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Cheap & Casual (very casual) Italian in the City

Sorabol seems ok, but I'd prefer somewhere less food court-y, and somewhere that serves Korean beer.

Cheap & Casual (very casual) Italian in the City

Hi guys-

Thanks for the replies. Yes, I am from that bastion of culture and cuisine known as Sacramento.

We'll be in the city on Saturday, May 2nd. Game starts at 1ish. Ideally we'd eat before AND after the game. I'm thinking, stop somewhere off 80, maybe Korean BBQ in Berkeley before the game, and then somewhere in walking distance from the park afterward.

It doesn't have to be italian, but it should be good. I'm the go-to guy for food, music, movies, etc. so I've got a reputation to maintain. I would be up for whatever's good in the area. And it should definitely have beer. And cute waitresses wouldn't hurt either.

Thanks for the advice on the jeans. But my brother wears shorts EVERYWHERE, though he may be convinced to put on some pants for the sake of tasty food.

Primo Patio is looking pretty appealing. Any place that has Red Stripe can't be that bad. Would you recommend reservations? (though that seems silly without knowing how long the game will take)

So, I guess my question has changed to "where can I find good Korean BBQ in Berkeley or nearby, relatively close to 80?"

Thanks again!

Cheap & Casual (very casual) Italian in the City


My brother and I will be coming to SF to watch a Giants game and he's asked me to recommend a restaurant. He's too squeamish for Chinatown, and not as big a seafood fan as I am, so I thought we'd go Italian. My only experience in SF with Italian is North Beach Cafe, which I loved. We're going to be in shorts and ballcaps, so anything too fancy is out of the question. I'm a prosciutto and veal saltimbocca type of guy, where he's more spaghetti and meatballs.

Ideally, it would be close to the ballpark, but I'm open to other suggestions.