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Can't-miss Monday night deals in Omaha?

Hey all!

Stopping over for a Monday night in Omaha, and looking for some recommendations on any great deals that folks may know about. Any tips are much appreciated!

NoMi - is it all that?

Looking at going to NoMi next Wednesday for the $48 3-course tasting menu deal. Any recommendations? For that money, is there another place I should try?

Monday through Wednesday deals

Thanks, everyone. I think we have a plan! By the way, what about the deal at Nomi ($48 3 course tasting menu). Is that a good option?

Monday through Wednesday deals

Hi everyone, I'm staying in Streeterville for three days, and am trying to show my friend some of the best places to eat, but also some of the best deals.

For Monday, I'm planning dinner at Cafe Des Architectes (Neighborhood deal), Tuesday lunch at Frontera grill, dinner at Les Sardine (Tuesday night 3-course special), lunch Wed. at Blackbird, and dinner Wed. night at Gibson's.

Am I missing anything else? Opinions on my choices?

One more thing - Marche has a Tues. deal going. Is it worth a visit?