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Twisted Oak in Tarrytown - any comments?

My husband and I had another great meal at Twisted Oak on Saturday. This time we were seated in the back room, which needs work in terms of acoustics... it was really hard to hear. However, the food was excellent. Creamy mushroom bisque with arugula pesto, and rabbit rillette croquettes served with a brussels sprouts salad with candied pecans to start. We shared two entrees, the risotto with cabbage, goat cheese, apple (maybe?), and some sort of crispy pork product-- excellent flavors-- and a perfectly pink pork tenderloin (I think) with mashed potatoes and baby greens. The entrees are a bit pricey (the pork was $30ish) but they are large and could serve two if you're having a bunch of small plates too (which I would recommend).

The dessert was a perfect vanilla bean panna cotta and a little play on PB&J with a berry compote on top and delicious dense peanut butter gelato on the side.

My husband had a great beer from a brand new Tarrytown microbrewery, Duncan's Abbey, and I enjoyed my sauvignon blanc.

Service was less scattered than last time.

I really wish they would post their menus on Facebook or somewhere as it would be nice to have an idea of what they have any given day. However, given how much we have enjoyed everything so far, a little surprise isn't so bad.

How does my itinerary look? Excited for five days in Austin in April!

Too bad we'll miss that... sounds fun!

How does my itinerary look? Excited for five days in Austin in April!

We want to see a band at Hole in the Wall on the Thursday so I figured we'd check out the one right there.

How does my itinerary look? Excited for five days in Austin in April!

Wow, my husband will go crazy for this... I'm going to have to carry him home since it's near Austin Beerworks.

How does my itinerary look? Excited for five days in Austin in April!

Yes! Maria's is on my list. So much food so little time! WHat's special about Sundays though?

How does my itinerary look? Excited for five days in Austin in April!

Thanks for the ideas GOTW! I don't think we are going to end up doing Dai Due Thursday night anyway. There's a show we want to see at Hole in the Wall that night and I don't think we'll have time to stop there on our way back from our day trip.

I made an Odd Duck reservation for the Tuesday. Looking at the menu for Barley Swine, I don't think I could handle it and have room for drinks (not to mention ice cream) after. Gourdoughs is definitely on my list! We missed Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, OR (line was too long) and this sounds just as ridiculously decadent!

How does my itinerary look? Excited for five days in Austin in April!


USDA introduces new maple syrup grading system

Thank you for posting this!

New to Mount Kisco, need the lay of the land

Fresh produce is pretty scarce right now and will continue to be for several months. That said, the indoor winter Pleasantville farmers' market is a great (though often chaotic) place to shop for dinner ingredients. I would definitely check out Kittle House for your breakfast reservation. La Tulipe is a must for breakfast pastries. Have fun!

How does my itinerary look? Excited for five days in Austin in April!

Yeah, I am anticipating we won't have room for all the food I listed. I have a chronic case of eyes bigger than my stomach. Unfortunately the only day jester king is open that we are there is the Friday and that's non negotiable. I do like the idea of a bbq dinner instead of lunch that day to mix it up a little and spread out our heavy eating. Thanks!

How does my itinerary look? Excited for five days in Austin in April!

Thank you for the goat tips!! Wow, that cassata ice cream sounds like what I've been searching for (seriously) to no avail! Will definitely check it out.

Austin for 1st time this weekend-recs

Thanks for your report! I made a reservation at Odd Duck for our trip. Sounds delicious from what you said. Can't wait!

How does my itinerary look? Excited for five days in Austin in April!

Thanks so much for the recommendations! I'm pinning them on my map and will research.

Another question... I've been writing down happy hours for various places. I have a lot so far...Lambert's, Parkside, Salty Sow, Firehouse, Driskill, Peche, Licha's (thanks lixlix), La Condesa, Salt and Time, Jeffrey's, Uchi, Freedmen's, Swift's Attic, Hole in the Wall... any more of note?

Also, I would love to have some goat (not very common here)... are there any places (Mexican or otherwise) you all know of? Found La Fruta Feliz so far.

Oh, and ice cream... because... well...!

zeytinia trouble? [Croton]

I was at CVS this morning-- it's Green and Grain. I like Green and Bean though. :)

How does my itinerary look? Excited for five days in Austin in April!

Hi everyone! I've been avidly reading this board the past few months and now I'm seeking out some opinions as the reservation window for my trip opens soon. My husband and I are in our early thirties from NY and we love exploring new cities. This will be our first time in Texas and we're really excited! We are interested in beer, barbecue, tacos, and anything regionally special/quirky. We will be in Austin (staying near the Capitol) midday Monday through very very early Saturday and will have a car from Thursday morning through our departure on Saturday. The rest of the time we'll be hoofing it or using Uber.

