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Cheap to Mid-Range Kreuzberg Eateries?

Thanks desylicious, et al!

If Amrit is bad, can you tell us where (hopefully in the 'hood) to find good Indian food. We just had a bad experience in Amsterdam at the Balti House and are dying to find some GOOD Indian while in Berlin.

And will definitely check out that doner place--am looking forward to a properly layered and prepared doner kebab!

Cheap to Mid-Range Kreuzberg Eateries?

Believe me, all the recommendations are greatly appreciated and it's so cool that you took the time to write all that up! We walk A LOT and are U-Bahn savvy, so nothing is too, too far away.

And yes, I have a distinct feeling that we'll be at Henne quite often.

Between my husband and me, we're pretty proficient in German, so the tidbit about qype is awesome! Will check that out now.

Danke, danke, danke!

Cheap to Mid-Range Kreuzberg Eateries?

Thanks linguafood---thought I could rely on you for some awesome recommendations! We'll be in the eastern part, near Schlesisches Tor. And since we'll be so close to Friedrichshain, any additional advice on that would be great as well.

Thanks so much!!

Cheap to Mid-Range Kreuzberg Eateries?


My husband and I will be in Berlin for three weeks in June, staying in an apartment in Kreuzberg. We'll do quite a bit of our own cooking, but please tell me about your fave doner kebab stand, the best pizzeria, best Thai joint, etc. Having lived in Germany for many years as a teen, not too keen on German food, even of the nouveau sort, but rather in "ethnic" eateries.

I've done some hunting on the board going back a year or so, but am interested to hear, in particular, about where to get the best doner kebabs, falafel, etc. Yum!

Thank you in advance!

Amsterdam--Best, Most Recent Recommendations for Indonesian, Middle Eastern Needed

Thanks deepsandwich, for the great recommendations! We never made it to Spang Makandra last summer, but definitely will this time around.....and toko Ramee and Thai Deum. We walked past the latter every day but never made it there. Won't make that mistake again.

Agree that Bazar is really, really sub-par. Would love to hear your thoughts on Middle Eastern restaurants when you have a chance----and they don't have to be in de Pijp---we do a lot of walking!

Thanks again.

Amsterdam--Best, Most Recent Recommendations for Indonesian, Middle Eastern Needed

And I just realized I said "Middle Eastern" in the title!

Any recommendations on that would also be great. We've eaten at Divan in de Jordaan and of course Maoz multiple times! Any other fave places? We went to Bazar in de Pijp and though it OK, at best.


Amsterdam--Best, Most Recent Recommendations for Indonesian, Middle Eastern Needed


My husband and I will be living in an apartment in de Pijp for a month again in May. I've perused all the Chowhound posts on Amsterdam going back 1 year---but don't want to go further back---we all know things DO change!

We cook a lot via Albert Heijn and the Cuypstraat market, but like to get some good Indonesian, Thai, etc. Any recent recommendations? For Indo, we tried one place in de Jordaan, and it was awful--and expensive, to boot! I'll be sure to post here when we go back and I spot the restaurant again, as it's a place to avoid!

What is the latest on a great Indonesian place that won't cost us a fortune? We like spicy, we like "not dumbed down." I've seen varying reports on Sama Sebo, Tempo Doeloe, Kantjil en de Tijger (is their takeout OK???)----so please advise. Not necessarily going for the rijsttafel, but that's all good too.

Also, would love to find a good Indian place, but that may be even harder. Do let me know if anyone has a recommendation!

From last summer, we have one fave Ethiopian restaurant right near our beloved Sarphati Park, and a good Thai place in the Jordaan. (Will post their names while we're there).

Cheers, and thank you in advance!