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El bulli in June - need help planning trip

Thanks so much we will check that place out, I had seen it but it looked like it was kind of far from town.

When were you at El Bulli, where di dyou stay?
Thanks so much

Apr 22, 2009
elbulli09 in Spain/Portugal

El bulli in June - need help planning trip

Hi everyone. My husband and I have been so lucky to get reservations to El Bulli (on the first time trying) on June 17th 2009. It actually sort of coincides with our first anniversary so we are so excited!!!! Second day they are open, lets hope all the kinks are ironed out.

Anyhow I'm having a hard time finding a hotel that we can stay in (4 star) that is somewhere near the resto.

We were thikning of staying in Roses so that we could hit the beach for a day or two and be able ot have some local seafood too.

We will have a car but I just cna't seem to find any good places.

If anyone has any tips or suggestions I would be so happy.

Also any idea if there actually is a wine tasting menu we can do as accompaniment, Ive read so many conflicting stories about this.

Thanks in advance

Apr 21, 2009
elbulli09 in Spain/Portugal