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Where are all the good hot dogs gone? (St Louis)

Since living in St. Louis for 5 years now I have yet to find a great hot dog joint. Oh, let me correct that. I like Woofies well enough, but where else in town can I get a good dog?

STL -- need prepared food platters for private party

Try Babalu's Snack Shack. Though the Shack is closed for the summer (don't know why) they are still catering. I had great bbq-like stuff for dinner last year and it was great, but I had them do tapas and such for graduation party in May and it was fabulous. A lot of fun ideas and great prices. Our guests went back for thirds. They ate everything. Here's the number:
314-706-7061 and ask for Dana. He'll take care of you.

good coffee in St. Louis

Since I've never been to Seattle, I don't know what the standards are there. I do know St. L standards are low and we can thank Breadco for that. I know because I only drink espresso. However, there are a few gems out there. Kaldis has several spots (Demun is fun) and they make a good cafe/coffee spot. Inconsistent coffee though. Same with MoKaBee'
s in Tower Grove. Love the spot, inconsistent product. Cafe Ventura in CWE tops the bunch with great outdoor spot, good food, booze if you like and well so on. Its a great spot. ... However, the best espresso for restaurants is Bar Italia. Superb coffee, perfectly made. The best coffee shop coffee is Coffee Cartel. Worst cafe around. They offer everything under the sun and are always understaffed. But...a great espresso. Good outdoor seating

Imo's-STL-Delivers NATIONWIDE!

26 years and you can't get the taste of Imo's out of your mouth. It's probably because that junk they call cheese is still stuck to your teeth. Take time and check out real pizza in St. Paul.

May 03, 2009
sevendaysally in Great Plains

Where's the Beets??? [STL]

I moved here form Colorado just about a year ago and really just starting to get my bearings. I love food and have been eating out a lot. However, I would like to explore the fresh markets in St. Louis and would like some feedback. I live in the Grove area but am willing to go anywhere (since no one in STL likes to travel beyond certain geographic areas).

I have seen Clayton (Lotsa vendors, no produce, no character. Soulard..well I know its near and dear to STL hearts, well its a dump. No food vendors, all the same stuff, little homegrown novelty stuff. Gee, more peaches.....

I went to Kirkwood last week and produce. I guess the reality is MO has no fresh produce now. I did find some plants for our new front yard. However, I did have breakfast at Babalu's Snack Shack. Great breakfast burrito and they were willing to make a special order. Get the #1 with crispy pulled pork and pickled onion, The "3 Little Pigs" sandwich was a study in pork and eggs. My boyfriend, not only couldn't put it down but didn't. He at it in 6 bites.. well maybe 8. I'll be back for lunch,

Where else can I find a good market with good grub?

St. Louis Trattoria Marcella & Morels

Well I guess we're all members of the Trattoria Marcella Appreciation Society. Steve and Jamie are the bomb. Way to go guys.

Saturday on the Hill in St Louis

WTF ... Perhaps you would like a paper cut and I'll pour lemon juice on it. Crowded, jamming and bad food. Sounds like riding the metro home on game nights. I'd rather go to Pasta House.

Saturday on the Hill in St Louis

I concur with Irstl. I want to like the Hill more than I do. Great for an espresso or Italian supplies, but restaurants are so-so. However, you can hit Modesto, a Spanish restaurant specializing in tapas. Its fun and the food is good.