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Lunch suggestion on South St.

I'm going into Center City tomorrow with a group of friends and would like a casual lunch spot in the vicinity of South Street, between 20th and 10th. We had lunch at the Pumpkin takeout place last time, but would like something a little nicer.

Mar 20, 2009
SandyF in Pennsylvania

Chowish finds in Yardley/Morrisville area?

We live outside of Newtown and really love Duck Sauce, right in the borough. We haven't tried Rouget yet, but Craig LaBan gave it such a rave review last week, that we'll be dining there soon.

Another fave in Lower Makefield is Villa Rosa in the shopping center where McCaffery's supermarket is. It has a glorified pizza parlor atmosphere, but wonderful Italian food. (We've never actually ordered their pizza). There are always about 8 specials of the day on the menu and they have been consistantly good, plus it's dirt cheap. Everything comes with soup or salad. One night (I think Monday) is all you can eat mussels on any type of pasta for around $10.00.

We had dinner a few nights ago at Yardley Inn and really enjoyed it. They have a great burger and skinny house-cut fries--only $10 in the dining room. I was very surprised. My husband ordered from the 3 course early dinner menu ($19.95 ) and enjoyed his crab cake, caesar salad and flourless chocolate cake.

Jun 12, 2008
SandyF in Pennsylvania

The Word on Le Bec Fin

I stayed up to watch the "big" announcement from George P. last night. Viewers were led to believe that he would either be retiring or closing Le Bec. Obviously not the case. He is making the restaurant more casual, allowing "jeans" to be worn, and offering an a la carte menu. IMHO, he is "giving back his 5 stars" before they are taken from him.

Gorp512--probably The Fountain at the Four Seasons Hotel would now be the the fanciest, special occasion restaurant in Philadelphia.

Apr 05, 2008
SandyF in Pennsylvania

DeLorenzo Tomato Pie in Robbinsville

We went there last night to try it out. Sam's wife was working the front of the house, taking names. She told us that there would be a 45 min. wait, but we were seated in about 15 min. The decor is contemporary and beautifully done, with comfortable chairs. Lots of tables in the front and back, and about 5 booths in the middle that hold up to six people. They have an actual written menu here--listing the pizza (small--$10 and large--$13, plus $1 for each extra topping). Plus--they have a green salad and an antipasto. We didn't get either of those, but some were ordering them around us and seemed happy with it.

The pizza to me was the same taste as the Hudson St. location that we know and love. I thought the crust was a little thinner and crisper, if that's possible. Yum!!!

There are bathrooms :-) and they take credit cards at this location. Also, a biggy to me, they have glass glasses (not plastic) for all the drinks. It took us longer to get there, since we live in Bucks County, so we'll probably keep going to the Trenton shop. Hope they keep that one open. I hope the limited hours of operation are not a foreshadowing of things to come.

Jan 17, 2008
SandyF in New Jersey

Villagio in Lahaska

Where exactly is this restaurant located? Is it in Peddler's Village? Thanks.

Jan 09, 2008
SandyF in Philadelphia

Bucks Cty exceptional food wanted!

We live in Upper Makefield and dine out often. We love Duck Sauce in Newtown (our favorite local place) and Siam in Lambertville, NJ. We just had dinner last Friday night at Martine's in New Hope and highly recommend it!! It was our first visit since they moved to their new location right on the river. What a surprise! Absolutely lovely setting and the food was very good.

We've found Marsha Brown's to be hit or miss. Never have had good service there and it's way too loud, in my opinion.

A new Jules Thin Crust is under construction in Newtown, so we're waiting for the grand opening--love the one in Doylestown.

Jul 25, 2007
SandyF in Pennsylvania

Brandywine Prime

We had dinner last night at Brandywine Prime with some friends and it was very good. The decor looked great, keeping some traditional elements like the exposed stone walls, but adding some cool contemporary touches. I especially liked the fact that all the chairs (including the higher bar stools) had cushioned seats making for a very comfortable dining experience. My husband and I had a wonderful dinner a few nights ago at Matyson in Phila. and, although we loved the food, the hard wood chairs weren't too appealing. Maybe I'm being picky, but comfort is an important element in the dining experience.

Back to the food at Brandywine Prime.....

We had the seafood tower for the table, which was great--the shrimp were outstanding, as was tuna tartare and lobster cerviche. My husband and I shared the arugula sald which was excellent. I had the crab cakes with lobster mashed potatoes and asparagus--very enjoyable. (I had the same dish at Deep Blue last month--also very good). He had a strip steak which came with a choice of potato, side dish and sauce, which he enjoyed. We had a dessert sampler platter for the table, which consisted of 3 full sized desserts. Excellent coffee finished a great meal.

We sat upstairs and were very comfortable. The place was absolutely packed and seems to being doing very well. I think they plan to start lunch service soon.

Mar 04, 2007
SandyF in Pennsylvania

Brandywine Prime

We're having dinner there tonight, so I'll report back tomorrow.

Mar 03, 2007
SandyF in Pennsylvania