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What Is Wet Hop Beer?

Time to buy a bottle of the mirror pond if you find one. Tried it this past weekend, delicious!

Oct 19, 2011
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Top 10 Must-visit SF Eateries - The Budget Version

All-you-can-eat Monday nights at Goat Hill Pizza

Fried Chicken in San Francisco

Frisco Fried on 3rd St near Thomas Ave in Bayview SF. A newer restaurant that has excellent fried chicken and soul food sides. Much better than Powell's which had moved nearby but is now gone. Very affordable too, hard to beat the prices (unless you go to Popeye's or KFC).

Frisco Fried
5176 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94124

Problem night in SF

Not sure if each can accommodate 12 people but most are fairly big, close to the hotel, and serve American cuisine:
Tadich Grill
Epic Roasthouse
One Market
Wayfare Tavern

LA, We Love You, But We Have Some Questions

L.A.'s just not a beard city, except maybe within comic book stores and a small part of the Silver Lake-ish gay scene. That's why I usually shave mine off before heading from SF to LA.

Jul 13, 2010
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Deep-fried Bacon-wrapped “BLT” Dog & 40+ Draft Beers @ TAPS (Petaluma)

I went to Taps this past Saturday and spent a very nice afternoon. If you have the time to get tipsy, watch sports, then bum around downtown Petaluma while you sober up to head back to SF this is a terrific place. Impeccable selection of draft beers from the likes of Dogfish Head, Laguinitas, Firestone, Stone, etc. My friend and I went through a lot of them - all crisp, fresh, and perfectly cold, served in appropriate glassware. And you can't beat the prices - like my Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA and Alaskan Smoked Porter were both $5. The crowd is totally unpretentious - no hipster attitude whatsoever. The food is pretty good too - my pulled pork sandwich was the perfect accompaniment. I'd be happy to visit again.

Surprise! I'm at Your Door

What's wrong with the world these days that you can't just show up at a friend's house without making a reservation? I wish people did it more often. Certainly if someone does it repeatedly and is not welcome that's one thing and you can feel free to tell that person to stop; but to do it occasionally should be no big deal. And by occasionally I mean once every year or two because, really, how often does any normal person drop in unexpectedly on someone? I like to be surprised once in a while.

Jan 14, 2009
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Palin in Touch with Turkey Slaughter, Out of Touch with PR Tactics

I totally agree with SmrtBloned.. and if she's so out of touch with PR tactics why has everyone in the world been passing around this clip and discussing it? I love that Gov. Palin doesn't bat an eye while that guy's slaughtering turkeys. We may be politcal opposites but I dig her even more now.

Nov 25, 2008
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