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Canard a la presse in Toronto?

Unfortunately this will prove to be impossible in Toronto. In fact, I only know of 1 place in Paris serves it.... La Tour d’Argent. I have to agree with bytepusher on this one...Your mom wants a ticket to France....

Sukho Thai closed?

The renovations of the Parliament location are almost done (according to the server I had) and will re-open in the next few weeks....the Wellington location is a great space.

Toucan Taco Bar

Trust me, I was shocked! It was not mind blowing, as I said, I am not a fan of hard shells...reminds me of grocery store crap. I am with you on Kensington....

If it works, I may buy a 9 bucks a taco, I would be rich in no time..hehe

Oyster knife?

Yes, they are BeauSoleil from NB. They are small, plump, and sweet. A crowed pleaser. I noticed they come with a knife, must be a marketing thing! Anyways, always check the dates on the box, I have personally not had a problem. Enjoy.

Toucan Taco Bar

Unfortunately, it did not. Just a single if the street vendors in mexico knew they could get 9 bucks for a single taco, the borders would be flooded..hehe

Toucan Taco Bar

I went last night as well. I did not realize it was opening night. A little on the pricey side, $9 for a single chorizo taco is a little steep. Crispy shells are not my thing either, maybe an option to have soft corn tortilla may influence a return visit.

Oyster knife?

I highly recommend! The knife is easily the best I have come across...

The Keg North York (Sheppard Centre)

Yes, it has been closed for a few months.

Fresh Portugese Sardines

Thanks for the advice. Bought 6 tonight. I cleaned them myself, and to be honest they were not very fresh at all. The colour of the eyes were a little too greyish and the texture was a bit mushy. My own fault for buying them, but I had faith...even after grilling not so good....guess I'll try frozen. Thanks to all that responded.

Fresh Portugese Sardines

Anyone know where I can get them downtown besides SLM.

Houston Steak and Ribs - really??

Possibly the worst experience I have ever had. I was not as lucky as you to be warned beforehand.

Dominion on Queen stinks

They have some great Jazz/blues and good beer on tap. As for the food, well, they have some good beer on tap!

'Nduja Found!

What a rare find. Grande cheese on Orfus carries it. Spicy spreadable sausage. Imported from Italy to boot (no pun intended)'Nduja

ISO Canned Lobster Bisque

Diana's has plenty of it, think the brand is SeaWatch. Unfortunately, it's pretty bad.

Fish tacos in Toronto?

Here are some suggestions....

Seafood pizza in the GTA??

Rolling Rock Beer

I agree. Just saw the prices at the Beer Store...$51.95 for 24 cans! hahaha...the crap is sold across the border for 14.99 for a 30 pack..

ISO London Broil

Bruno's on Avenue Road has them.

Diamond Pizza (East York)

Could not agree more. I have had the exact same experiences with this place. Unfortunately, the pizza is good, however the delivery times are not acceptable.

Irish Nachos - Dundas and Church

Logan Grill?

Agree, but the benches do need to go!

Rolling Rock Beer

Not bad, its fairly light........I would not cross town to get it, but would order again if it comes to my hood.. On a side note, the pint glass that it was served in has a green hue through it, that was kind of cool.

Rolling Rock Beer

Had it last night on tap...

Ceili Cottage - any improvement on food and service?

I would have to say absolutely NOT. The Roy is far better and much friendlier!

Lillet - what the *censored* ?

Leaside LCBO has about 50 bottles....stock up...dont feel bad, they did the same thing to me with Cynar!

Taco Bell - Cantina Taco's (moved from Ontario board)

I was just was in Niagara Falls New York. Taco Bell has these new Cantina Taco's. I tried the Pork...and I must admit they were damn good. 2 real corn tortillas, tons of cilantro and a wedge of lime! 4 of them were $6. Hopefully they will do the same up here. Check them out....

Aug 08, 2010
vaiguy777 in Chains

iso craw fish in the gta....

Fresh are impossible in Toronto. Frozen can be found at Diana’s Seafood Delight on Lawrence.

Diana's Seafood opening restaurant

I agree, this is what is lacking for most of the city...Fresh seafood...cooked to your liking. Simple. Although I love oyster bar will not cut it in this neck of the woods.

Where to find "steamer" clams??

Be sure to call ahead, they do not always have 'em in....enjoy!

INO Whole Prosciutto