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Cookbook/supplies rec for absolute beginner- kosher and somewhat picky!

Yeah, I am having trouble too (aside from the kosher aspect) since I've been baking and cooking for a long time so I think I take seemingly obvious things for granted. I am excited she wants to learn but definitely don't want to overwhelm her. Thanks for all he suggestions!

Cookbook/supplies rec for absolute beginner- kosher and somewhat picky!

This may be up her alley, thanks!

Cookbook/supplies rec for absolute beginner- kosher and somewhat picky!

Maybe I will ask to have this thread moved there, thanks!

Cookbook/supplies rec for absolute beginner- kosher and somewhat picky!

This is a great idea and I think she would enjoy it! Thanks!

Cookbook/supplies rec for absolute beginner- kosher and somewhat picky!

Hi all,
I'm trying to think of a good present for my dear childhood friend's bridal shower. She mentioned that she would like to learn how to cook now that she is getting married. She has boiled pasta, but beyond that has absolutely zero cooking experience.
They do not keep kosher when they eat out, but as far as I know they will be keeping kosher in their new home together. I only have a limited understanding of what that means. In addition to the kosher restriction, they are a bit picky. I managed to extricate the following information from her. They both eat pasta, chicken, and beef. He does not eat fish, though she does. She adores cheese. They enjoy eating Mexican food and Thai food. She loves brisket. He loves cookies. :)
Does anyone have any recommendations for beginner cookbooks that would be kosher-friendly, or ideas about any other gifts for a complete novice in this case?
Years ago my mom bought me Great Food Fast from Everyday Food, which I think is a pretty good basic cookbook, but I'm not sure how many of the recipes would be considered kosher... time to research!

Affordable Restaurants [Lower Westchester]

What about polpettina? They have other things on the menu other than pizza and it's pretty reasonable.

Peanut, almond and nut butters recalled on fears of salmonella

Thanks for posting this.

good food on the road the western new york

What route are you taking?

hudson restaurant, briarcliff manor, ny

Enjoy! I made a reservation for Saturday but may end up at the Parlor.

hudson restaurant, briarcliff manor, ny

Me too, I wish I could eat out every night but alas... Have you tried the Parlor yet in Dobbs Ferry? I wonder what you'd think of it compared to Fortina. Off topic, ha..

hudson restaurant, briarcliff manor, ny

My husband is more into beer so my wine or cocktails will add more to the tab than his beers... and a $24 glass of wine would probably be lost on me, my palate is not that discerning when it comes to wine! :) Since I cook most of the time, in general we eat out max once a week, sometimes only once every two weeks, so we are definitely usually looking for a date night type place and a three course meal which by definition seems to mean bare minimum $100 for both of us. And I never skip dessert!

hudson restaurant, briarcliff manor, ny

With the groupon I do think it makes it a decent value. We had four drinks so that alone would have been over $40 without the groupon. So $70 for an appetizer, two entrees, a dessert, tax, and tip doesn't strike me as that high. But I guess I have become inured to the fact that we can't seem to go out and spend less than $100 for a decent meal in Westchester (partly because we do like to have a few drinks and like to get appetizers and desserts in addition to entrees). I can think of a few places where it is possible but in Ossining our options are really limited. I'd much rather go to North or Fortina or the Cookery or Kittle House but sometimes we don't feel like driving 20-30 minutes (and that's how long it takes for us to get to all of those places) for a meal so for us this is a decent local option with the groupon. The food wasn't exciting but it was good and it was nicer than going to the windowless Keenan House, for example, and spending probably the same amount for a less nice experience. In no way would I consider this a destination restaurant worth driving out of your way for.

hudson restaurant, briarcliff manor, ny

I used my Groupon here last week. It's a pretty good deal and I would go again with a Groupon, but probably not without one.

The location is great for me, very convenient, and it is really a pretty place with a lot of character that reminds me of Kittle House. We had a fairly early reservation (6:30 pm) so we had our choice of seats in the room to the far left facing the Hudson and the sunset. This was an unexpected surprise as I didn't know they had river views (not sweeping views, but views nonetheless). We chose to sit inside since it was rather warm out but they are offering outdoor seats too. We were the only ones in the room for about 45 minutes, which was nice for us. The tables are spread out which I really like as we were not elbow to elbow with the other diners.

The service was fine, but not polished. Our waitress (an older lady) was very sweet but appeared to be extremely nervous. Someone named Anthony was circulating, maybe a manager or someone? We had no issues with service snafus though the people next to us had trouble getting someone to open their bottle of wine.

