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Ralph and Dave's in Verplank

Any more recent reviews of this place? Does their patio seating have any view to speak of?

Lobster dinner in lower/mid Westchester

Kittle House has a lobster dinner special weekly in the summer. I believe it's still going on.

Nothin’ Fancy Cafe in Edenton

Melanie, where else did you go in Edenton? I realize this thread is a few years old but there's not much new info on the area. I'll definitely be trying Nothin Fancy based on your rec!

4 Nights in New Glarus/Madison/Milwaukee- report

Hi everyone,
I got great info on this board so here's a quick report of the many great places I visited with my husband last month! We spent three nights near New Glarus and one in Milwaukee-- I've never eaten so much cheese and sausage in my life!

Brennan's Market, Monroe-
This small market has a lot of local products that are clearly labeled. We stocked up on fruits, vegetables, beer, wine, sausage, and cheese for our rental home.

Ruef's Meat Market, New Glarus-
We got kielbasa and landjaeger here. My husband was in hog heaven with the kielbasa. This place is the real deal.

New Glarus Brewery, New Glarus-
Very modern brewery on a hilltop with an extensive beer garden complete with fake ruins. Our unanimous favorite was the Belgian Red. I didn't love any of the other beers, which are more German style, though my husband begged to differ. We did the self-guided tour and they were bottling so that mesmerized us for a while.

Cow and Quince, New Glarus-
Loved this farm to table spot for lunch. My grilled cheese was delicious.

Fat Cat, New Glarus-
Good coffee and the BEST, absolute BEST coconut custard pie I've ever tasted in my life.

Grumpy Troll Brew Pub, Mt. Horeb-
My husband got a sampler of beer and we shared a salad and delicious beer cheddar soup with sliced sausage in it. Really friendly bartender and fellow patrons.

Graze, Madison-
More great farm to table food. We got a delicious cheese plate (so overwhelmed with all the amazing local cheese!) and a pickled vegetable plate to start. Then I had the beet and walnut burger with feta and a yogurt sauce and my husband had the BBQ beef sandwich. I was so excited about the beet burger and it was even better than I imagined. When I got home I emailed Graze asking if they could please share the recipe and they got back to me quickly with a scaled down version of the restaurant's recipe. I made the beet burgers last night and they were just as amazing as in the restaurant! So now I can have them whenever I want. :)

Babcock Dairy, Madison-
Of course we had to stop for ice cream and I went overboard with a huge cone of oreo and cookie dough.

Ale Asylum, Madison-
We sat outside on their patio since it was a gorgeous day and though they don't do samplers on the patio we ended up trying three pints because of a mistake. Their hefeweizen was perfect for me for a hot day and my husband enjoyed the other beers. We skipped food because we had sausage waiting at home for us!

Uber Tap Room, Milwaukee-
We loved this place. It was empty when we stopped in mid-afternoon and we sat at the bar for drinks and food. The bartender was extremely friendly. My husband got starry eyed when he saw their very impressive long list of local beers. He got a sampler of some beers and we got a cheese plate (including Limburger, which we had missed in Monroe) and a sausage plate with some locally made sausages. I had two delicious cocktails for the price of what one would be in NYC!

Lakefront, Milwaukee-
No samplers out on the riverfront bar but the weather was too nice to be inside. Friendly service and nice place to relax with a beer.

Safe House, Milwaukee-
My husband insisted we stop here because his friends had told him about it and thank god we knew the password because I would have killed him if we had to do the ridiculous things we saw other people doing on the CCTV! My local root beer was delicious.

Odd Duck, Milwaukee-
For me Odd Duck will forever be associated with an amazing meal I had at the unrelated Austin Odd Duck and this place can't quite compare. That said, we had a really nice meal here. Service was pretty bad and it's annoying with small plates when you wait a long time after one course only to receive two plates at the same time. But the food was very good and I appreciated the emphasis on local ingredients. Our favorites were the scallops and the steak. Unfortunately I don't remember any more details about what we had.

Honeypie, Milwaukee-
We skipped the desserts at Odd Duck, not tempted by any of them , and instead walked to Honeypie. They only had a couple slices of pie left but my husband jumped on the last slice of coconut custard pie and while it wasn't quite as mindblowing as our slice in New Glarus it was a close second and a nice end to our evening.

Watts Tea Room, Milwaukee-
We stopped here for breakfast since it was close to our hotel. It's very old fashioned and cute and quiet. The waitress was very friendly and hurried along our order as we were in a bit of a rush. The food was only fine except for the OUTSTANDING homemade English muffin.

