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Alternate for Pie N' Burger breakfast in Pasadena?

Hands down, no question, it's The Little Red Hen on North Fair Oaks in Altadena (cross street Mariposa). Cornbread, chicken and waffles, donut-like french toast and very overbuttered bread toasted on the grill. Don't know about the corned beef hash, but it's worth a go anyway!

Jun 09, 2009
altjane in Los Angeles Area

LA's BEST desserts????

And the chocolate croissant bread pudding at Chaya

May 07, 2009
altjane in Los Angeles Area

Best French Toast in LA

The french toast at the Little Red Hen on Fair Oaks in Altadena is perhaps more like triangular glazed donuts than french toast. It will win over even breakfast-apathetic chowhounders like myself. If you live in Altadena, you know that there is little to rave about other than Bulgarini Gelato, but the Little Red Hen is the area's little breakfast secret.

Apr 27, 2009
altjane in Los Angeles Area