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Has anyone made Ina's Lemon Loaf Cake?

cake needs to be hot, so be sure to pour at the 10 minute mark.

Apr 11, 2015
meowzebub in Home Cooking

SFBA Dish of the Month (April 2015) - Nominations/Voting

chicken salad

Costco Rotisserie Chicken Products

I've only eaten 1 Costco rotisserie chicken. It was lukewarm and slimy, and the dark meat was bloody. Even the breast meat was slimy. My bro (who LOVES Costco the way he'd love his sister, if this were a TV show, not life) didn't act like this was anything unusual, so I guessed this was how CRC always are. ; I've got a cast-iron stomach and he's got a tissue paper gut, so I figured the worse that would happen is I'd have to accompany him to the ER if it was "bad". I didn't get physically sick, but I'm never partaking again.

Jan 07, 2015
meowzebub in Chains

Roast chicken bones for stock?

Depends what you want: roast the bones for brown stock (literally, the stock will be darker), or use raw for white stock. Personally, I've never used backs for stock - little bones (backs, ribs, necks) are often bitter and don't have much umami or collagen. (Also, the organs in the back may contribute cloudiness, scum and/or bitterness.) So, yes, add feet or wings, if you can't get feet. Drumsticks also have more collagen. HTH, GL

Dec 01, 2014
meowzebub in Home Cooking

Do I need to make another pie crust?

@Antilope Thanks much for writing out the recipe. Wondering if anyone has actually used it? Can it be doubled? or should one just make 2 batches?
If I recall correctly, Martha Kostyra (Martha Stewart's mother) had a similar recipe and Martha S. commented that her mother always put sour cream or cream cheese in her doughs, for tenderness & flavor.

Nov 22, 2014
meowzebub in Home Cooking

Do I need to make another pie crust?

when do you need the dough? Toughness comes from developing gluten, but if the dough rests sufficiently AND further handling is gentle, the gluten should relax and not be a problem. I suggest wrapping the "mistake" very well and stowing it in the freezer for a later recipe. Make another batch for right now.

Nov 22, 2014
meowzebub in Home Cooking

Do you eat dried Sichuan chili peppers?

If eating with chopsticks, a person picks up each piece of food to eat it. So why the need to pick out the chiles beforehand?
IMO, tedious and a little rude to the chef/host.

Jun 03, 2014
meowzebub in General Topics

Ditching the mircowave?

actually, JTP is already doing a version of this:
To use the mw, s/he has to move the flour, put it somewhere, use the oven, (probably have to wait for heat and/or moisture to dissipate) then return the flour.

Jun 02, 2014
meowzebub in Cookware

Pope's Nose

"because they just fell off"

Sunshine, you're hilarious!!!!!!

May 16, 2014
meowzebub in General Topics

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Liqueur

Nice. Made for a gift & it was well-received by most of the party-goers.
BTW, I put the solids in a slow cooker to make pumpkin butter: It was too much for my taste, so added a small can of pumpkin puree and cooked again; it turned out rather well.

May 14, 2014
meowzebub in Recipes

Chermoula, Secret Weapon for Veggies and Fish

delish! any tips on drying the herbs without using a bunch of towels? I wet three clean kitchen towels and still had to use paper towels for herbs dry enough to not stick to the processor bowl.

May 11, 2014
meowzebub in Features

Do you bring a host/hostess gift?

3 thoughts re: nuts
1. I think the basket sounds lovely and I'd certainly welcome one myself;
2. confirm with BF that nuts will be welcome in recipient's home (allergies, dislikes, dietary considerations);
3. it's nice to include any tools needed to use the gift, in this case, a nutcracker, esp. since some households don't have one. You can find a ~$5 set (simple cracker + nut pick) at a discount store or -- strangely enough -- a hardware store. I've seen them in the housewares aisle (canning supplies, slow cookers, etc).

Personally, I'm frustrated by host behavior more than gift selection. The last 3 times I gave a food item, the host/hostess immediately opened the item and served it, no matter how inappropriate to his/her menu. Once, it there wasn't even food being served and i was so uncomfortable. A couple people asked if it was a potluck!

The last time I gave food, I made caponata because I knew the hostess loved Nicoise olives. She asked how to use it and I said you could use it like a spread on crackers or bruschetta; or fold it into an omelet; or embellish grilled fish or chicken. Am I wrong that this explanation suggests I didn't bring it to eat immediately?
Anyway, she disappears into the kitchen, I think to put the caponata away. But no, she comes back with cheese and crackers on a dish with the jar of caponata in the middle. Now, this gal has had a well-traveled childhood, having pretty sophisticated parents. And we're fairly close so I don't feel uncomfortable saying, "Actually, this is a hostess gift; I wouldn't insult you by implying that you needed help putting together refreshments for a small party."
She blinks a few times and clearly doesn't know the term, "hostess gift". Her BF is one of those people who eats any time there's food within reach and he's already popped 2 pieces of cheese in his mouth. So I dropped the issue.

