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Food by mail for Xmas

Harry and David royal pears. Never disappoint.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Having just read the Mueller book, I realize there is so much fraud in EV olive oil. The California Olive Ranch and McEvoy also California tested as the real thing. I spoke to Amy at California Olive Ranch last week. She told me that the special reserve only available online is their finest and freshest and available right now from the Oct-Nov harvest. The rest of the harvest will be bottled in the next few months in early 2015. If you call them they will give you a discount code for net order. Stop and Shop carries this oil as well as Fairway and Whole Foods.

Dec 13, 2014
phantomdoc in General Topics

Where can I still find great "dairy" babka, rugelach, and cheese danish?

I believe there is now a Bagel Boss in Manhattan. Their ruggalach is the GOODS. I would guess their danish and babka also rock. Real butter and cream cheese in the rugg. It stains the box on the way home. Melt in your mouth moist.

Bagel Boss NYC
63 on Yelp
263 1st Ave
New York, NY
(212) 388-9292
Open now
Bagel Boss NYC
33 on Yelp
544 3rd Ave
New York, NY
(646) 368-1880
Open now

Nov 21, 2014
phantomdoc in Manhattan

Why drink chicken soup when you are sick? What so special?

Why Chicken soup? Because it couldn't hurt.

cream soup question - using flour, right?

In my vegan days I would add potatoes to any soup and make it cream like in a blender. You will never miss the flour or dairy.

Nov 01, 2014
phantomdoc in General Topics

Looking for a good, inexpensive balsamic vinegar

I reduce the Trader Joes $4/liter to 1/4 volume. Not the $200 kind but quite nice dressing.

Nov 01, 2014
phantomdoc in General Topics

What frying oil to use

Thanks for the info. Just ordered it from the library.

Oct 29, 2014
phantomdoc in Home Cooking

Fish Markets Nassau County

Johns has good prices and tremendous turnover. They steam lobsters for free and will give you a bag of ice or pack your cooler with ice free also. Had a 6 lb. lobster for $36 in May.

Extra virgin olive oil

At Whole Foods in Jericho, Long Island they have oil from CALIFORNIA OLIVE RANCH, a great oil that was proven to be all evoo in a university analysis. About $20/liter. I have also seen it in some Shoprite markets.

If you want to go to Astoria, the store Titan has a really super oil called Optima Gold. Greek oil about $20 for 3 liter can.

I have not read from anyone about keeping your oil in the fridge. Take it out 15 min or so before using and then put it back. If you need it in a hurry put in a container of hot water for a few minutes. It will keep fresh for a very long time like this. I have also read that if your whole bottle does not solidify in the fridge, it might have been blended with other non evoo's.

Sep 01, 2014
phantomdoc in Manhattan

Is It Finally Cool to Like the Frugal Gourmet?

He lost me when he made hummus with canned chickpeas.

Sep 01, 2014
phantomdoc in Features

Food that can be packed & eaten 10 hours later?

You can make tuna and or egg salad sandwiches and freeze them overnight. Pack in an insulated bag with frozen juice boxes. By the time to eat comes along the contents will thaw but still be cold and refreshing.

Aug 31, 2014
phantomdoc in General Topics

My love affair with Watermelon.

I freeze chunks of watermelon and blend with fresh. Amazing!

Return "sweet" fruit that isn't sweet?

I open an ear of corn and take a bite to see if it is sweet before I buy a dozen.

Aug 20, 2014
phantomdoc in General Topics

Return "sweet" fruit that isn't sweet?

Fresh fruit is supposed to be a delight, not a disappointment. It IS the stores fault for selling lousy fruit. Do you think they do not know good from bad? Return it. How about avocado that is black on the inside? Cantaloupe that does not ripen? Dry mealy peaches or nectarines? Give 'em back.

Which is the best vanilla ice cream?

Thinking about alcoholic drinks you might want to try the Turkey Hill All Nat Cherry Vanilla with Amaretto DiSarono.

Jul 23, 2014
phantomdoc in General Topics

Traditional Boston eatery? Need multiple recs

Thumbs up for Belle Isle. No frills seafood joint in the best sense of the word. Killer as in 1lb. lobster roll. Baked seafood platter has about 1/2 lb of scallops 1/2 lb. of shrimp and a piece of hake in a cracker & butter coating.
You place your order and they give you a funny lobster shaped beeper to tell you when your food is ready.

