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First Trip to London coming up - recommendations appreciated.

{"Day 3 Looking for a dinner recommendation -- I think we are going to be needed spicy food pretty badly by then. Are there any Indian or other spicy cuisine restaurants you can recommend in the area?

Day 4 British Museum with lunch at the Museum Tavern and then shopping. Any recommendations for dinner in that general part of town?}"

These links cover the area also some Indian recs.

{"Day 5 London Museum with lunch maybe at the Counting House Pub. We are heading for Spitafields Market in the afternoon and it looks as though there are lots of nice restaurants there for dinner. I was thinking maybe Ten Bells or Smiths? Recommendations?"


I would recommend St' John Bread and Wine or Hawksmoor.

Apr 22, 2015
Paprikaboy in U.K./Ireland

"Bang-Bang" - I knew I wasn't alone in this . . .

I've done it in the domestic setting having back to back roast dinners on a Sunday. My mother and sister used to live 10 doors down from each other. I visited my mother and had Sunday lunch. I then popped into see my sister who had cooked for me and not wanting to disappoint ate another Sunday lunch. This was in my much younger days, couldn’t eat all that meat and roast potatoes now.

The closest eating out (apart from visiting Malaysia which was constant eating) was the day of pork. Bacon sandwich for breakfast, Chinese pork bun for a mid morning snack, pork rib sandwich for lunch, mid afternoon sausage roll. Finished off with pork ramen for dinner.

Apr 21, 2015
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London with six year old

I've only been for breakfast but the service is quite sweet (if a little chaotic) , the menu is also not that scary. The space has been expensively re-done but is not stuffy.
It's in an old fire station and all the door staff wear bowler hats and long coats. For a six year old's first time in London I think it would be a great experience.

Apr 17, 2015
Paprikaboy in U.K./Ireland

Torturing myself over London eating plans

Thanks for reporting back. Sound like you had a good time.
Would have thought the service at Dinner would have been really good.
Glad you liked Petrus, Rules and The Wolseley, three of my favourite places in London.

Apr 17, 2015
Paprikaboy in U.K./Ireland

Do French people drink foreign wines?

My MIL is French and often drinks Australian wines. She also cooks great Yorkshire puddings and overcooks her vegetables. Either she's been in England too long or she's deliberately subverting the stereotype.

Apr 17, 2015
Paprikaboy in Wine

Why is no one buying Sauternes?

It would be interesting to see how Tokaji sales are doing. They've been appearing a lot more on menus in London over the last few years and maybe people have moved to this instead?

Apr 17, 2015
Paprikaboy in Wine

Stockholm - help me whittle it down please!

I stayed in Sodermalm a few years ago can def recommend Pelikan for meatballs.
Also had a great meal at a small place near Hotel Rival ( good bar BTW). Can't recall the name at The mo but will see if the missus remembers.

Apr 16, 2015
Paprikaboy in Europe

recipes for extra bacon

Yes. File alongside "I have too much cheese" and "What shall I do with all this beer cluttering up my Fridge?"

London with six year old

I've been to Kopapa 3 or 4 times and always liked it. Not been for around 18 months though but it's very handy if you're seeing a show at The Cambridge.

Apr 12, 2015
Paprikaboy in U.K./Ireland

London with six year old

I don't know of any Malaysian places near where you're staying. I normally go to places around Paddington. You'll need to jump on the tube but it's only about 15 mins on the Bakerloo line from Embankment or Charing Cross and no changes.
Would recommend Tukdin, Pak Awe, Satay House and Bonda.

Apr 12, 2015
Paprikaboy in U.K./Ireland

London with six year old

+1 on Dishoom, especially with a six year old. For Spanish not too far from your hotel maybe consider Opera Tavern?
If you're not up for changing on the tube too much and want close to the hotel and/or the major tourist spots I'd probably drop Sedap, much as I like it.

Apr 12, 2015
Paprikaboy in U.K./Ireland

Help with braised lamb ideas

I always use lamb shoulder for tagines and curries, I think leg would become tough.
If you don't want a hunk of meat how about rubbing with salt, oregano and lemon zest? You could still roast but carve slices and serve with flat bread, salad, yoghurt and fresh mint.