Our groupon included two glasses of wine, and the sauvignon blanc I had was wonderful--Jean Paul Malinge 2011 from the Loire Valley. Our shared appetizer included in the Groupon was miniscule: the beet salad was about ten pieces of roasted beets with three tiny crostinis, each with about a teaspoon of goat cheese on them. I wish we had been warned about the size of this, because even though it was tasty, it was comically tiny for two people to share.

Entree portions were fairer and we both really enjoyed ours. The food isn't particularly adventurous or exciting but it was well executed. My duck was cooked perfectly (though lacked the crispy skin I like) over toothsome farro and a rhubarb ginger puree (with some forgettable steamed broccoli that seemed superfluous). My husband's salmon was also cooked perfectly and came in a mustard sauce with more beets and crispy potatoes.

For dessert was a very large, rich brownie cut in half with a scoop of ice cream. Standard, nothing exciting, but a nice brownie that seemed to be homemade.

Including the groupon, two extra drinks, tax, and tip we ended up paying about $110 for the meal, which seems about right. Without the groupon it would have been much, much more expensive and for us this is not special enough to go above what we paid. We really appreciated that they let us linger leisurely and the room was lovely but the food is (in my opinion) not up to the price point on the menu. Also, they are billing it as farm to table so I would love more information on the menu about where they are sourcing their ingredients from.

The bar area is nice and they have a cheaper bar menu so I can see us more likely to go there for a light dinner and some drinks since we are local.

Delirium Cafe Brussels

YES to both Mort and Moeder Lambic! Loved both of them. Delirium wasn't really my scene though you sorta have to go for at least a drink....

Aug 17, 2014
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Root & Bone

I searched but didn't find a thread or much at all related to Root & Bone, so I thought I'd do a quick post about my great brunch there last week.

I went to the sister restaurant, Yardbird, in Miami a few years ago and loved it. I was thrilled that a similar restaurant would be opening here. So I gathered up some friends and headed over for brunch.

We got there a couple minutes before they opened at 11 and there were already about 10 people in front of us. They won't seat you until your whole party is there so we had to wait for someone who was delayed. Because of that, there were no tables left but the four of us sat at the counter seats next to each other. It wasn't ideal for sharing, but at least we didn't have to wait.

We shared a ton of things and almost everything was great. Seemingly simple things are embellished in very creative ways without taking away from the integrity of the dishes. For example, the cornbread is served with clotted cream and delicious preserves. Delicious on its own, the cornbread was even better with the toppings. Same went for the airy biscuits-- almost textbook perfect on their own, but elevated to another level dipped in the chicken jus and sesame seeds. The salad was a gorgeous array of seasonal veggies including a rainbow of neon peppery radishes.

We also ordered the mac and cheese, waffle fries, two chicken and waffle sandwich orders (total of 4 mini ones), and the waffles benedict. I'm not a huge fried chicken person but it was tasty (my fried chicken obsessed friend said it was close to perfect in her eyes). Not too greasy and the coating was crispy and flavorful. I preferred taking apart the sandwich and eating the components separately-- especially with the addition of the suggested (amazing) syrup it just ended up falling apart and was too difficult to eat. The waffles are really too delicate to be used as bread. The waffles benedict I loved-- the combination of the waffle and egg with the syrup on top was over the top rich and delicious. Mac and cheese came out gooey and cheesy with a really nice crunchy crumb topping. The fries I could have done without but I liked the remoulade.

We had the ice cream sandwich and the banana bread for dessert. The best part of either dessert was the strawberry ice cream sandwiched between the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. I've been making an embarrassingly large amount of homemade ice cream this summer and I neeeeeed this ice cream recipe. Unbelievable. I'm not really into banana desserts but my friends liked it.

Cocktails were somewhat forgettable and the beer list is not great.

Our server was really, really friendly and chatty (in a good way) and all the hosts and bussers were friendly too. It got very crowded and there is not much aisle room for passing. Our waitress said the only time the crowds die down is really late at night, like 11, so keep that in mind.

We had a really great time and enjoyed our meal here as much if not more than Yardbird (probably more because with four of us we were able to try so much of the menu). Can't wait to go back...

Nice dinner @ Fortina in Armonk

So... I haven't been here in months. Maybe since New Year's, I can't remember. How have recent meals been?

Hudson Valley Restaurant Recommendations

Have you tried a search on this board? This question is asked frequently and I'm sure you could find lots of options.

Sunday Croton Farmers Market

Pura Vida (at Pville and Ossining) has spoiled me so much.... one week I missed the market and bought fish at Whole Foods and I was so disappointed-- I realized right then how much I take the freshness and quality of Pura Vida for granted!

