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Staples Ad Won't Go Away

I'm experiencing the same thing on my phone. The x to close it is so little it's almost impossible to click.

Visiting from Boston and seeking feedback/suggestions on where to eat and drink

Yes to both Tria and Monk's for drinks!

How does my itinerary look? Excited for five days in Austin in April!

We were about to go to Lick but our stomachs were bursting so we didn't make it. I'm not a brisket expert. My husband claims it wasn't dry. I guess maybe in comparison to Black's it seemed not as moist. I'll have to recreate those brussels sprouts at home. They were seriously good. Yes, I took a lot of suggestions from here and two of my favorites were CH suggestions (Adelbert's and Swift's Attic); I don't know what I'd do without CH for my trip meal-planning!

How does my itinerary look? Excited for five days in Austin in April!

Hi everyone!
Here's a long-winded (sorry!) trip report on our five great days in Austin! We lucked out and had gorgeous weather except for Friday morning so we did a ton of walking around the city. Having a car for two of the days was a great way to see more far flung parts of the city and beyond, but Uber is am amazing transportation option in the city too. We never waited more than 5 minutes for an Uber and the drivers were universally friendly and some were veritable tour guides and fountains of knowledge. We also ended up getting free breakfast at the Omni, which we took advantage of (it was actually quite good for a hotel breakfast), so we didn't end up eating any breakfasts out.

Easy Tiger- Lunch first day- Monday was gorgeous and we were excited to sit outside and enjoy the weather at Easy Tiger. Love the laidback atmosphere, and our first taste of friendly Texas service. My husband pored over the beer list like it was the great American novel and we enjoyed a light lunch of snacks: the German board )with an incredible homemade huge pretzel, beer cheese, mustard, relish, and a bratwurst), a winter salad, and the homemade chexmix. A perfect way to start our trip.

Uchi- dinner first day- After a long day of traveling and walking around, this probably wasn't the best choice. We walked in and were dismayed at how deafeningly loud it was. To make matters worse, we were seated next to a really loud, obnoxious table of three adults and two children, where the children were the best behaved members of the party. Thankfully they left soon after we arrived and we were able to enjoy ourselves a bit more. The service wasn't great. We heard the waitress admit to a table near us that she'd been working nonstop for over a week and it showed. She didn't offer us drinks until we asked, and she forgot to bring us a bunch of things that we asked for or brought us the wrong thing. The menu is confusing and overwhelmingly large but what we ended up ordering was excellent. After some of their salads, we got the sakana carpaccio (sliced daily selec­tion of fish, citrus, olive oil), cut expertly and super fresh. My favorites were the goat cheese with bigeye tuna and fuji apple (anything with goat cheese has my vote) and the boquerone sashimi with tomato and basil (a surprising combination that worked very well together). We also got a roll, which was good but less reflective of the skills of the kitchen. We finished up with their peanut butter semifreddo with apple sorbet. This type of food isn't my favorite but it is my husband's and we were both very happy with the food but the noise was a real issue for us. Also as noted the service was pretty scattered and unpolished (which we didn't find to be the case elsewhere) for the price point.

La Barbecue- lunch second day- we arrived at around 10:30 and there were about ten people waiting at the picnic tables so we sat down and at 10:50 a worker told us to get in line in the order we'd arrived and we were shocked at how orderly and polite it was! The smell was heavenly. We had our food by 11:30 and sat down in the sunshine to enjoy our brisket, pulled pork, and sausage. The girl who served us gave us a burnt end, which I loved. My husband devoured the brisket; I preferred the pulled pork. I thought the brisket was a bit dry but my husband loved it (and the sausage, which I couldn't eat because it was too spicy). The sides are nothing to sneeze at either! I'm not sure this would be worth waiting for all the time, but it was a fun experience and a delicious first barbecue experience.

Peche- drinks second day- We loved, loved Peche! We went for happy hour, which is such a bargain. $5 selected cocktails that are made with care and precision. I stuck to gin, starting with a gin gin mule (a bit sweeter than I like) and a royal bee's knees with lavender honey that was truly outstanding. My husband had a stiff negroni and an equally stiff dark and stormy. We loved the relaxed atmosphere, gorgeous interior, and the professional yet friendly bartenders.

Odd Duck- dinner second night- This was our unanimous favorite of the entire trip. It reminded us of an amazing meal we had at State Bird Provisions in SF. We got seats at the bar, which was great (we love eating at the bar), and our servers were excellent-- that same friendly yet professional service that we found at most of the places we went to in Austin. Every dish we ordered was creative and delicious. The little details and surprising flavors in each dish were exciting and fun. Grilled carrots with mole, stuffed masa, grits with coffee lamb, duck egg migas, and goat lasagna were all inhaled with gusto-- our favorite were the latter three (no consensus reached on our #1 favorite!). We went for dessert too, of course, with a carrot cake doughnut with rum raisin ice cream. This meal was a huge WOW for us and we'd go back a million times over if we lived nearby!