Apr 11, 2015
Paprikaboy in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #359 - the April Showers Edition [through April 15, 2015]

Absolutely chucked it down for about 10 minutes this morning but turned out to be a lovely day. Not sure what to call yesterdays dinner. Basically a meat and veg chilli with pork mince, corguette, green and yellow peppers, sweet potato and squash. Didn't have any beans so used chickpeas.
Picked up a couple of dressed crab a the local market today. Will freeze one and use the other to make crab and chilli linguine. A perennial fave I our house. Also got some apple and salted caramel cake for afters.

London Trip Recommendations For Mid to Late April

You're right that the Wolseley will be big enough to hold the luggage. Also every time I've been the service has been excellent and on past experience they'd be more than happy to assist.

Apr 09, 2015
Paprikaboy in U.K./Ireland

Update Needed for Hampstead Area Picks

For an izakaya I'd suggest Asakusa. Haven't been for a while but it's in Camden so not too far from Hampstead.
I really liked the broth at Bone Daddies but thought the pork and egg was better in the ramen at Tonkotsu. Also there wasn't enough broth to even cover the noodles. I know you can buy extra broth but having to do that at a ramen place is taking the piss if you ask me.

Apr 08, 2015
Paprikaboy in U.K./Ireland

Is there anyway to tell when an egg has 2 yolks?

Marks and Spencer in the UK are selling boxes of guaranteed double yolkers. Rather takes the fun out of it though.

Apr 06, 2015
Paprikaboy in General Topics

What's for Dinner #358 - The Easter/Passover Edition! [through April 7, 2015]

Went round the in laws for dinner last night. Roast leg of lamb with roast and mash potatoes, cabbage,peas, carrots, roast parsnips, Yorkshire pudding, gravy and mint sauce of course.
For afters was plum crumble and custard. The missus couldn't find a jug so the custard was served from a teapot. A bit odd maybe but as the missus pointed out you can't get much more English than using a teapot to serve some custard.
Chilli con carne tonight.

What's for Dinner #358 - The Easter/Passover Edition! [through April 7, 2015]

DIY all day yesterday and today but the end is in sight. Too tired to cook so going old school. A few beers followed by a curry.

Why Does This Taste So Good?! – Classic Eats Teardown | Modern Kitchen Craft

Two dishes spring immediately to mind.

Plum crumble and custard. Crunchy topping contrasting with soft fruit & tart fruit contrasting with sweet creamy custard.

Ham, egg & chips. Salty ham contrasting with the yolk. Hot yolk contrasting with cold ham. Crisp outer of chip contrasting with soft fluffy inside but also the egg yolk when dipped.

London recommendations for mid-April

For fish and chips I'd choose Masters, breakfast Hawksmoor. Not been to Anchor and Hope but would choose Harwood Arms over Great Queen St. However would pick Bull and Last if given a free choice.

I've been to the Covent Garden and Kings Cross branches of Dishoom, both good preferred Covent Garden.Assume you'll want the Shoreditch one?

Like Terrors, especially for it's wine list. A poster on another thread mentioned that Green Man and French Horn has closed but I'm not certain.

Had a disappointing meal at Little Social, patchy service, uninspiring menu and I think you can eat better for the money.

Absolutely yes for Salt Yard. I've been several times. Always great. Have taken several friends and they've all gone back. The pork belly, beans and rosemary is a must.

Rules is my go to cocktail place but I also like Lab on Old Compton St.

Apr 03, 2015
Paprikaboy in U.K./Ireland

What's your favorite vegetarian pasta recipe?

Meant to add saute the mushrooms in butter. Tried the edit function but it's so rubbish on a tablet I gave up.

What's your favorite vegetarian pasta recipe?

Fresh chestnut or Portobello mushrooms wit a few soaked dried porcini. Add fresh tarragon at the last minute and stir in full fat creme fraiche. The add pappadelle or tagliatelle.

Singapore and Malaysia – Part 4/5- Penang Report

I was staying on Love Lane and so was on Chulia St. often. I walked past the Hainanese chicken place quite often but wasn't in the mood when I went past. Same as going to Joo Hooi. Happened to be going past and fancied soup noodles and I'd never had it before which is how I picked at lot of the things I ate. I didn't go for ant specific dish. I'll be back and view my first trip as a very tasty fact finding mission.

Singapore and Malaysia – Part 4/5- Penang Report

I'll admit I did a lot of eating but I only scratched the surface really. Local knowledge is always good, especially for Penang. There is always the nagging worry that there might be something better close by. Few duff meals but you're always going to get that. If you become to obsessed with finding the best all the time it can spoil the trip. I had spots I wanted to try but it was nice to wander around and just trying something that looked good and that I fancied that point in time.
Anyway I will be back as the missus and I are planning a year in Asia quite soon.

