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brunch with reservations la jolla/del mar area

Georges, La Jolla
Pacific Coast Grill, Cardiff

I believe brunch should have a view.

May 02, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

Petco park eats-- what's new?

Went to the game, food we tried:

Tri-tip sandwich Seaside Market, very good, kettle chips excellent. Greek Salad also from Seaside, consistent with what you get at the market, quite good.

New Padre Dog from Tarantino (not Quentin, I believe): Nasty, stick with Hebrew National

Ribs and Sausage from Phil's BBQ, quite excellent.

More craft beer than you can shake a stick at!

Still no knishes though.

Apr 12, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

Petco park eats-- what's new?

Very amusing....and not at all disturbing.

Apr 11, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

Petco park eats-- what's new?


Apr 11, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

Petco park eats-- what's new?

Lot's of discussion of late around what's good to eat around Petco Park; what if you want to eat at the park? Headed tonight to watch the Giants game. My wife is inclined to eat prior, buy my finest memories from youth are a hot-dog and knish at Shea Stadium (as I moved around, a major disappointment to learn that Shea was the only stadium with knishes!) My druthers are to eat at the park, but my vaguely health conscious, carb limited wife with high food standards is opposed. Any suggestions for best quality ball park food?

We are field level, and I have reproduced that levels options below, though we are willing to travel to the cheap seats if there's value.

Pizza Port
Friar Franks
K Street Grill
Kettle & Cones
Filippi’s Pizza
Anthony’s Fish Grotto
Diego Dogs
The Patio
Food Network Cart
El Agave Mission Tequila Bar
Friar Fit
Diego Steak & Cheese
Bay View Grill
Gluten-Free Stand
Mercado Food Court
Wines at the Park
La Cantina Bar
Leinie Lodge
Kona Cove
Bar 121
Craft Beers of San Diego
Randy Jones BBQ
Omni Hotel Premier Club
Padres Mexican Cafe
Chocolat Gelato & Crepes
Bumblebee Seafood Cart
Rita’s Italian Ice
Nothing Bundt Cakes
Baked Bear
Cardiff’s Seaside Market
Ryan Bros. Coffee
Bayview Grill

Apr 11, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

Business Dinner in Vegas

I'm looking for a good business dinner location, excellent (and interesting) food, under $100/person (food only). Searched through five pages back and couldn't find something that honed in on this particular need. On/off strip OK.

Apr 08, 2015
RdBchAndy in Las Vegas

Week in Escondido/San Diego

I would recommend Manna Korean BBQ, a very good AYCE Korean BBQ. If you haven't had Korean BBQ before (and even if you have), I would definitely try. I think it's technically in San Marcos, but right over the border from Escondido. It can accommodate large parties, including the kiddos.

In San Diego, I wouldn't miss Juniper and Ivy, for some really innovative, excellent food.

Fish House Vera Cruz good for the whole family.

Another fun kid place is Ruby's at the end of the Oceanside Pier; chain hamburgers but lots of fun as you have to hike way out on the pier and you can watch the fisherman as they reel in their catches.

Mar 23, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

Birthday for the bored

Half a million Southwest miles and a Companion Pass make this not as crazily literal as it might seem, but the babysitter might not like it or any other >24 hour scenarios.

Mar 19, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

Birthday for the bored

Nice idea, but see my other post:


Mar 19, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

Birthday for the bored

Birthday this weekend and the wife wants me to pick a place for a celebratory dinner (sorry for the what are the best places standard ask, hopefully a twist). I want to go somewhere I haven't been (I'll list all I can think of below) and want something interesting; I'm getting bored with the standard fare offered in most restaurants, bone marrow and such. Price/location not an issue anything from funky to fine dining works. Interesting suggestions appreciated.

Places I've been and are ruled out: Juniper and Ivy (my current favorite), Lion's Share, Little Sheep, That Chinese dry hot pot place whose name I can't recall, Carnitas Snack Shack, Addison, O-Sab e Lee, Q'ero, Blue Ribbon, PrepKitchen(s), Bencotto, Brooklyn Girl, Avant, Puesto, PF Changs (not really, just checking if you were reading), Smoking Goat, Phoung Tran, Kitchen 1540, others but I can't think of.

Mar 18, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

Carvel Ice Cream Cake

Remember, Wednesday is Sunday at Carvel! Buy one fudgy the whale, get one free!

Feb 23, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

Carvel Ice Cream Cake

Fudgy the whale or cookie puss?