Hula Hut- lunch third day- Friends from the area insisted on taking us here for lunch and honestly it wasn't that bad. It was kitschy and fun. I got my pretty conservative husband to drink a ridiculous tropical drink out of a fishbowl with me, which made the meal worthwhile on its own, and our shared queso and my mahi tacos were surprisingly good. The portions are ridiculous-- I could only finish half.

Dolce Neve- snack third day- This adorable little shop has very good gelato. I wish the flavors were a bit bolder and more aggressive (the cassata was a bit weak, sadly) but the texture was great.

Hopdoddy- drinks third day- my husband was thrilled with the goblet of beer that was as big as his head and I was content with my favorite Sauvignon Blanc as we munched on a salad (of all things at a burger joint) that was fresh and delicious.

Driskill Bar- drinks and snacks third day- Love the swanky and historical interior of the Driskill. I'd be a regular here. Their happy hour is amazing. Excellent wines by the glass and discounted drinks every night and half price snacks. We had another of our favorite dishes of the entire trip here-- of all things, brussels sprouts that were revelatory. From the website: spicy fried brussels sprouts, jalapeno soy glaze, spanish chorizo, ginger, and
roasted peanut. Wow, wow, wow. This with some spiced nuts and beef jerky and we were happy campers.

Bar Congress- drinks and snacks third day- after a failed attempt to see the bats at the bridge, we ended up here for nightcap and a snack. Another wonderful cocktail-- the cosmopolitan daisy for me-- and a local beer for my husband, accompanied by addicting kale chips and a baked brie with a currant mustard and basil that I couldn't stop eating. (I remarked to my husband that I hadn't had enough cheese that day and the bartender overheard said, "Sometimes you just need cheese!" Amen.)

Black's- dinner fourth night- I loved Black's fatty brisket. It was moister than La Barbecue. Meanwhile, my husband made quick work of a pound beef rib (I helped a little) which was tender and flavorful. The mac and cheese (sometimes you just need more cheese!) was really great too, creamy and gooey.

Adelbert's- drinks fourth night- Our #1 favorite Austin experience. Great Belgian beers accompanied by the huge and talented ACC jazz orchestra. A random alignment of events (we had been debating where to go and almost ended up elsewhere) that led to us being completely enchanted by this serendipitous and unexpected Austin musical experience. Amazing!

Driskill- nightcap fourth night- We loved the Driskill so much we went back, this time for another outstanding Austin cocktail (Sage advice- gin, St. Germain, pineapple juice, and sage!) and their version of queso. Comparable to Hula Hut, I guess queso is pretty much the same whether it's highbrow or lowbrow, and damn, is it a good drinking food!

La Fruta Feliz- lunch fifth day- another one of our favorite dishes was gobbled up here- the barbacoa de chivo tacos, which I will dream about for years to come. We liked the others too but that goat taco was really something special! This total hole in the wall is worth a trip and the waitresses are super sweet.

Jester King- drinks fifth day- gorgeous setting in the hills and inventive sours reminiscent of Russian River in CA. Hibernal Dichotomous, Gotlansdricka, Ambree, and Repose were our favorites.

Swift's Attic- last meal- We went all spontaneous on our last night and realized on a Friday night that's a bit tricky, but we lucked out on two bar stools at Swift's Attic. This place was quite a scene and we loved it. It was the perfect festive end to our trip. Loved the friendly servers, loved the random conversations with friendly strangers at the bar, and loved the creative and brash food. Our favorites were the fried cornbread with butter dipping sauce and the pork cheeks to spread on toast with mustard and jam. The cocktail I had here was insane-- one of their cheeky ice ball cocktails that they will top off with an apparently free shot of the spirit of your choice once you finish off the first. I had the stage name, more gin with sage and lavender, and it was so much fun to drink at different stages of meltiness and potency. Dessert was their funfetti tres leches and a playful end to a raucous and out there meal. This was our second favorite overall meal after Odd Duck! And another unplanned gem, like Adelberts.

Takeaways: Austin has an insane amount of quality restaurants and exciting food. We didn't even scratch the surface and I imagine the uncovering of new neighborhoods to explore and eat your way through goes on and on. Austin is SO friendly and most restaurants seem genuinely happy to have you as a customer vs. here in NY where you feel like they think they're doing you a favor by allowing you to eat there. Laidback and anything goes seems to be the norm and we loved that. Great food, beer, cocktails, music, and a trip we will remember for a lifetime! Thanks all for the advice!