Overall we had a fantastic time in Wisconsin. Thanks to this board for the help planning! Hope future travelers to the region find this useful too.

Best neighborhoods and places for a night of progressive drinking and dining?

We did exactly this on several of our nights in Chicago and it worked out really well! Here's the thread where I reported on our eating.

We did two different nights in Logan Square. Places that we went to there were Billy Sunday, Revolution Brewing, Parsons, Scofflaw, and Longman and Eagle. We did these places on a Thursday night and a Sunday night and we had absolutely no trouble getting seats at the bar at any of them. Revolution was very crowded and Billy Sunday got more crowded as the night went on.

We also did a night in the West Loop. We got an early start that night and got to Salero, Haymarket, Publican, and the Aviary. We tried getting a seat at the bar at Fabio from Top Chef's new place and that was the only place we couldn't but that was the first night they were officially open. We had a reservation at the Aviary but none of the other places. No issue whatsover and it was a Saturday night. Of course this is just my experience but if you're flexible then you're more likely to make it work.

Things were closer together in the West Loop. Logan Square requires a long train ride from downtown and more walking in between some of the places. In general we found ourselves walking much more between places than we would in NYC and we found ourselves making extensive use of Uber (versus public transportation) which was pretty cheap and very convenient.

Have fun!!!

Hopscotch. Anyone been yet? [Croton-on-Hudson]

Thanks Elisa. Sounds like maybe we'll have to give it another try. I notice they do have a website now with a menu though I'm not sure how up to date it is.

Hopscotch. Anyone been yet? [Croton-on-Hudson]

Any recent reports on this place? Are they still open?

Pagoda - great food but multiple websites are confusing! [Scarsdale]

Glad to hear you enjoyed it. There have been mixed reviews the past few months and I wasn't thrilled when I went last with something I had really liked before they changed hands. I'll give it another try.

Lefteris in Tarrytown, what the hey

The last two times I had a nice young female waitress. I think I know the old guy you are talking about though I haven't seen him in a long time. We didn't have an issue with him other than getting a weird vibe from him. What happened?

Lefteris in Tarrytown, what the hey

I like Santorini too. Mp is a bit less traditional but is also good.

NYers excited for 4 nights in late July- feedback please!

Here's a rundown of where we ended up! Overall I know we barely scratched the surface of what Chicago has to offer but as first timers with pretty specific eating goals along with wanting to do the typical touristy stuff I think we did pretty well.

Frontera Grill- Our first meal in Chicago. It was a gorgeous day and we got to sit outside. The service was excellent and food was fresh and tasty. Highlights were the tropical (raw) tuna cocktail and my husband's pork with recado negro.

Billy Sunday- One of our favorite spots in Chicago. We sat at the bar and the bartender was friendly and clearly great at what he does. I had an amazing cocktail with txakoli, rhubarb, and rye, that was worth it simply for the show alone watching the bartender make it. He topped this delicious creation with a gorgeous flower and some sort of jelly that could be mixed in at your liking as you drank. My husband got a beer (boring!) and we got some food, of which the pork rillettes, bread, and butters (cow and goat, with the radishes) were incredible. I went a bit out of my comfort zone with the second cocktail, the Victorian, which was described as
dry, bitter, and herbaceous and that was spot on. It had ingredients I'd never heard of before like wormwood bitters and sirop de capillaire. My husband shared it with me and he loved it.

Revolution Brewing- Relaxed, fun place with some good beer for my husband (I passed).

Parsons- Also relaxed and fun-- we sat inside so we could get food and ordered a slushie negroni and slushie dark and stormy. I preferred the dark and stormy and my husband loved the negroni. He literally couldn't stop talking about this cocktail (until we went to the Aviary!). Food was not particularly notable but was good drinking food.

Eggy's- We had breakfast here every morning as it was a stone's throw from the hotel and we just brought it back to eat in the room. Nothing special but decent prices and selection.

Pastoral- Had lunch here before the Cubs game. This place is super popular and I see why! The sandwiches were incredible. Turkey with fromager d'affinois and ham with manchego.

Wrigley- Hot dog and Goose Island beer, exactly what my husband wanted.

GT Oyster- We had a gift card so we went a little overboard here. We ordered a bottle of sauvignon blanc (I really appreciated that the waiter didn't try to upsell me when I asked him the difference between two similarly sounding but differently priced wines). The waiter was really excellent in guiding us through the menu. The oysters were fresh and delicious and our other favorites were the tuna poke, clam chowder, and the "gnocchi" with shrimp and uni butter (not really gnocchi in my mind, more like dumplings, and delicious). Dessert was key lime pie with meringue bits and gin and tonic sorbet-- a great way to end the meal. Without the gift card this place would have been way too expensive for us because the portions are pretty small so we couldn't really have ordered less food (though could have done without the wine). If I lived in Chicago I probably wouldn't go back unless it was a special occasion.