Feb 20, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

Reno: Authentic and tasty Chinese food at 168 Cafe

Was in Reno on business and looking for good Chinese. Apparently 168 is gone, and is now a Thai Restaurant that was empty. I ended up (with my Taiwanese associate) at 101 Taiwan Restaurant. They had a section of the menu dedicated to "gringo" food (General's chicken and the like), we stayed away and ordered ALOT of the Taiwanese fodd; my first experience with it. My Taiwanese companion said it was very authentic, and very high quality. All I could say was that it was delicious, well above your typical Americanized Chinese place, but quite different too. With the order placed in Chinese, I can't say what we had by name, but we had a need soup with what seemed like chopstick, a "pure", no noodle soup with squid and mushrooms, Taiwan sausages, another noodle dish and some of the "pancakes" (which apparently should have been fried and weren't). Reasonable prices, nice environment and friendly staff, definitely a winner!

Feb 13, 2015
RdBchAndy in Southwest

What's your *favorite* restaurant in San Diego?

Juniper and Ivy
Blue Ribbon Pizza
Manna BBQ
Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

Feb 09, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

Saturday lunch w/water view

Bull Taco. Right in the campgrounds on the beach in Cardiff, basically a very fancy snack bar; no better view and the food isn't bad. Lots of fun and personality.

Feb 06, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

Manna Korean BBQ coming to San Diego?

Manna is open in San Marcos, right by Costco. I was amazed and pleased to have a Korean BBQ way up here in the far reaches. As noted below it is AYCE, which with Korean BBQ is a blessing and a curse (a blurse); eating a lot of KBBQ is good, but often the quality less so.

On entering, first impressions gave me hope; the place was packed with a wait, probably 70% Asian, and it wasn't cheap, around $30/person. In my experience cheap Korean BBQ is bad Korean BBQ.

The food was actually quite good, better than most of the KBBQ I've had in San Diego. A good selection, good quality meat, good pan chan etc. Service was friendly and helpful, if a little frantic with the full restaurant.

Definitely going to be a regular here.

Feb 06, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

Carnitas Snack Shack

My main experience is weekend lunch, and it is always empty. Personally, I think there is a big gap between the original and Del Mar, food quality wise.

Jan 24, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

SD's top 22 new restaurants in 2015

Earlier in his career, Blais finished every tasting menu with tang, which was basically a small block of Tang jello; a weird but somehow satisfying end to the meal.

Jan 16, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

SD's top 22 new restaurants in 2015

Blais has the high end molecular gastronomy place in him. I was fortunate enough to enjoy his eponymous restaurant "Blais" in Atlanta. Unfortunately I was one of the few as it was ahead of its time for Atlanta. One night I had the 31 course tasting menu (see attached). It was incredible, though I was food-sick for days.

Jan 15, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

How to convince wife to go to TJ

"does your wife have family anywhere in Mexico and have they had any of the violencia affect them? Does she read Spanish language newspapers, web sites or watch Spanish language news casts?"

No, she is Guatemalan by heritage, 1st generation; not aware of any family violence other than some pretty scary reports of the situation in Guatemala. Negative on the Spanish language media, other than the occasional telenovela, which she alleges is to keep her Spanish fresh.

Jan 13, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

How to convince wife to go to TJ

Ha. Trader Joe's/Tijuana. I get it.

Jan 13, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

How to convince wife to go to TJ

I'm anxious to try some of the options in TJ, but my wife is quite certain that the second she crosses the border she will be immediately killed by a drug gang; interestingly, she is Latina and fluent in Spanish. I'd appreciate suggestions as to how folks manage the TJ experience- driving, cabs etc. and other tips to convince mi esposa to head to the border.

Jan 12, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

Weekend Birthday trip with kids - downtown SD

I don't understand why Puesto does food so well but can't pull off a margarita. The margarita being "just okay" is a charitable description.

Jan 12, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

Weekend Birthday trip with kids - downtown SD

You can also jump on the ferry to Coronado, which opens up other opportunities. Fun 15 minute ride, runs as late as 10:30 on the weekend.

Jan 07, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

Weekend Birthday trip with kids - downtown SD

While funky dead animal could be fun, is The Lion's Share really a kid's place?

Jan 06, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

"Fresh" Ham for Lechon Asado

I used the mix; I couldn't find the sour Seville oranges. If anyone has a source, I'd appreciate knowing.

When I lived in Atlanta I could find them at my local Whole Foods, and they were appreciably better than the mixture.