Private dinner central London

My first choice would be to book a room at St. John in Smithfield. Not far from St. Paul's.
May also want to consider Butler's Wharf Chop house near Tower Bridge. I haven't been for quite some time but the steak and kidney pudding was excellent.

Apr 02, 2015
Paprikaboy in U.K./Ireland

Singapore and Malaysia – Part 4/5- Penang Report

Day 8

Jit Sheng Duck Rice, Jalan Cheong Fatt Tze, George Town

Duck rice.

Nice fatty juicy duck, disappointingly the skin wasn’t all that crisp. Came with a clear cabbage soup, wasn’t sure at first but it’s slightly bitter vegetal notes worked very well with the rich duck.

Fried Fish Meat Bee Hoon, Goh Chew Coffee Shop, New Lane , George Town

Fish Bee Hoon

The coating on the fried fish was perfectly crisp containing good chunks of moist fish. Fried bee Hoon, again not my favourite style of noodles , sauce coating the noodles was ok, nothing amazing though.

Day 9

Line Clear, Penang Road, George Town

Nasi Kandar

Ever since watching the Penang episode of Bourdain’s No Reservations I’d wanted to come here. Given that it’s a mix of curries and then they add other sauces it’s a little difficult to pick out the individual flavours. The spicing was good and robust and everything cooked really well .Especially liked the okra (apart from Sri Lanka I don’t think I’ve been anywhere as good as Malaysia at cooking okra.) and the salted egg. A great first breakfast in Penang

Yeap Noodles, 227, Lebuh Chulia, George Town.
Loh Bak

These were somewhat different to the Ngoh Hiang I had at Nancy’s in Melaka. I’m assuming they’re essentially the same thing but under different names. The skins weren’t quite as crisp apart from the ends and the spice was somewhat more prominent. The pork wasn’t as fine but was fattier and sweeter than at Nancy’s .

Sai Lam Coffee shop, 307 Lebuh Chulia (at Carnarvon St), George Town,

Char Kway Teow

This was recommended by the very nice guy (Jo)who ran the bar I was drinking in on Love Lane . Very good noodles with a quite fiery, smoky sauce. Nice amount of cockles but could have done with a bit more Chinese sausage.

Day 10

Sup Hameed 48 Jln Penang, Georgetown

Nasi Kandar

I’d spied on a wander earlier that that they did roti canai but that was over by the time I got there at 11 (note to self don’t drink with people half your age the night before. Nasi Kandar was the only option. Went for the mutton and fish and a vegetable that I didn’t recognise but was very bitter and didn’t really care for.. Added a salted egg of course. Not bad but Line Clear was definitely better.
Woodlands, 60, Lebuh Penang, Georgetown,
Needed something to tide me over before dinner so decided on a dosa forgetting how big they are. Went for a potato dosa. The dosa was nicely thin and crisp , the potato filling was quite mild and I detected a citrus hint, not sure what it was but it was very welcome. The gravy was so as was the plain coconut chutney but the green chilli coconut chutney was excellent

Asam Laska and Satay stalls, New Lane, Georgetown.

Asam Laska

The broth was not as spicy as I’d hoped. The first few sips were great when there was the hit of the shrimp paste. After that had dissipated there was some sourness but not much depth after that. Liked the thick noodles in there though.
Satay Stall

Decided on the lamb satay mainly because I’d only ever had it with pork or chicken before. The lamb skewers were nicely fatty and were cooked properly until the fat had rendered and they were crisp. Peanut sauce was fine.

Day 11

Roti Canai stall, Transfer road, George Town

Roti canai and nasi lemak
Jo from the bar very kindly took me for breakfast on the back of his tiny motorbike. My first nasi lemak of the trip (not counting the awful version at my hotel in Singapore). I’ve eaten this all over London and this wasn’t the version I was used to. Just rice, ikan bilis and sambal. The rice was a little hard but nice enough , good sambal and a scattering of the ikan bilis. This though was a mere sideshow to the main event. Two wonderfully crisp roti smothered in their sauce which had a lot of tomato in it, very different to sauces I’ve had in London. The chicken curry was pleasant enough.

(?) stall, National Park,Penang

Nasi Goreng

Can’t remember the name but it’s the first food place on leaving the national park. Being near a tourist site wasn’t holding out much hope. As they appeared to specialise in nasi goring and that’s what everyone was ordering I gave it a go. Not too oily and nice bit of heat. Not bad at all and a good choice if you happen to be visiting the park, loses points for no fried egg though.

