). What are some of your favorites that I should sample?

Memphis in May BBQ Festival- May 14- May 16

There are a few hotspots that one should hit when coming to our fair town.

1. Cozy Corner (as you stated)
2. The BBQ Shop on Madison - Texas Toast BBQ sandwich is great
3. Central BBQ - Good BBQ and wings
4. Corky's Kind of touristy, but their ribs are good (couple of locations)
Rendevous is good for the atmosphere, but it is really inconsistent.

Have fun. You should definitely go to the restaurants as there is not much actual eating at the competition for non judges.

Best Wings In Memphis???

As an avid and experienced wing consumer, Chings Wings on Getwell is the way to go. Places like Dbos and Mr. P's are ok, but they do not compare.