Thus, I gave up giving food items, yet the craziness continues. I was the "+1" at a party and brought some ornamental soaps for the hosts. The female host looked extremely confused; I said "it's just a hostess gift, no big whoop." and went into the party. The hostess came by 1/2 hour later to show me the bowl she had put the soaps in and to ask if they should be in individual bowls for the guests. (???)
I explained they were soap not candy, and repeated that they were a hostess gift. She got kind of stiff, so I very gently explained that a hostess gift is a thank you for being invited and the hostess should use the gift herself; I didn't bring them to be used at the bruncheon.
She turned away and later I saw the bowl with the soaps ON THE BUFFET TABLE!

That was at Easter. Since then, I've given hostess gifts after the event if convenient for me, otherwise, no.

Has this problem happened to others? Like miri1, I was raised not to come empty-handed, so it is uncomfortable for me. But it's obvious that many hosts find it confusing or even burdensome to receive them.

Aug 31, 2013
meowzebub in Not About Food


"Feel free to adjust quantities and ingredients until you arrive at the taste and texture you like best."

Mar 11, 2013
meowzebub in Recipes

Very Blueberry Muffins

Lemon and blueberries are just fab together. I use my peeler or zester to remove an inch of lemon zest and grind the zest into the sugar, using my mini food processor. This sugar topping really escalates the muffin's flavor exponentially.
You can also grate the zest and mix it into the sugar manually, but using the processor means you capture ALL the essential oils, some of which remains on a grater. I believe using strips of peel is less bitter than grating, but that may just be my imagination. It's a subtle difference.

During the summer, I make cups of citrus flavored sugars -- lemon, of course, but also lime and orange -- and keep them in the fridge for iced tea and summer fruit bakes, like these muffins. Really great to encrust biscuits for cobblers and shortcake.
Ummm, lime biscuits for mango shortcake....
Hope this inspires someone.

Aug 19, 2011
meowzebub in Recipes

What was the worst food you HAD to eat as a kid?

Just had to pipe up, even at this late date.

I'm laughing at the anti-liver and onions litany.

Our mother died and because A. my older sister was/is a disinterested -- read, "negligent" -- cook, B. our dad was "traditional" i.e., gender-bigoted and C. anyway, my three brothers were self-centered and undependable; at the age of ten, I had the job of making dinner for the whole family.

In the seven years until I left for college, the ONLY comment my father made to me re: the meals was the demand that I make the liver "that way" all the time. Not, that was tasty, I enjoyed it, or good job.

My daddy had a warm and loving personality . . . to everyone except his family. XD

Jun 11, 2011
meowzebub in General Topics

What do you think are the best parts (tasting and texture) of a goose, a duck, and a chicken?

if it's really crisp and well-rendered, my "cook's treat" is the pope's/bishop's/parson's nose

Jun 11, 2011
meowzebub in General Topics

Where Did Condiments Come From Before Grocery Stores?

Mrs. Beeton has lots of "sauces" in her book which we would call condiments such as chutneys
the original ketchup, which is fermented vegetables; e.g., mushrooms or onions.
"brown sauce"
of course, horseradish

Jun 10, 2011
meowzebub in Features

Comfort Food Mac & Cheese Recipe

One thing is to not just try to reheat the macachee: I cut out blocks of the solidfied leftovers and bread them. They make nice "pasta steaks", baked or pan-fried.
If I'm thinking ahead, it really helps to mix in a bit of herbes de provence -- or your favorite seasoning -- or slivers of ham in the still warm leftovers before storing.

Dec 22, 2010
meowzebub in Home Cooking

The Last Kodachrome Christmas

are those broiled grapefruit halves?
even if they're something else, what are they doing on an hors d'ouerves table? pretty hard to eat standing up while holding a cocktail glass.

Dec 08, 2010
meowzebub in Features

Pumpkin Pie Spice

I agree with wm1; this makes a LOT of spice mix and, unless you're making pumpkin lattes for parties, you'll be throwing most of it away. There's a reason stores sell small jars of PPS.
Personally, I always grind cinnamon and cloves from whole, to get that full fresh flavor. So, it's worthwhile to me to tweak a "one pie's worth" version.

Also, what's going on with including salt?

