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small affordable olive oil producers

We like their Italian Azienda Olearia del Chianti EVOO quite a bit, especially at 9.95!! Any of their other EVOO is worth trying?

Sunny Shanghai for great xlb's in San Bruno

a winner for us is braise napa cabbage with tofu skin, sliced bamboo shoots and quartered black mushrooms. It has a touch of sesame oil that extends the flavors. Our waitress (chef's daughter?) also recommended a chef's specialty of braised pork lion ($10.75.) She claimed that it was braised for three days and not at all fatty. The meat was infused with flavors, but a bit too sweet for me. Glad that I tried once but not again. Their soup noodles, picked veggie and pork slices, is nothing to write home about.

I wish they'd serve xlbs with a spoon. I was too hungry to ask for one. The skin is thin and easily breakable. Most of the soup is in the bottom of the steamer.

Lion heads in a bed of green baby bok choy were okay. The meatballs are light but too much corn starch in the sauce. I felt the lion heads could be braised a little longer for a deeper flavor.

Sunny Shanghai for great xlb's in San Bruno

they have beef shen jian bao on the menu. not at all soupy. not enough/hardly any beef filling int them. 3 for $3.50

Vietnamese restaurant as good/better than Slanted Door?

MUNI is getting more and more helpful

Where Can I get Hoshigaki?

Found some at Costco. two taped clear boxes, about 12 in each box. They are flat cake shaped ( vs. elongated drooping kind ( (Chinese kind vs. Japaneses kind?)

Quite good. Much better than the China town 6-to-a-flat-palstic-tray variety.

Hidden Treasures Near 30th and Mission?

Has anyone tried Universal bakery, about 5 doors up from Pastores) It's packed during the day with folks buying tamales, and other prepared foods, by the dozen!

where can i find a specialty store thats sell all those crazy molecular gastronomy ingredients like agar- agar?

I get mine from MOM for about a buck. (Telephone brand powder, 0.88oz, made in Thailand)

"08" $8 Eats

It's 8 on the nose, now. :>)

Making Dried Persimmons

pretty similar when dried. hachiyas seem a little cheweyer. fuyus don't shrink as much as hachiyas and seem seem a little sweeter to us. Equally GOOD!

Nov 18, 2007
twinpeaks in Home Cooking

Where Can I get Hoshigaki?

seen any lately?

Best Special Occasion Japanese?

Tekka may be another good choice

Raley's $2 organic chicken, 10 cent organic fennel at Giovanni's & other finds

MOM's bargain bin has cantaloupes, 3 for a buck. ripe and quite good

Cracked and Cleaned Crab from Cook's in Menlo Park

I think what you're saying is that it was a fluke that crabs I had from Safeway was fresh. I do know, a fluke or not, the ones I had were extradinarily fresh - no smell of ammonia and excellent texture! Any other similiar experiences from Safeway?

Cracked and Cleaned Crab from Cook's in Menlo Park

Smell of ammonia is a key indicator that the crab has past its prime. There is no excuse for selling non-fresh crabs during the crab season, unless, of course, disclosed as "deteriorating crab" or "dead for years." Hence, Cook's is off my list. Many thanks for the knowledge transfer and glad the party was a success.

As a side note, I recently had, also at a party, cooked, cleaned and cracked crabs from a Santa Clara Safeway. Surprisingly fresh and I nearly devoured all 15 crabs by myself! I almost never do pre-cooked crabs. Was it just pure luck or was it a Safeway thing during the crab season?

Cracked and Cleaned Crab from Cook's in Menlo Park

ammoniated crab legs? Stay away from Cook's!!! Maybe the had just a couple long dead ones in the freezer that they want to get rid of and hoping people won't notice!


if you call it "crap from a super auto vending type machine," so be it. Maybe you should have your eyes checked, but then, maybe not. Good espresso, coffee, tea, etc. Great service! Can't beat beans roasted within 20 feet.

Mandarin Garden in Concord Chinese-Korean

yes, it's decent -- one of the better places out that way. (as of 2 years ago, anyway.)

Where Can I get Hoshigaki?

the lady wants a buck each and can do six at the most. no wonder her tree is full.


Capricorn. handsdown!

ISO good breakfast in upper peninsula?

Good omelets? waffles? someone suggested Joanne's in SSF. Is it still good?