Mama’s Lorong Abu Siti, Georgetown

Green beans with ikan bilis, choon piah & otak otak.

The welcome was slightly frosty which based on my experience so far was unusual. I was on my own and hadn’t booked so maybe that was something to do with it? The green beans were too al dente even for me and I think they’d been cooked in chicken stock. I thought the ikan bilis would provide the seasoning but they were pretty bland. The next two dishes more than made up for it. The shell on the choon piah was wonderfully crisp and I’m not sure of the filling but it had a deep savouriness. The accompanying sauce was tangy and I couldn’t stop eating it. The otak otak came wrapped in a banana leaf and was lovely and soft ,the flavour of the fish was very delicate and the coconut and lemongrass added a wonderful fragrance. If I had to pick a favourite dish of my time in Malaysia the otak otak would be it.

We got chatting and they asked if I’d had nyonya food elsewhere and I said I’d had it in Melaka. Which version did I like best? . Well on the dishes I’d picked it Nancy’s vs Mama’s it was Mama’s. Once I’d told them this they this were decidedly more friendly. I asked what was in the sauce for the choon piah but they wouldn’t give anything away, only that some places use Worcester sauce but they made their own. Once they told me this the penny dropped. It did indeed Tate similar to Worcester sauce only far ,far better.

Day 12

Restoran Sri Ananda Bahwan, 55, Penang Street, George Town

Poori Masala.

Disappointingly thick and quite greasy poori. Forgettable potato masala. Can get better in London TBH.

Joo Hoo Café , 475 Jalan Penang, George Town

Duck Meat Koay Teow T’ng

Nice clear broth with one of my favourite kind of noodles. Also good fish balls and a few pieces of tender shredded duck meat. Not amazing but a bowl of some of my favourite things so I was a happy boy.
For dinner I had char kway teow on Pennag Road. Bit too greasy and largely forgettable like the name of the establishment

Day 13

Ali Nasi Lemak, Sri Weld Food Courts, Beach street, George Town.

Shrimp Nasi Lemak

I had to catch an early ferry to Langkawi. This place is very conveniently located for a quick breakfast beforehand. Very small shrimp still with the shell on, slightly crunchy but still good. The sambal that they’d been cooked in had good levels of heat and suitably fruity and well rounded. The rice had a good coconut fragrance but it was not overwhelming. Definitely a step up from the version on Transfer Road,

{Photos Left to Right, Nasik Kandar- Line Clear, Dosa- Woodlands, Asam Laska-New Lane, Char Kway Teow-Sai Lam, Nasi Kandar-Sup Hameed, Nasi Lemak - Transfer Road, Lamb Satay- New Lane, Roti Canai- Transfer Road, Poori Masala- Restoran Sri Ananda Bahwan, Duck Meat Koay Teow T’ng- Joo Hoo Café }

What do you enjoy most about tasting menus?

I've only had tasting menus. handful of times and mainly due to a desire to go to a particular restaurant rather than specifically to have a tasting menu.
Having said that not having to choose and so worry about maybe picking the wrong dish is nice as is trying lots of dishes, all valid reasons as others have said. It's also interesting to see how different chefs structure tasting menus. Also leads to much more discussion about the food. Especially regarding if certain dishes should be moved in the order to create a better flow. Don't get that with 3 course ALC.

Apr 01, 2015
Paprikaboy in General Topics

Canned Salmon Ideas Please

Combine it with creme Frisch, salt, pepper a little lemon juice and fresh herbs of your choice. Then use as a quick sauce for tagliatelle or paperdelle.

Apr 01, 2015
Paprikaboy in Home Cooking

What's For Dinner #357 - the Out Like A Lamb Edition [Through April 2, 2015]

Last night was a freezer clear out special. Breaded chilli prawns, char sui buns and edamaze beans. Tonight it's more of the same, sweetcorn fritters but we have bought avocadoes to make guacamole.

[Manchester, city centre] Hawksmoor

I had the D rump when I went to the Spitalfields branch. Normally a rib-eye man but was swayed by the 55 day aged thing. I think it was too lean for me. My chips were also great as was my crab on toast. Unusually given I haven't got a sweet tooth and the steak should be the star my favourite thing was the trifle which was sensibly small in size.

Apr 01, 2015
Paprikaboy in U.K./Ireland