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Club Cayo Coco - Richmond St

Any reports?


The Senator - Bob Berman from Boba has taken it over... dad mentioned to me last week that the last two times he went in the past month the food had become too greasy and overwhelmingly buttery. He thought they had given up on quality controls.

New it now makes sense. Too bad.

Loblaws is acquiring T&T

Cool! I think this could be a sign of great things to come...from Loblaws [and T&T].

T&T has been selling Bagel World product for quite a few months now so they have already begun venturing into new ethnicities. I thought I would point that out before people start accusing Loblaws of taking the stores in a non-asian direction.

Jul 24, 2009
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BBQ Korean on Bloor

Looking for a recommendation for this evening please.

Which spot on Bloor West is considered best for BBQ Korean.


WOW Rotisserie Chicken

WOW that's bad chicken! We bought a whole chicken which was on special for $13.59 from the listed 18.95. I don't know who would buy a whole chicken for 18.95 at the best of times, but this chicken isn't good enough at any price. It was baked like the other poster pointed out, and soggy skinned. The white meat was dried out completely. I have no idea what kind of rotisserie they could be using. They put some kind of asian inspired bbq sauce on it which could have brought something unique to the chicken but the total combined flavours just didn't work at all. We threw the skin away to avoid the sauce.

I wish I knew what they were thinking when they decided to get into the chicken business! It had nothing to do with having a great product. I assume they just thought the neighbourhood needed a chicken place. Bad reason!

Ruths Chris - half price gift card

I will check it out by calling them later, but if they are charging US$88 for CA$44, they better change their advertising quickly because that is not the half price they are clearly promising in the ad!!

Best Burgers in Toronto?

Actually it was followed by all of the things that I like about it. It was after that I went on to describe the shortcomings.

The reality is that I eat there at least once a week and have since they opened. It has improved over time to be very good most of the time. But today's burger pissed me off because it went beyond the gobs of ketchup problem.

The training and consistency control is poor so you are left to the devices of the person/people working the time you go.

So my complaint is that no matter how much it has improved, it is still inconsistent.

Best Burgers in Toronto?

Craft Burger on King at Portland IMO just keeps getting better. Great toasted bun that isnt gummy. The burgers are charbroiled with lots of flavour from the grill. They cook the meat medium and the quality is above average. My only beef with the place is that it is inconsistent because of the person you happen to get on the grill. 1) Today for lunch my burger was cooked to death even though it was delivered medium as requested. The guy kept breaking open the burger (10 times if once) to check its doneness and as if that didnt drain enough juice, he kept squeezing the burger with the spatula. I think he was amazed by the flare ups and couldn't stop himself - there went all my juice! I watched him cook a chicken breast TO DEATH doing exactly the same thing. Just squeezing out every drop! 2) Every once in a while I get ketchup applied like it is the main ingredient and not just a topping. I have had gobs and gobs of ketchup - I am able to scrape it off but it makes such a mess and the bun gets soaked! Whats with all the ketchup?!?!

So if the guy on the grill has CZs in his ears and a skunk stripe hairstyle, ask him to take his smoke break so someone else can cook your burger! You'll thank me!

Highway 61: I feel so ripped and dissed

This guy will not survive. I have seen it so many times before. He will go down knowing he did it right as he alienates people in droves. It's his lousy attitude that allows him to serve lousy food.

I ate there when it first opened and although it was just passable, my friends have since reported nothing but disappointment. I met the bald guy who the OP mentioned and his smug attitude right from the start indicated his poor attitude toward feedback from paying clients.

It seems that EYE nailed the sentiments of many others.

Copacabana Opened; and its Great!

Tried it tonight and agree fully with Teffub. That being said I would have liked some excellent mashed potatoes or baby potatoes to go with all the juicy meats. Their style of pineapple is better when more grilled so I hope they pay more attention to serving a more carmelized slice in the future. I highly recommend this restaurant to all serious carnivores! It is great value. Grab the sun dried olives to compliment your meats!