Nov 25, 2010
meowzebub in Recipes

Take No Prisoners Hot Sauce

Sounds great, though for flavor, I'll add some habaneros for fruity-ness.
Question: does the sauce need to be aged? or is it meant to be used immediately?

Nov 12, 2010
meowzebub in Recipes

Thanksgiving Turkey Cake

squeezit: you rock; that's absolutely brilliant. maybe, space the beans and press "french fried onions" into the exposed mash, for that green bean casserole taste. XD

Nov 12, 2010
meowzebub in Recipes

One Day in SF, barely.......Have a Plan, Help a Brother Out!

Ditch the car and rent a good bike. Even on a Saturday, traffic will be a real obstacle and parking will be non-existent for much of the suggested itinerary.

Super-Frugal Meals -- around $1 per serving -- Beyond Rice and Beans

the wonderful Peg Bracken has a chapter in the "I Hate To Cook" book on putting together a satisfying, hot meal for one, which easily fits this topic. As she put it, the basic technique is to put something on, over or inside a potato, rice or good yeast roll like an English muffin. Many versions of eggs; veg, etc in a sauce, canned items like soup or chile. She suggested making a Column A, Column B sort of chart so you wouldn't end up nutritionally deprived or ruin your budget with take out or delivery food because you're bored of the same ol', same ol'.

Sep 20, 2010
meowzebub in Home Cooking

The Secret Ingredient Is Pickle Juice

like eacmd, I love pickle juice in mayo-based salads; but my favorite use is to make faux Thai peppers.
I slice serranos -- or jalapenos, if I'm broke -- and shake vigorously in the jar with a healthy addition of granulated sugar. Refrigerate for a couple days, turning the jar whenever I remember to, or not. They're still crunchy, only slightly "hot" with a great sweet-tangy kick.
I concocted them trying to copycat the sweet pickles at a local Thai lunch joint. The food wasn't great but each table had condiment dishes of crushed peanuts, pepper flakes, and the aforementioned pickles.
I'd seen giant cans of sliced jalapenos sitting empty outside the cafe, so I had a huge headstart on the recipe. But I'm still a little amazed how simple it is to make these tasty buggers, which I put on pretty much anything that can use a savory pick-up: sammies, omelets, meat salads. Since the weather's turned cold, I've been dishing them cold onto servings of hot casseroles. Makes cottage pie come ALIVE.

Sep 19, 2010
meowzebub in Features

Sticky Peanut Cookie Bars

Superb. Take it over the top with honey-roasted pnuts.

Jun 30, 2010
meowzebub in Recipes

Storing Bacon/Pig Candy

I put mine -- completely cooled, of course -- in a zipper food storage bag and keep in the fridge. there is no "sugar coating" as such: a lot of sugar flows off with the rendering fat and the rest is incorporated into the caramelized meat. two pounds have lasted a week with zero ill effects.

I use the Martha Stewart recipe of brown sugar and lots of fresh ground black pepper, but don't do the twisting. Line a jelly roll pan with foil and layer on a rack in the oven; I turn and move them around at least once for quicker cooking.

Add avocado and chipotle Tabasco for the best BLTs, imho.
Have fun, it's a SUPERB brunch item.

Jun 08, 2010
meowzebub in Home Cooking

Radish greens -- do you eat them?

I'm really late to the party, but I always make sure to get my radishes with the tops so I can put the greens through the juicer. Peppery and SOOOO healthful. I literally feel good drinking it.
Helps cut though the heaviness of carrot juice, and really perks up fruit based juices.

In colder weather, I agree with others that they are an excellent green for braising. Love them with garlic and a splash of red wine vinegar to finish. Stuff them in a baked potato and you've got a satisfying meal with vegan complete protein.

Feb 25, 2010
meowzebub in Home Cooking

Taming Rapini's Bitterness

Being Jap-Am, was raised on balancing flavors. To me, bitteness is another element to play with, in complement with the rest of the ingredients.

Agree with Polini about peeling stems of broccoli-type veg: Stringy-ness is not fun.

Jan 31, 2010
meowzebub in Features

The Basics: How to Make an Icebox Cake

NickADD - pls review the comments already submitted; they include several suggestions.

Any dry sweet item can be slathered with any thick wet (edible)material to make a refrigerator cake; though you may need to experiment to achieve the best texture.

The dry item does NOT have to be crisp and brittle: I sometimes use Mothers oatmeal raisin cookies and Jell-O French vanilla pudding mix for a hearty rustic result. I don't recommend "instant" pudding, as the thickeners are nasty after the cookies suck up the moisture.

Jan 24, 2010
meowzebub in Features