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Mediterranean Braised Chard

This was delicious, quick, easy and healthy! I didn't use pine nuts or raisins but it came out wonderful.

Apr 13, 2010
elizsafox in Recipes

Gumbo Z'herbes

While this was pretty tasty, I thought it was more trouble than it was worth.

Apr 06, 2010
elizsafox in Recipes

Little Worms in Cod?

I just ate at least a half lb. of tilapia after frying it up for some fish sticks the other day - now I'm regretting that! Come to think of it, I did think it tasted like dirt. Mine said "Farm Raised, product of Honduras" - I couldn't find any wild. Yuck! I'm off it now.

Mar 19, 2010
elizsafox in General Topics

Desserts in Austin

I AGREE! you HAVE to try this

Feb 11, 2010
elizsafox in Austin

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Okay, Bouldin Creek Coffee House on 1st and Elizabeth has these ginormous chocolate chip cookies that are to die for - they are vegan and GF though! You would never guess! They are so wonderful (and cheap too for the size)

Feb 11, 2010
elizsafox in Austin


I agree - miles of chocolate!! sold at Whole Foods too I believe

Feb 11, 2010
elizsafox in Austin

Braised Chicken and Chayote

Does anyone know, can you substitute nopalitos for the chayote?

Feb 10, 2010
elizsafox in Recipes

decent espresso bar? - San Antonio

We don't really have anything much like that here. Best shot for baked goods is Mi Tierra (Mexican baked goods) but it's not good coffee (great food though) and it's far from the med center.

Wildfire coffee is a local coffee shop but it is way up huebner a bit far as well. I think they have baked goods but their espresso is a little weak in my opinion.

Everything else you'll find in that area is pretty much chain coffee shops - well, that's how it goes here in SA I believe.

Jan 23, 2010
elizsafox in Texas