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Best food truck in Austin?

Hey all,

I'm an east-coaster that's on his way with some friends to Austin for ACL in a couple of weeks. We've got most of our food plans mapped out, but I was hoping to try one or two of the best that Austin has to offer with it's many food trucks!

I did a few searches on the Austin boards on this subject, but since the food truck industry seems to always be in flux, I was hoping to get some responses with trucks that are currently in business and serving great food! Thanks in advance for your advice!


Sep 28, 2010
gtbaum in Austin

Montreal restaurant recommendations (vegan-friendly)


A few of my friends are heading up to Montreal for a long weekend in July to visit a former co-worker...and they're looking for some restaurant recommendations!

One of them is a vegan, so preferably there are some vegan-friendly options. Nothing extravagant price wise (let's say $40-50 a person or so with a drink or two), but we're native to the mid-Atlantic and know very little about the Montreal food scene. All diners are adventurous and flexible as to the type of cuisine.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


May 15, 2010
gtbaum in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Cinghiale question...

Hey all!

Just hoping I could get a quick question answered. A couple of my friends and I are going out to Cinghiale tonight (I went once before about a year ago, enjoyed it quite a bit).

Just trying to get a feel for whether shirt/nice jeans would be acceptable in the Osteria section of the restaurant (I know I saw jeans in the Enoteca part last time). Last time I went my party was dressed nicer (shirts and slacks/cocktail dresses), but tonight a couple of people will be coming straight from work to dinner (casual Fridays=jeans) so I just want to know if that's going to be an isssue.

Thanks for your quick response(s)! I need to give some people a heads-up this afternoon if they need to grab a change of clothes :)


Palena menu suggestions

Thanks so much for the rec's everyone.

We had a great time. One of the best dining experiences I've had in D.C. Highlights were spring consomme (w/ morels, ravoilini, ramps, etc), gnocchi (lived up to the hype) in a bolognese, and guinea hen with an unbelievable pan sauce with morels. Staff was great.

Overall, excellent meal!

Palena menu suggestions

A bunch of friends from college and I have reservations at Palena this weekend (quite excited, based on overwhelmingly good reviews). Just curious if anyone has specific recommendations from the menu (I assume it changes seasonally/regularly, so if anyone has been recently that's probably most relevant. Their website appears to still have a fall menu posted).

Also, what's standard dress for the non-cafe part of the restaurant (men and women)?