They have some outside tables on the water that is good if it is not too windy.

Bring cash and plenty of it. They have an ATM.
The lobster roll is about $25. Compared to trendy Boston elegant place where $25 gets you 5 scallops it is still a bargain. For me it is a must go for lunch, not cheap but definitely a bucket list destination.

HELP!!!! Does anyone know where I can get great TEX-MEX? [Long Island]

They have a better sister, Mangoes on Central Park ave in Bethpage.

Just better.


Which is the best vanilla ice cream?

I put in my two cents for the TURKEY HILL ALL NATURAL. No gums or fillers. No corn syrup. Only neg is it has a lot of air, which doesn't matter if making a milkshake.


Jul 15, 2014
phantomdoc in General Topics


Having good luck at BJ's club

I make (blank) at home so I can eat my fill...

When my local grocery, John's Farms in Plainview, NY has giant lobsters (6-9 lbs) at $5-$6/lb. i sometimes indulge in one of these sea monsters. They steam them for free. Recently a friend of mine had a birthday and I surprised him with a lobster lunch at his office.

Hot with butter or cold with mayo. Yum!

Jun 09, 2014
phantomdoc in Home Cooking

Restaurant for a birthday near Asbury Park

Jimmy’s Italian Restaurant
1405 Asbury Ave
Asbury Park, NJ 07712


Our go to lunch on the way from Long Island to Atlantic City.
Old Style Italian. Well made and tasty. How many people?
They have a couple of rooms in the back.

Jun 09, 2014
phantomdoc in New Jersey

Jewish Cuisine

I have been told that the kosher Dunkin Donuts just do not have the meat sandwiches

May 29, 2014
phantomdoc in Kosher

Delhi 6 in Hicksville, a real treat

Went at 5 PM on Wednesday and place was empty.

Had a living social coupon, $40 off 4 people. 3 of us went and had to order 4 dishes, no problem.

They gave us comp papadom salty spiced flat. 3 condiments Pineapple, Cilantro and Tamarind. all really nice.

We like noodles and they are well represented on this mixed Chinese, Thai, Indian menu. We ordered chicken Haka and chicken Pad Thai noodles. We asked for the Pad Thai mild and the Haka kind of spicy. Both very good. Pad Thai a little too sweet for me.

Thai mixed veg in green curry. Now we are talking my idea of exotic spice on a coconut milk base. Basil corriander nice nice.

Chicken in butter sauce. More of a creamy tomatoey rich flavor and texture.

2 bowls of rice, one indian, one chinese.

Really satisfying meal, leftovers of everything for the 4th diner who wasn't there.

They have a lunch buffet every day for $10 , with a discount coupon on their website.

Living social and groupon available.

Keens Steak House, NYC

Great place. And when we went a couple of years ago they had a deal for parking across the street for $10. Call for details.

Apr 20, 2014
phantomdoc in Manhattan

First Time Roasting Pork Shoulder Picnic

If you went slower you would get more tender meat.

Apr 19, 2014
phantomdoc in Home Cooking

Best Fries On LI?

Old Joke:
Why do the English drink warm beer?
The refrigerators are made by Jaguar.-

A surprisingly disappointing Haagen Dazs Product!!

Last time I looked a teaspoon was 5 grams. I did like the flavor of the cherry and almond together. Maybe if they came out with a cherry almond 5 ingredient line.

Apr 06, 2014
phantomdoc in General Topics

Migraines: Coffee vs. Coke?

There are multiple compounds created in the caramel color alone in Coca Cola. Caffeine is but one compound that it shares with coffee. Coke also has lots of phosphoric acid. You may have sensitivities to any or all things in these drinks that may provoke headaches.

Not to give medical advice but when I was in full time practice as a Chiropractor, I found that adjusting the occiput (bone at the base of the skull that meets the first vertabra),would relieve 4 out of 5 headaches before the patient got up off the table.

Apr 06, 2014
phantomdoc in General Topics

Would you eat lime mayonnaise?

Feb 26, 2014
phantomdoc in General Topics

Looking for Indian lunch buffet (Hicksville area, more or less)

I give Kiran my rec. Good, flavorful and if they have the carrot dessert (Halwa) you are in for a real treat.