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Chef Dave Conn

Rumor has it that Chef Dave Conn, low-country style Southern food genius recently left his post at Keg & Lantern in Greenpoint Brooklyn for a place in Cobble Hill. Does anyone know him or where he went? The 2 waitresses at Keg & Lantern did not know the name of the restaurant but knew that it was in Cobble Hill. We miss him.

Jun 02, 2012
MeghanEats in Outer Boroughs

Hamburger Honeymoon

I ate Zip's in high school until it came out of my ears. The burgers, the chili, the fries, dipping your fries in your chili.....mmm.....

I actually just took my fiance there the other day because he'd never been. He got the "train wreck" burger, which is topped with a grilled metwurst and shaved ham.

If you're ever back anytime soon, check out Terry' Turf Club in the East End, and Quatman and Gordo's both in Norwood.

Hamburger Honeymoon

Someone else emailed us and suggested A & A rest. & grocery in Allentown, GA. Ever been there?

Hamburger Honeymoon

First of all, I want to thank everyone for your amazing suggestions. I can't wait to go, take tons of pictures and then bring back all the stories to share with you!

What about Savannah, GA? Anything good there? We've never been there, always wanted to go. Might drive through anyway, just for the heck of it. I know I said in my orginal post that we didn't want to venture too far off the beaten path in the interest of time, but I got some extra vacation time to take, so now we have 10 whole days.

We've also been given a couple of shirts with burgers on them to wear on the trip. Some girls get sassy lingerie, I got a burger t-shirt.

Hamburger Honeymoon

Are they like White Castle? Sounds like it. If so, best hangover food EVER!

P.S. Fiance had Cincinnati chili not once but twice yesterday and I can still smell it on him.

Hamburger Honeymoon

No place is "too off the beaten path." We have 10 days to go from Cincinnati to Key West and back, which is plenty of time.

Keep the suggestions comin'!

Hamburger Honeymoon

A basket of bacon!?!?!?!?! I'll take two.

Hamburger Honeymoon

Thanks so much! These are great!

Hamburger Honeymoon

Wow! I just looked at the menu. We do love some red velvet cake!

Hamburger Honeymoon

Ooh, yum. We haven't had too many Kentucky suggestions so far. The only other ones have been Ginny's Frickled Pickle and W.W. Cousins. Both in Louisville and we've already been to both. So thanks!

Hamburger Honeymoon

Unfortunatly, they still allow smoking at most places in Northern Kentucky, so we're used to it.

Hamburger Honeymoon

Everyone keeps talking about how amazing Vortex is, so I guess that's a must!

We have more 5 Guys and more Steak n' Shakes that we can shake a stick at here in Cincinnati, so we'll be saving those for at home burger needs.

Hamburger Honeymoon

Wow, that is a bummer about H& F. Have you tried any of the other stuff on the menu? The desserts are making me drool on my keyboard. Peanut and sorghum ice cream in a coke float? I'd like two.

Hamburger Honeymoon

I hear Ann is a tough cookie! We'll go there for sure. Anyone ever been to Holman and Finch Public House for their 10 P.M. burger madness?

Hamburger Honeymoon

My fiance and I really love burgers.

Really, really love them.

Last year, we watch George Motz's documentary and flipped through the book. We noticed that 6 of the best places in the U.S. were in Ohio, so we decided to visit all six. In one day. We did it and we had so much fun that we decided to do what we love best for our honeymoon.

We are going to be driving from Cincinnati to Key West and back via I-75. We'd like to know if you have any suggestions of amazing burger places along the way.

Some of the big cities along the route are:
anywhere else along the gulf coast of Florida
anywhere in the Keys

Don't exclude small towns either. In the interest of time, we don't want to wander too far off the path, though.

We'll probably come back from the Keys via Miami, so don't forget that.

If anyone is interested in the Ohio Hamburger Roadtrip photos, they are here:

Cincinnati: Gotta get a Goetta

I lived in Cincinnati my entire life and it wasn't until high school, where I attended with kids from all over the tri-state, that I heard about goetta. It then wasn't until college, when I dated a another life-long Cincinnati resident, that I actually tasted it when he ordered it at Proud Rooster in Clifton.

The Pancake Pantry in Nashville

what if we go around noon or 1 p.m.? There will only be two of us eating. I am totally pumped about the cinnamon syrup. I guess there is no menu online.

Cincinnati Bakeries

Is there a bakery in Cincinnati that anyone knows of that makes French Macarons? The meringue cookies with a creamy filling. Not to be confused with Macaroons, the southern, coconut cookie. I've never had one and would like to try them! They seem to be in every magazine, every wedding book, etc. I haven't tried Bonbonerie yet, which seems like an obvious choice. Every time I go in there, I can't get past the Opera Cream Cake.

May 13, 2009
MeghanEats in Great Lakes

The Pancake Pantry in Nashville

I am going to be in Nashville this weekend and I am dying to try the Pancake Pantry. The website takes to one in Gatlinburg. Is this the same people/food? And for all of you in the know, it is located at the corner of Hillsboro Pike and Belcourt, correct?

Cincinnati Korean

Where is the best place in Cincinnati to get Korean food? We've never had it before and want to try it!

Cincy Flower Show

I really like The Works, in Loveland, which is in the old City of Loveland water works building. They have pizza, burgers, pub fare and a full bar and are open late. There is an outdoor patio with a chiminea which is probably going at that time of year. Also in Loveland is the Buzz-thru Espresso bar for good coffee and really friendly staff. Right across the alley from that is a vegetarian place called VegHead. I'm listing all of these Loveland places because the flower show is at the old Rozzi Fireworks fields this year in Loveland.