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Hatch Chile time at Wegman's

I freeze mine whole now - I used to spend hours cleaning and packing 2 cases every year, then I read how easy it is to clean frozen chiles - I just pack them, freeze them, and clean as needed - Try some that way this year and see what you think!

Where to buy Irish boiling bacon in Washington, D.C.?

Society Fair in Alexandria - They make their own...

Korean tacos....!?!?

They are at Union market, Navy Yard, and have a food truck as well...


They are worms, not sure the variety - Happens to Fresh Porcinis as well. I found one is a pint of Morels last week - I slice in half lengthwise, inspect, rinse, then dry.


They were at Courthouse this past Saturday - Dupont won't have them due to their sourcing restrictions....

Early Spring Produce in DC?

Ramps will start to show up in Dupont first - But I think we are at least 2 weeks away, if not more. Same with Morels, which you can find at Courthouse on Saturdays along with Ramps from the same tent. Not sure about Fiddleheads...

Red, Red Wine in Annapolis?

I had the flatbread once at RRW and it was only OK...I second the recommendation for Vin 909 but it is a little outside of downtown. If you go get the Mozarella made in-house and the pizzas and pastas are generally delicious.

Some help for an Alexandria, VA trip in February, please

Just for fun - You can take the water taxi across the river from Old Town to National harbor:

ISO - NoVA area suckling pig to roast - Please help

try, or Harvey's in Union market in DC...

DCist list of Korean restaurants

The list hits all of my favorites: Yechon, Kogiya, Lighthouse, To Sok Jip - But I have to disagree with the review of Heebeen.....I am not a fan....

Dupont/Farragut lunch options continue apace

Yes, that block is getting busy - A new farm-to-table restaurant is slated for what used to be the Mighty Pint/Old Mad Hatter and a Ramen joint is opening up in the Thai place next to Bub and Pop's...

First date in Arlington area...

Ha, that has yet to be seen! :)

First date in Arlington area...

The Dates were over-fried and gummy, the salmon crudo was completely covered in the sauce and accompaniments that you couldn't taste it (and the sauce was horrid,) the gazpacho was just ok - Not up to his usual standards - And I forget what else. The mushrooms were delicious - But shrooms, garlic, thyme, and butter is hard to screw up.

The service was excellent though, I will not be going back to that location.

First date in Arlington area...

I saw the other thread that mentioned Jaleo but I was there recently and it wasn't very good at all.

Does anyone have any good recommendations for a good place for a first date in the Arlington area? Not sure what I am looking for, other than nice ambiance, not too loud, and solid but not terribly expensive food.


Where can you purchase good ground beef made with quality meat that tastes like steak?

I get grass-fed ground-to-order from Society Fair in Alexandria...

Where to buy dried corn husks in DC area?

Eden market, bestway - Any latin market will have them

Crabs at Kent Narrows

I haven't had the Crabs there, but i love the setting at The Jetty - And I do see a lot of people order the crabs!

Dim Sum

Not only that, but it's easier to get seated during busy times I've found!

It's Saturday. It's summer. I want shrimp. And NO I DON'T want to clean/make/prep/grill/ it myself at home.

The ceviche at Costalilla is all shrimp - At least whenever I order it, that's how it comes, never seen it any other way. If you order it to-go they will pack it separately from the shell so it doesn't get soggy...

Food Truck Catering is the closest thing to a database that I know of.

Pabu Closing

Major Bummer...

Recs for fall trip to Alexandria

You may want to do Vermillion and/or Majestic for Lunch - Those are solid. I would suggest the Lickety-Split lunch at Eve but you are set there for dinner.One of my favorite breakfasts is the Ham and Cheese biscuit at Society Fair, very simple and delicious.

Where to buy Thai shrimp paste with no MSG? And bird's eye chilis?

You can try the regular H-Marts closer in, or the market in Eden center...

Watermelon radishes

All the farmers markets should have them, I have seem them at both DuPont and Courthouse...

La Saltena Empanada Dough

Have you checked Bestway or Grand Mart markets? Also El Eden may have it....

Fresh Chickpeas in DC area

Yes, Fresh World as tcamp said and also H-Mart - But they aren't always around, I find them hit-and-miss - I have also seen them just one at Balduccis....

Old Town Alexandria Happy Hour

Brabo has half-priced wines and snacks including mussels...

Restaurants serving Fiddle Head Ferns this Spring

Restaurant Recipe?

Some restaurants reply positively to recipe requests (others not so much) - You can start there...Don't know if any local papers that do this but maybe someone else can help..

Union Market

That looks really nice - Did they extract the lobes, clean the shell and put them back in? The last time I had Uni from the shell it was messy....