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Valentines Day steak in Woodland Hills

I just made my reservations yesterday. You better hurry. Things are filling up quick. Follow the link to book a table using Open Table. You can specify for woodland hills if it's not already.

Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream... in LA?

Went with the wife up the coast to Avila Beach this weekend and tasted what I what I think is possibly the best ice cream I've ever had. Oh man it was good.

I usually do not care for chocolate ice cream, but this "Motor Oil" flavor was ridiculously good.

A chow hound LA search didn't reveal anything, and the Doc Burnstein's website doesn't list any retailers this far south.

Has anyone seen this served anywhere in or near LA?

TonyC's Best XLB Restaurants Not Named Din Tai Fung

I was eating XLB at Mei Long Village way before i even heard of Din Tai Fung. When I finally went to DTF i found the dumplings a little too bland and thin since I got used to the ones at MLV, but that was years ago.

So how is MLV holding up these days, especially with its immediate neighbors?

Mariscos stands/trucks

Is this white truck in Highland Park still around these days? I've been craving a shrimp and octopus coctel.

karina's bakery glendale

If he brings Kievsky cake next time, then he might be a keeper.

Weirdest Ice Cream I've ever had...

I'm not really sure since I'm not from there. It's the one that has a Target. I think the place is called Seafood City.

Weirdest Ice Cream I've ever had...

The girlfriend made me try corn and cheese ice cream from a market (inside of a small mall) in eagle rock... way too weird for me, and i usually like weird.

Donut Man. I get it.

Went there a couple of months ago too for the 1st time. Wasn't planned either. The gf and I got in line at 11pm halfway around the building on a saturday nightso telling each other that it better be worth the wait. Neither of us are donut people. We saw what others were ordering and placed a large order just to try a little bit of different stuff and give away the rest to family.

We went home and had a taste of the strawberry donut... ohhhh geezzus!! Then we had the bavarian and then the tigertail and so on....

To this day we still talk about that epic night of donut eating.

We get it... and so did our waistlines.

San Clemente Download - LONG

Have you tried Sonny's for some thin crust pizza? I always stop by with the gf when taking a trip to San Diego.

Goi cuon, spring rolls, and those do-it-yourself rolls... confused.

I tried doing a search, but for some reason I couldn't find what I was looking for.

I often get confused when ordering spring rolls at a vietnamese restaurant. I believe Goi Cuon is the actual name for spring rolls (the NON-fried type), right? There are plenty of times when I've gone to Vietnamese restaurants and I've meant to get an already prepared roll and have gotten the DIY rolls instead, and vice versa. Ive tried to simply just ask a waiter but often I get the "what the hell are you talking about" look. How do you know which is which when looking at a menu?

Thanks in advance!