Toni Patisserie- Got a light lunch here before the architecture cruise. Nice crusty baguette with ham, gruyere and butter, and a delicious chocolate salted caramel tart. I wish we'd gone back to try the brunch here as it looked delicious. Very crowded.

Black Dog- Despite their posted hours they were closed when we arrived which made me very grouchy. We never went back.

Salero- We had an early drink and some pintxos here. They did have txakoli on the menu which I was very excited about, along with gildas and a few other things we'd had in San Sebastian last summer that can be hard to find here. The bar was almost empty and they were perfectly fine with us just getting snacks and drinks.

Haymarket- We both liked this casual and friendly place. We had a super nice waitress and sampled five beers among the two of us, some of which were quite good, and shared a salad and some housemade potato chips.

Publican- We grabbed a standing bar table (which my husband grumbled about) and ordered a few drinks and two excellent vegetable dishes-- barbecue carrots with an herb dip and beets with burrata.

Aviary- Our favorite spot of the whole trip. There was a bit of a farce at the door with the doorman and his earpiece that we giggled about but once we got inside we were really swept up in the theater of the experience. The waiter, contrary to what I may have thought, was fun, charismatic, and though I can see people thinking the place is a bit pretentious, the service is so casual and unpretentious that we ended up staying for longer than we'd intended. They started us with a shot of something I can't remember. I ordered a cocktail that was horchata-like with frozen peaches that, as they melted, gave a progressively more peachy flavor to the cocktail. Really delicious. My husband went bonkers for his "manly" (as described by the waiter) cocktail that required his to break a liquid filled ice ball with a small slingshot. After that round I got a fruity pisco drink with small slushy ice balls that the waiter introduced quite bawdily and my husband got a beer from their small but excellent beer list called "Just wing it"... and got a huge kick out of the waiter who cheekily whispered in his ear, "Just wing it, sir, just wing it" as he set it down. The enormous chicharrone was addictive and we ordered two desserts because we couldn't choose just one. This place was truly unique and unlike any place we've ever been to! I wonder if there is any place doing similarly creative things in NY.

North Pond- another favorite meal. Brunch is an excellent value here, under $35 for three courses. I love farm to table cooking and this exemplifies it. Fresh ingredients, simple preparation.
While we enjoyed everything (lamb, steak, pork, soup), my favorite was my dessert, a panna cotta with fresh peaches, sorbet, and little biscotti. I highly, highly recommend brunch here. We loved walking around Lincoln Park afterwards.

Malnati's- My husband got a personal size as a snack on our last afternoon and that was enough for both of us. I'm glad I tried it but I will always be a NY slice kind of girl!

Scofflaw- Fun casual place, though I thought they'd have more gin cocktails (there were maybe 4 of 9, not all of which sounded that interesting). They had just introduced a new menu that evening so maybe they are going in a new direction. We had a couple of snacks, most notably the baked goat cheese with crostini. We liked the cocktails but after Billy Sunday and Aviary not much was going to compare.

Longman and Eagle- our final snack and drink stop. This place could be scooped up and placed right in Brooklyn and no one would know! I had one last great cocktail (Chicago's Hour), my husband had one last great beer, and we shared a few food items, of which the simple pretzel with a cheese dip was the best. Yum.

Alas, I did not live up to my name, and the only ice cream we had was at the Aviary, but there's always next time. Also, sadly, we missed out on Jam but it wasn't possible with our non-food itinerary. Thanks for all the great recommendations! Chowhound really helped shape our trip and we had a great time!

Casual in Port Chester (Westchester County)?

That's my favorite pizza... that and the one with guanciale and egg!

Casual in Port Chester (Westchester County)?

Tarry Lodge has a fixed price pre-theater menu if you show your ticket.

Ginger beer in Westchester

Hi everyone,
While I have no yet attempted making my own ginger syrup o beer, I did find ginger beer at Whole Foods and the ginger liqueur at Stew Leonard's. I had looked at stew's before and not found it so I wonder if it's a new product. Thanks for all the leads!

Ginger beer in Westchester

Thank you so much! We love cooking and grilling with our friends when we rent a house so Sawkill looks like a great source for meat! I'll check out the other places too. I haven't really spent much time up there at all so I'm looking forward to it!