How does my itinerary look? Excited for five days in Austin in April!

Black's... we made it to there and La Barbecue for barbecue.

I'll write a trip report later today. So much good food!

How does my itinerary look? Excited for five days in Austin in April!

We are winding down our week and I just had to pop on to say that Adelberts was one of our favorite spots so far. Last night we randomly stopped by after dinner at Blacks and the ACC jazz orchestra (19 musicians that we could count) was there... Amazing.... it just goes to show that no matter how much you plan sometimes the most spontaneous decisions can be the most memorable. Totally amazing!

How does my itinerary look? Excited for five days in Austin in April!

We are winding down our week and I just had to pop on to say that Adelberts was one of our favorite spots so far. Last night we randomly stopped by after dinner at Blacks and the ACC jazz orchestra (19 musicians that we could count) was there... Amazing.... it just goes to show that no matter how much you plan sometimes the most spontaneous decisions can be the most memorable. We will never forget that!

So, I'm a Boston 'hound, our board here created some "best/must try/authentic" threads...

Great report. I'm really excited for Odd Duck. Licha's was on our list too from recommendations here, though I have to say the prospect of being pooped on by a flying rat is horrifying!

Sushi grade fish source in Westchester

Thanks for the suggestions all!

Sushi grade fish source in Westchester

This would certainly be more convenient for me than some of the other places. Any tips for a novice sushi maker? :)

Sushi grade fish source in Westchester

Someone gave my husband a sushi making kit for Christmas and he wants to finally try it. Does anyone know of a place in Westchester that specifically sells sushi grade fish? My quick search turned up Daido in White Plains, Nijiya in Hartsdale, and JJR Highridge Fishery in Yonkers. Any firsthand experiences with these places?


Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - March 9-22, 2015

I tip 30% for restaurant week as opposed to 20% normally. In general I'm pretty tolerant (perhaps overly tolerant) of not-amazing service as long as the food is good. I can only think of two places in Westchester where our service has been so bad and aggravating that I have voted with my feet and will never, ever return unless they go under new management (Birdsall House and Gleason's, and neither were RW experiences).

I did mention in this thread feeling rushed at my two meals. While I definitely found that significant enough to mention, I didn't deduct tip for it. My thought is the meal would have cost significantly more on a regular night. Also, for better or worse, I don't expect the service to be stellar during RW, nor do I take it as a representation of a non-RW week experience.

I still do feel like Rivermarket did themselves a disservice by rushing my table as they probably could have gotten another round of (pricey) drinks out of us and they were certainly not full or lacking tables (there were literally no other people in the section we were in). They were on such auto-pilot with service that they didn't take time to read the table and potentially pull in an even bigger bill/tip. North is more understandable as they were a full house on a Friday and I'm sure were going to turn our table once if not twice more.

Peekskill Ramen - Ramenesque

Thanks Elisa! I'm down that way often so I will check it out. It's been way too long since I've been to H mart!

Peekskill Ramen - Ramenesque

I stopped by Ramenesque recently for a quick bite with my husband. The place itself is adorable and the owner and her daughter (I think?) are really nice. I was a bit underwhelmed by the service and the food. We had to wait quite a while to get our salads. Once they did came we were quite surprised at how good (very fresh ingredients, good flavors) they were for 3 or 4 dollars. The ramen was a mixed bag. I've had it in Manhattan on several occasions at places known for their ramen and there really is no comparison whatsover here as the OP noted. My husband's nontraditional tom yum ramen had a really delicious broth (not as fiery as noted on the menu; had I known that, I would have gone with it), half an egg, assorted veggies, pork, and noodles. Mine was nowhere near as good. My shoyu broth was lacking almost any flavor whatsoever and in desperate need of salt. In fact, every accompaniment with it also needed salt. At $10 a bowl this is a nice place for a sit down meal but I don't think I'd order ramen again except for the tom yum version.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - March 9-22, 2015

Rivermarket's RW menu wasn't thrilling but everything was delicious. We were rushed even though the restaurant wasn't full (because of the snow) which I didn't understand especially since we were ordering drinks and if they had let us linger we would have probably ordered more. Food highlights were the gnocchi appetizer, lobster bisque (not much actual lobster bits but flavorful and perfectly seasoned bisque), short ribs. Salmon and chicken were well prepared but more standard. Dessert highlight was the bread pudding with a very very boozy creme anglaise.

Their beer list, cocktail menu, and wine list all deserve mention as being exceptional. I especially love the fact that after dinner I was able to go next door to the wine shop and buy the wine I'd had. I'd definitely go back for RW and while it's in general too pricey for me for a regular meal I still like having bites and drinks at the bar.

