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What's New in Chapel Hill?

don't go to sugarlands - definitely not worth the time
don't go to Cypress - even more depressing than sugarlands

if you want a nice bar & good hang out - go to crunkleton, west end, maybe even Lantern.

for the nice dinner, definitely recommend Bon Soiree or Lantern - everyone else is pretty much lame on franklin street.

new in chapel hill

please don't go to CYPRESS - it was absolutely pathetic - if you want good food, go to bon soiree; it's behind Penang's (also not worth it).

don't waste your money on cypress, please i beg of you!

Cypress, Chapel Hill

NOT WORTH IT; TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE WITH A RUDE WAITER AND LESS THAN MEDIOCRE FOOD. WASTE OF MONEY, WASTE OF TIME - if you want a good night with absolutely lovely food, don't go for any less that BON SOIREE.