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Does anyone remember "The Queens Dumpling House"?

as I recall they contained minced bok choy and napa cabbage, chopped bean thread/cellophane noodles, finely chopped carrot, that very firm braised wu xiang bean curd (the kind that looks like laundry soap?), and chopped black mushroom, plus the usual minced ginger, garlic, etc.

I was a sucker for their Three Flavor Dumplings, and I probably owe my marriage to having discovered that place.

May 08, 2014
adamantius in Outer Boroughs

Seeking any info on old Chinese restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn

The gentleman my uncle knew was always referred to as Tom Canton, but it's quite possible that was a nickname, pseudonym, or just someone's error (my late father-in-law was from Toisan in Guangdong Province and the written variations on his name were amazing). Anyway, the gent in the attached photo was a friend of my uncle, too. Does that look familiar?

Apr 11, 2014
adamantius in Outer Boroughs

What is the oldest restaurant in NYC?

FWIW, the Delmonico's located on Beaver/South William Street is unrelated to the original 19th century Delmonico's, although it is pretty old, dating, I believe, from 1899, closing in 1917, then reopening with new ownership in 1929, since resold several times.

Sep 25, 2010
adamantius in Manhattan

Spicy Mina's

I live about four or five blocks away from Spicy Mina's, and it seems to me the place has been locked up every time I've passed it, day or night, since about July 1st. I actually signed onto Chowhound this morning with the intention of asking if anyone had any news or info.

Spicy Mina
64-23 Broadway, Queens, NY 11377

Aug 13, 2010
adamantius in Outer Boroughs

Seeking any info on old Chinese restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn

Hello, all! I'm wondering if anyone out there is old enough to remember a large Chinese restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn, probably from the 1930's to the 50's (and possibly earning a respectable portion of their income as a nightclub which may or may not have unofficially sponsored some gaming activity of marginal legality). The owner's name was commonly known as Tom Canton (possibly changed at Ellis Island?); I suppose his southern Chinese ancestry is a given. He figures in some family anecdotes an a photo or two, but I haven't got the name or the exact location of his restaurant, other than that it was in the area of the Fulton Mall in downtown Brooklyn, not far from places like Junior's and Gage and Tollner's...

Is this ringing a bell with any older readers?

Feb 06, 2010
adamantius in Outer Boroughs

Samosa dough: what went wrong?

I'm not sure about another recipe, but it appears pretty clear that simply eliminating the fat, as this recipe seems to do (both by eliminating any shortening and by baking instead of frying), isn't the most practical solution. If you want to bake them I'd use pastry flour and less shortening than a standard shortcrust recipe, which is pretty typical of samosa recipes, but still some shortening in there. Maybe even a very small amount of some sort of leavening, like yeast or baking powder to lighten it just a touch without making it poufy.

Nov 10, 2009
adamantius in Home Cooking

Guide to Woodside

I haven't tried the Chinese stuff or the buffet; I have on a few occasions gone in and ordered steamed momo, which were quite good. On one occasion they may have used some decent-quality frozen beef dumplings from the various Chinese purveyors, say in Elmhurst, but the rest of the time they were hand-made and excellent, and served with a basic but aggressive chili paste. The dropa khasa (chilled, shredded tripe "salad" with chili oil and scallion shreds) has been good, if a bit different (veal book tripe once, beef honeycomb the next) between two instances. Beef thukpa was basically Chinese-type yat gaw mein, made with the usual 1/8 inch thick American-style lo mein egg noodle. Not bad, but nothing special. I'd go back for the momo, though, they're right in the neighborhood for me.

Aug 05, 2009
adamantius in Outer Boroughs

Lard Bread/ Prosciutto Bread in Queens

Paneorama, 95-20 Jamaica Avenue, Woodhaven (718) 805-2525.

I just had some of their prosciutto bread for breakfast...

Apr 26, 2009
adamantius in Outer Boroughs