What is the name of the place at the Croton market?

"Back" button, still not working right.

On my phone I sometimes have to click back up to three times for it to actually work. This only happens with chowhound...

Crabtree Kittle House [Chappaqua]

Glad to hear it. We just ate there tonight . It's a reliable and pleasant experience, always. I'm done with Birdsall. We spend the same and are always rushed or something is disappointing.

Also it's easy to get 1000 point open table reservations which are basically worth $10.

Banana ice cream analysis and suggestions, please!

So your end result was sherbety? Because that's what I'd say about this. It definitely is not creamy like the coconut ice cream (with a toasted coconut infusion and egg yolks) I made a couple days later. I used whole milk and heavy cream as specified by the recipe and the exact measurements of the other ingredients. The bananas were very very ripe when I roasted them and he says to roast them for 40 minutes; I actually felt that was too long as there was significant scorching of the syrup and I had to discard some.

I'm definitely going to try the Martha Stewart version with egg yolks.

Banana ice cream analysis and suggestions, please!

Yes, I let the base sit in the fridge before churning and then let it sit in the freezer after churning. I'm glad to know that it came out well for you, because at least I know the recipe isn't a bust. It must have been something I did.

Banana ice cream analysis and suggestions, please!

Hmm. The recipe calls for roasting the bananas with a bit of butter and brown sugar, and then after roasting he says to put the "syrup" formed plus the bananas right into the food processor with the other ingredients. It was definitely syrupy and thick and not watery. Do you think I should have left it out? There is no thickener in the ice cream. Thanks. I guess I will give the Martha Stewart recipe a go after I finish this quart and see how it fares. But first.... salted caramel ice cream!

Large Format Aged Prime Rib at the Breslin

Sounds delicious! Thanks for posting!

Banana ice cream analysis and suggestions, please!

Hi all,
I've been on an ice cream kick this week and I made David Lebovitz's roasted banana ice cream. I love his book but this was the first recipe from the book I made that was not with egg yolks. The ice cream flavor itself is great-- and I added in melted bittersweet chocolate to cut the sweetness of the banana to make roasted banana straciatella.

My issue is the texture and I'm not sure if it's the bananas or the lack of egg yolks that's giving it a texture I don't like. It's scoopable and not too hard, but it has a distinctly loose "icy" appearance and tastes more watery than creamy. I can see ice crystals on the surface and the flavor is definitely not as rich (of course) as my custard based attempts. The roasted banana is simply pureed into the ice cream base, so I am assuming the water content of the banana affects the texture and causes it to be more watery/icey. A lot of the recipes from his book that I've tried have infusions rather than purees.

I have definitely had delicious, creamy, not icy banana ice cream flavors at ice cream shops. Is there a way to infuse banana flavor into a custard base without having the banana itself adversely affect the texture? Or will simply using a custard based recipe (like this one: http://www.marthastewart.com/910477/b... ) solve the problem?

I also should mention I forgot to strain the base before chilling.


Is there a better place to buy fresh orange/grapefruit juice or lemon/limeade than Stew Leonards?

Whole foods in chappaqua?

hudson restaurant, briarcliff manor, ny

So I bought a groupon for haymount house because it's so close to me and I thought it was worth a try. Hopefully it wasn't a mistake. Has anyone been recently-- any recommendations?

Saint George Bistro, Hastings

I realized I never posted a review of a wonderful dinner I had at Saint George.

All the food we had was wonderful, especially their French onion soup that is quickly becoming legendary in my family. We also had a lovely fresh salad, the delicate ricotta dumplings, and six very fresh oysters. Of the entrees the overwhelming favorite was the chicken fricassee, which was surprising, as I don't usually think of chicken as the star of the show. The duck was quite good though not the best I've had. The fresh fish preparation was quite good, and I'm blanking on what else we had.

The profiterole was just as good as I remember and the slightly boozy chocolate mousse was outstanding. Nice wine and beer selection. The service was professional (moreso than last time) and pleasant. Acoustics are excellent, take note!

I will definitely be returning....

The Parlor- new restaurant in Dobbs Ferry

I've been craving that cookie skillet so I am booking North for me and my husband for our anniversary in August. Sometimes I feel like just going to the bar for a drink and a cookie skillet!

The Parlor- new restaurant in Dobbs Ferry

Go on a weeknight early for less noise. It does get quite loud and it's more annoying than Fortina because it's so small.

Also, wincountrygirl, I think you should try Saint George in Hastings.... noise isn't an issue there and the food is great.