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Lively restaurant for 10 person birthday dinner--- full bar, ~$20pp w/o drinks, in West Hollywood

Im celebrating my 23rd birthday with 9 other people this Friday and needed some help picking a restaurant.

I was thinking Cobras and Matadors, but had trouble making reservations as there are two other large parties booked already.....and apparently theres a 30$ min per person...? (sorry, were still students/recent grads! )

Are there any places you guys can suggest to me? I was hoping for something like a YardHouse where they offer a wide range of stuff, its casual but still nice....but something thats more unique to LA

- full bar (or byob)
-lively atmosphere
-not to casual, not too fancy (as we are heading to the abbey afterwards)
-has decent vegetarian options (as there are a few vegetarians)
-a place where quality of food and ambiance actually match the price

i was thinking about these restaurants but havent been to any of them,
-Pink Pepper Thai
-Bossa Nova
-Garden of Taxco
would you guys suggest any of these for a party?


Jan 20, 2010
wunderlust in Los Angeles Area

Any British(or European) Markets in Los Angeles?

I only lived in England for a short time (a year), but developed an obession for Salt n Vinegar Snack a Jacks and Müller Yogurt.

Does anyone know of any British market (or European Market) where I may be able to find these??

Ive tried finding alternatives, searching places likes Fresh and Easy, local super markets, world market, health food stores, upscale supermarkets. The closest ive found to snack a jacks are those Popped Chips. In the yogurt department, i havent found anything close to Müller or real European yogurt.

Jul 08, 2009
wunderlust in Los Angeles Area