Jan 06, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

Weekend Birthday trip with kids - downtown SD

Puesto at The Headquarters is good and fun and right by your hotel. Mexican Street Tacos (though decidedly upscale) and a few other items. I went this weekend for the first time and was suitably impressed with the food quality (though I wasn't impressed by the margarita). Very kid appropriate and fun. Nice chocolate and cheese shops there also, for some evening repast while the kids sleep. Also at The Headquarters is Seasons 52 and Cheesecake Factory, chains I can't recommend, but you probably know if it meets your need.

Another place in walking distance is San Diego Pier Café in Seaport Village. It, as the name implies, is right on the pier with ocean views and fun for kids. The food, given the seaside location, is surprisingly adequate, especially if you're into the fried stuff.

Lots more and better options if you're willing to go further afield; check out UBER.

Jan 06, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

"Fresh" Ham for Lechon Asado

Ended up using a Boston Butt just from the local Vons. By and large good for a first attempt, but I had a timing error, and ended up needing to crank up the heat for 1/2 the cooking time to meet the dinner deadline, so it was drier than I would have liked. Anxious to try a better cut of meat and am looking a Cook's Pigs. Also, I missed the skin which is my favorite part.

Re: the slow cooker method, how long did that take?

Jan 06, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

Amazon Fresh

Anyone tried Amazon Fresh, apparently relatively new to San Diego? I placed my first order today, mostly for mundane grocery items, but they have interesting items, including a bunch of specialty purveyors (as indicated on the pastrami post). Most stuff is available same/next day but the specialty stuff requires a day or so notice. They seem to have most of the products we use (and my wife is kind of an organic/obscure brand nut-though don't tell her I said that).

To use the service I believe is $200/year, but they give you a free trial month, which I am using now. Delivery is free, and there is a minimum of $35/order.

Some of the specialty purveyors, in addition to the usual stuff (most require an extra day or so notice) include:

New & Notable
Evolving Kneads
Renew Juicery
The Mixing Glass Shop
Sweet Lady Jane

Restaurants bling bling dumpling
Border Grill
Canter's Fairfax Restaurant
Glendon Bar & Kitchen
Got Kosher?
Harvest Moon
Heirloom LA
Lascari's Italian Cucina
Masala Craft
Mediterranean City Grill
Nonna's Empanadas
Pizzeria II Fico
Red Apple
Steingarten LA
Waters Fine Foods & Catering
Wise Barbecue

Specialty & EthnicDomenico's Foods
Dragünara Spice Bazaar
FarmBox LA
Gindo's Spice of Life
Hepp's Salt Co.
Hopkins AG
Hot Licks
Massey Honey Co.
My Favorite Indulgence
Olimila Olive Oil Co.
Out of the Box Collective
Provisions Market
San Diego Honey Company
Seaport Oil & Vinegar

Local Meat, Seafood & DairyThe Cheese Store of Beverly Hills
Dry Dock Fish Company
FirstClass Foods
Maestro Sausage Co.
Marconda's Meats
Santa Monica Seafood
The Huntington Meats
Venissimo Cheese

Bakery & DessertsBREADBAR
Breakaway Bakery
Cake Monkey
Charm City Cakes West
Coco Bakes
Dallmann Fine Chocolates
DK's Donuts
Eclipse Chocolate Bar & Bistro
Evolving Kneads
Fugetsu-Do Sweet Shop
Grounds Bakery Cafe
Layer Cake Bakery
'Lette Macarons
Platine Bakery
Sun Flour Natural Bakery
Sweet Lady Jane
The Cravory
Valerie Confections
Western Bagel
Wildflour Cupcakes
The YES Bar

BeveragesAmerican Tea Room
Bird Pick Tea & Herb
Bird Rock Coffee Roasters
Boxed Water Is Better
Caffe Calabria
Farm to Fork
Groundwork Coffee
Intelligentsia Coffee
Juice Served Here
Kean Coffee
Kombucha Dog
LION Coffee
Matcha Source
Portola Coffee Lab
Pressed Juicery
Renew Juicery
Seventh Tea Bar
The Juice
The Mixing Glass Shop
The Wine House
Wine Lab

Health & Home BioEthics Pet Food
Soap Farm
The Soap Kitchen
Urbanic Paper Boutique

Jan 06, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego

Pastrami to go

Trying Amazon Fresh home delivery of groceries today for the first time, relatively new in San Diego. In addition to groceries, they have a number of specialty purveyors they will deliver to with a day's notice. One of those purveyors is Canters Deli, Fairfax, and they will deliver pastrami. Probably as good as you're going to get.

$35 minimum order, so add on some groceries (unless you want a lot of pastrami!). The service costs $200/year, but they'll give you a free month to try it out.

Jan 06, 2015
RdBchAndy in San Diego