Restauranting during SXSW

Rptrane, I was planning on driving from Austin to Lockhart for lunch one day my husband and I are there next month (we'll be there 5 days/nights). It sounded like it'd be a really fun experience. Do you think we'll wish we'd spent our time elsewhere?

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - March 9-22, 2015

Thanks Misterbill. :) Enjoy your meals!

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - March 9-22, 2015

This past Friday I had another great meal at North for RW, though the service was a bit lackluster. They do not dial down the quality of the food for RW although we did feel a bit rushed. Highlights were my beet carpaccio, very well balanced overall, and the pumpkin polenta cake, which stole a bit of the spotlight from my all time favorite dessert there, the cookie skillet. I prefer my non-RW meals there but at that price I can't complain much!

Best fine dining: Westchester restaurant recommendation?

Primosprimos, did you have a similar waiter? He was a bit gruff but took good care of our table.

We stayed away from the more expensive entrees. They don't offer their lunch menu on Sundays, which we weren't expecting. The dinner menu is quite expensive. My friends' and husband's entrees were the cheapest (in the low $20s) and I chose two appetizers for my meal (sardines and the shrimp). The fresh fish and other fish entrees are quite pricey.

Best fine dining: Westchester restaurant recommendation?

I've never had Croatian food either. It has elements that are similar to Greek and Italian food. My husband had a gnocchi with veal stew that was outstanding and the gnocchi itself was better than much of the gnocchi we've had at Italian restaurants. The menu is very seafood heavy (they come around with the raw catch of the day) and the flavors are light and clean. The salmon, sardines, and shrimp were all very fresh and simply prepared. Desserts reminded us more of French desserts, with light crepes filled with ice cream and nutella, and a delicious puff pastry filled with pastry cream.

The service was a bit idiosyncratic (the guy was sort of grouchy and opinionated, but in an endearing way, plus he sent us a free dessert at the end). The interior is very attractive, with lots of wood and a subtle nautical theme. Lots of light and the tables are not too close together. We were there for lunch so we didn't have any drinks but the Croatian wine list looks intriguing.

Too bad it's such a schlep for me (took almost 40 min to get there) because I definitely want to go back.

Best fine dining: Westchester restaurant recommendation?

I just had a really great meal at Dubrovnik, good call... not sure how their wine list is though.

Recommend me a great restaurant for dinner tonight near the Rivertowns in Westchester

Twisted oak for sure... Although I like mp too. Not a fan of red hat...

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - March 9-22, 2015

Here's the North (Armonk) menu. I'll be there this week and Rivermarket next week.


First Course









Second Course









Third Course









Bedford, New York: 3 questions/requests for recommendations

Existing discussion is here for those who'd like to see what has been recommended already.


Surprise Birthday for 18 year old in Westchester

Fortina or polpettina

Twisted Oak in Tarrytown - any comments?

My husband and I had another great meal at Twisted Oak on Saturday. This time we were seated in the back room, which needs work in terms of acoustics... it was really hard to hear. However, the food was excellent. Creamy mushroom bisque with arugula pesto, and rabbit rillette croquettes served with a brussels sprouts salad with candied pecans to start. We shared two entrees, the risotto with cabbage, goat cheese, apple (maybe?), and some sort of crispy pork product-- excellent flavors-- and a perfectly pink pork tenderloin (I think) with mashed potatoes and baby greens. The entrees are a bit pricey (the pork was $30ish) but they are large and could serve two if you're having a bunch of small plates too (which I would recommend).

The dessert was a perfect vanilla bean panna cotta and a little play on PB&J with a berry compote on top and delicious dense peanut butter gelato on the side.

My husband had a great beer from a brand new Tarrytown microbrewery, Duncan's Abbey, and I enjoyed my sauvignon blanc.

Service was less scattered than last time.

I really wish they would post their menus on Facebook or somewhere as it would be nice to have an idea of what they have any given day. However, given how much we have enjoyed everything so far, a little surprise isn't so bad.

How does my itinerary look? Excited for five days in Austin in April!

Too bad we'll miss that... sounds fun!

How does my itinerary look? Excited for five days in Austin in April!

We want to see a band at Hole in the Wall on the Thursday so I figured we'd check out the one right there.

How does my itinerary look? Excited for five days in Austin in April!

Wow, my husband will go crazy for this... I'm going to have to carry him home since it's near Austin Beerworks.

How does my itinerary look? Excited for five days in Austin in April!

Yes! Maria's is on my list. So much food so little time! WHat's special about Sundays though?