Really just wanted to make sure we had enough variety in our tentative itinerary. We are very open to flights of fancy but I like to have a rough idea.

Monday: midday arrival
-lunch within walking distance to our hotel: Swift's Attic? Second Bar & Kitchen?
-dinner at Uchi, drinks back near our hotel- Bar Congress, Peche, Driskill Bar, Firehouse, Brass House

-breakfast tacos: Veracruz? Pueblo Viejo? Fresa's? not too far afield from our hotel
-lunch at La BBQ
-afternoon beers at Craft Pride, Bangers, Wright Bros Brew & Brew, Easy Tiger
-dinner at Barley Swine or Odd Duck.... can't decide... may have trouble convincing my husband about the tasting menu at Barley Swine
-drinks/music nearby- Continental Club?

-more breakfast tacos
-more bbq... though I'd probably like a place with some lighter choices as I can't eat as much bbq as my husband! Ideas? Lambert's, Blue Ribbon, Michlethwait, John Mueller, Black's? Or maybe a food truck crawl?
-checking out some breweries: Hops and Grain, Pinthouse Pizza, Austin Beerworks...?
-dinner open- have tons on my list

Thursday: driving west with a vague destination of Fredericksburg for wildflowers
-grab and go breakfast
-lunch at Ottos in Fredericksburg (my husband loves German food)
-tasting beer/wine at Pecan St. Brewing in Johnson City, Pedernales Brewing, Fredericksburg Brewing, Becker Vineyards
-dinner at Dai Due on the way back??
-drinks and late night eats at East Side King at Hole in the Wall

-breakfast TBD
-bbq lunch in Lockhart
-afternoon drinks at Jester King
-dinner TBD- somewhere festive on our last night!

So I guess we have two open dinner slots... I'm a little overwhelmed with choices. What's good for Mexican for dinner? Seems like that'd be a good complement.

Thanks in advance!!!

Purdys Farmer & The Fish

I had lunch here last week. It was sort of a mixed experience. The building itself is really cool. I was a little turned off by the three brightly colored, oversized condiment containers on all the tables (sea salt and two others, I can't remember). I guess it's their little shtick but I found it sort of tacky and at odds with the historical and beautiful old room.

It was empty when we arrived but started filling up quickly. Some of the two tops are very close to each other. The service was fine. There was a lot of schmoozing with regulars (I guess) which was sort of annoying to watch.

Food was ok. Our salad was good, pretty standard. The gumbo fell sort of flat for me; I found it quite underseasoned (and in need of the sea salt on the table, so I guess it's a good thing it was there). My lobster roll was very good and while small it was stuffed with fresh and tender chunks of lobster. My husband's salmon burger was less impressive; like the gumbo, it seemed to be wildly underseasoned and bland, though the piece of fish was clearly very fresh and good quality. His first choice was the tuna burger, which is on the menu, but when he tried to order that he was told they didn't have it. At a nearby table (so near we felt like we were eating with them) they tried ordering several things on the menu only to be told they weren't available. These things should be stated as the menus are given out!

We didn't feel properly inspired to try dessert, so cut our losses and headed to DeCicco's in Brewster for some beer tasting at the bar... but that's a story for another thread.

I have never been to Purdys before and this restaurant presented no special reason for me to return.

Ocean House, Croton

My husband and I had a great meal on a random Thursday a couple of weeks ago. I was so put off about the no reservations thing that we'd never been but on this particular weeknight they were completely empty, which may have had something to do with the fact that it was frigid outside. Only two other couples showed up over the next couple hours so it was a nice, intimate dinner. They tucked us in the corner and opened a bottle of wine we'd been saving from our trip to California, chilling it to the perfect temperature (I hadn't chilled it enough and we noticed an improvement in the flavor as they got it to the correct temperature).

The food was excellent, and while I'm not sure if I'd call it destination worthy, this is a great local gem. The clam chowder was as good as mentioned in the Times, creamy but not overly thick, studded with copious amounts of fresh clams. The sardines, dressed with little more than lemon juice and olive oil, transported us back to Spain. Main courses were trout with a beurre blanc and mushrooms, and a gingery spice encrusted tuna cooked rare, both accompanied by impressively fresh tasting (for February!) veggies. We devoured both, finished our wine, and found a little room for their coffee ice cream parfait, which came piled with salted caramel and mountains of fresh whipped cream.

Service was friendly and appropriately (not overly) attentive, and we were encouraged to linger.

While I don't think I'd venture here on a weekend, I will certainly be back on a weeknight.

Hopscotch. Anyone been yet? [Croton-on-Hudson]

Nice review. Do they have beer on the drink list yet? When we went they didn't. Glad they're doing well; I just wished the menu were a little larger and more varied. Maybe it is now?

Thank You, Austin: A Few Notes on My Vacation Visit

Thanks for posting! Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to my trip in a little over a month!