Ginger beer in Westchester

Thank you for this! I actually am going to be up that way in a few weeks-- renting a house with friends in Woodstock and the farmers' market is definitely on my list of places to go!

Ginger beer in Westchester

Hi everyone,
While I have not yet attempted making my own ginger syrup or beer, I did find ginger beer at Whole Foods and the ginger liqueur at Stew Leonard's. I had looked at stew's before and not found it so I wonder if it's a new product for them. It was pricey but I couldn't pass it up, so deep does my love for ginger run! Thanks for all the leads!

NYers excited for 4 nights in late July- feedback please!

I just wanted to post quickly to say thanks again for all the suggestions! We returned to NY today with many happy memories of our trip. Our absolute favorite place we went to was the Aviary. Hands down one of the most unique and fun places I've ever been. Even my beer-obsessed husband agreed it was his favorite. Longer report to follow.

First Time in Chicago for Montrealers

Thanks for posting! We will be at Frontera on our first day for lunch too so I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! Out of curiosity about the jamon iberico, I looked at Salero's menu and they don't have it either. I did find a place called Cafe Iberico that has it.!menu/c1jo3 I couldn't find any other restaurant in Chicago that does with a quick google search. Maybe it is too dear to have a wide appeal.

New Glarus Beer/Wisconsin

Thanks! Wow, my husband will be sad he missed the Founders beer at the opening!

Jul 18, 2015
i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream in Beer

NYers excited for 4 nights in late July- feedback please!


NYers excited for 4 nights in late July- feedback please!

Thanks! Perfect. North pond is the only place that I'm in a bit of a quandary in regarding my husband's shoes. May have to take out one of my pairs to fit his nicer ones in the suitcase!

NYers excited for 4 nights in late July- feedback please!

Another question regarding attire. Is Chicago comparable to NY in terms of dress for dinner for the types of places we'll be at? Dark jeans and nice tops are fine for us at 90% of places we go to at home. We don't have anything particularly fancy chosen so am I correct in assuming we'll be OK in similar attire in chicago?

New Glarus Beer/Wisconsin

Yes! Funk factory. I love sours so I tried searching for where I could try their beer but no luck.

Is hop cat a beer store or bar? I'll add it to the list. Thanks!

Jul 17, 2015
i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream in Beer

NYers excited for 4 nights in late July- feedback please!

I edited my post because I actually went to go look for tickets and the Sunday show is sold out. We'll be going to the 11 PM show after GT Oyster on Friday. Sunday evening is now wide open.

Go out with a bang-- sorry for the confusion-- I meant exactly what you wrote, casual, trendy, festive. I think we will leave it open-ended because as you said places won't be as crowded. I have plenty of places on my lists from all the suggestions here so I think we will play it by ear!

New Glarus Beer/Wisconsin

Yes, that's on our list. Thanks!!

Jul 17, 2015
i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream in Beer

NYers excited for 4 nights in late July- feedback please!

I have greatly refined our schedule based on all the amazing feedback here. My sister also sneakily stalked me here on this thread and gave us a gift certificate to GT Oyster that will cover a veritable feast and a nice bottle of wine, so we are soooo excited for that! Nice detective work, sis!

Updated (loose) itinerary-

Thurs- lunch at Frontera, sightseeing, progressive dinner/drinks in Logan Square (OR dinner at Lula Cafe and snacks/drinks elsewhere)

Fri- brunch at Jam, snacks at Wrigley (weather permitting), dinner at GT Oyster and post-dinner drinks nearby

Sat- breakfast at Eggy's, deep dish pizza for lunch, progressive dinner/drinks in West Loop with 8 PM res at Aviary

Sun- breakfast TBD, lunch at North Pond, dinner open depending on what we missed the nights before

My one question is regarding Second City, which is a must-do for my husband, and what night would be better. We can do it at 11 PM on Friday or 7 PM on Sunday. If we did it at 7 PM on Sunday, would we have trouble finding dinner afterwards (not near Second City, probably West Loop, Logan Square, or North Loop)? Not sure what Sundays are like in Chicago. It'll be our last night so we'll want to go out with a bang. Edit: Never mind, I see Sunday night is sold out, so I guess we will do Friday night after GT.

Advice for 3 nights near New Glarus/1 night in Milwaukee?

Thanks to everyone who posted suggestions; you have helped me refine our food plans! We are so excited for our first trip to the midwest!

Advice for 3 nights near New Glarus/1 night in Milwaukee?

Thanks for the suggestion!!

Advice for 3 nights near New Glarus/1 night in Milwaukee?

Awesome, thank you! My husband loves any sausage of any nationality and we have never had Albanian!