Preserved Lemons Westchester or Lower Hudson Valley?

I got them at the Middle Eastern market next to Shiraz in Elmsford.

Hopscotch. Anyone been yet? [Croton-on-Hudson]

What did you have?

Cookies! (lower Westchester)

While I tend to agree with you about homemade cookies, there are two bakeries that I think can give my homemade cookies a run for my money-- Lulu in Scarsdale (not a fan of their cakes so much but their cookies are delicious) and La Tulipe in Mount Kisco. Not sure how convenient either is for you and it's too late for this particular time but you may want to give them a try!

Toddler Friendly suggestions Lower Westchester

Polpettina in Eastchester more than doubled their seating capacity with the changing of the next door market into an additional dining area. They still don't take reservations but if you go at at off time you'd probably be fine.

Larchmont location takes reservations.

Twisted Oak in Tarrytown - any comments?

I imagine if you got there early you'd be fine. They open at 5:30 and the show this past Saturday started at 8. If you got there at 5:30 and ordered pretty quickly, I'm sure you'd be done by 7:30. You could always skip dessert (though it's hard for me to say that! haha).

I concur about the ads. I have adblock on my computer but looking at CH on my phone is an exercise in futility.

Fortina opening in Rye Brook

I have noticed their beer seems overpriced. Their online menu is not completely up to date so I wouldn't be surprised if the restaurant menu said $11.

I'm Angry and I'm not Taking it Anymore! Westchester NY

Rivermarket is an example of a place with cocktails that are completely worth it and comparable to NYC (price but also quality). Sit at the bar there and watch them make cocktails-- I don't know the guy's name, but the main bartender there is like an artist! Blue Hill's bar and North in Armonk also make incredible cocktails that are well worth the price tag.

On a less positive note, I had a horrific cocktail at Tarry Lodge recently. It was listed on the menu as a "specialty" winter cocktail and I watched the bartender literally take a bucket from beneath the bar and pour from the bucket into my glass. I will NEVER order a cocktail there again-- what a joke.

Twisted Oak in Tarrytown - any comments?

I had a really great meal at Twisted Oak on Saturday. Searching for reservations last Monday I came upon a 7:30 reservation at Twisted Oak so I grabbed it. When Saturday came, I was about to cancel it due to the lack of menu and the "unknown" of it but my husband convinced me to go.

Service- a bit slow, but extremely friendly and accommodating. Our table wasn't ready till probably close to 8 but we were seated comfortably at a high top by the bar while we waited. Once we were seated our meal was leisurely. This is not a place for a quick meal.

Atmosphere- the space lacks a bit of character, except for the area closest to the bar. It still seems like a work in progress. They need to establish a host station with a dedicated host at the front of the restaurant like they have at North so that people aren't just standing around in the foyer waiting for someone to come and seat them.

Drinks- beer list is pretty boring but has some good basics like Capt. Lawrence Liquid Gold. There's a nice cocktail list and my Aviation cocktail wasn't as good as at Fortina or RIvermarket, but it was quite good (and potent). The wine list BTG is decent and the price point is fair starting at $10.

Food- this is where Twisted Oak really shines. We loved everything we ate. We started with the rabbit meatballs-- four small tender meatballs in a fragrant broth/sauce. The potato leek soup was also great. For entrees, my husband had tagliatelle with a pork ragu and kale. The pasta is made in house and the sauce was rich and creamy. My entree was the winner, though, we agreed- the short rib over oats. The short rib was fork tender and moist. A bit pricey but not a skimpy portion at all. For dessert, we had trouble deciding but we went with the smores pudding, which was a rich chocolate pudding topped with graham crumbles and toasted marshmallow... a perfect sweet ending.

Overall this was a great meal and a fun night out. I will definitely be returning. I do wish they would post a sample menu online. The entrees are pretty pricey for this to be a regular spot for us-- most are about $30, except for the pastas, which are a little cheaper.

I'm Angry and I'm not Taking it Anymore! Westchester NY

The Parlor in Dobbs has good cocktails-- they bottle some of them. They range between $11-$12. Link: http://media.wix.com/ugd/ca759e_544cb...

Fortina makes great cocktails and I swear they are so strong they are like having two. Their Aviation is pricey but one of my favorites. I'm a lightweight though. :)

Anniversary dinner in Lower Westchester

I had a great meal at Twisted Oak on Saturday. I'll post separately on that thread. One thing is that it was sort of loud when we got there (7:30) but it seemed more mellow after 8:30 or so. The food was excellent.

I usually go to North with my husband for our anniversary, and we have frequent date nights at Kittle House Tap Room, which I find cozy.

Fortina opening in Rye Brook

Glad to hear you had a good experience! Those Brussels sprouts are incredible! Can't wait to get there in a couple weeks.