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24 hours in Miami

Great! Thanks for the suggestions.

24 hours in Miami

Dinner, breakfast and lunch needed for a whirlwind day doing Art Deco architecture tour. We have a car, but would love to walk. Prefer local hangouts, no chi-chi dining required. Any places are musts?

West 50 Pour House in Mississauga Review + Pics!

I agree - the portions are on the small side for what they charge. More importantly I found the ambiance to be zero. The interior is dark and uninviting, poor table placement, and generally run down looking. The patio could be a cute space, but is dirty and unattractive, overlooking the traffic on Burnhamthorpe Road. It's basically a place to smoke and have a beer while doing so. The service we received was next to non existent. It took 20 minutes before anyone arrived at the table, and another 20 to drop off two beers from a bar no more than 30 feet away. Food came quickly, but we had to wait to wait for cutlery after the dishes were placed. We were asked if we wanted fresh pepper - it never arrived. My husband asked for a lemon wedge for his schnitzel, and it never came either. Our second beer we ordered was delivered after we'd finished our meals. At this point we began to wonder if our waitress had gone home for the evening. Finally another server arrived to take our dessert order, after about a 1/2 hour waiting.
I have no need to ever return.

2013 Alphonso Mangos

The Indian grocer at Speers Rd. and Kerr St. In Oakville had them last week for $26/case, and they looked terrific. Unfortunately for me, I only had enough scratch at the time to pick up my 1/2 dozen samosas I went in for.

Food Basics carries 28oz cans of sweetened Alphonso pulp for under $3. Look in the ethnic section. A great alternative to fresh when not available, or for use in smoothies or shakes.

Samosas and Indian Store near Burlington?

Welcome to Burlington! I travel to Oakville frequently to shop at the Organic Garage, and in the same plaza, is a terrific Indian Grocer for cooking supplies as well as samosas, pakoras, etc. I'm sorry that I can't recall the name, but it's easy enough to find a couple of doors down from Organic Garage.

any Buffalo chow reviews on the Blackthorn Pub?

I just caught this place on diners drive ins and dives...thought it might be worth the journey...any reviews?

Blackthorn Restaurant & Pub
2134 Seneca St, Buffalo, NY 14210

South Street Burger Co. ?

Has anyone tried this off shoot of NY Fries?

Sautéed Stinging Nettles

Brings back a flashback to my childhood. My grandfather and I would collect them by the wheelbarrow full, and exchange half the load for a freshly killed duck from his farmer friend. Duck, nettles, and boiled potatoes for dinner.

Mar 28, 2010
club mataba in Recipes

Good restos in Hamilton (updates, please!)

A new August 8 location has recently opened as well in Burlington, on Brant St south of Fairview (in the old la luna building, right behind Discovery Ford)
I haven't been yet, but I assume it's the same ayce dim sun and sushi as the York Blvd. one.

Costco mussels any good?

absolutely! They are a great deal, and very good, always fresh (especially if you go on Thursdays at my location) They hardly need any cleaning or de-breading, a quick rinse in the sink, then into the pot they go.

Best Beef Ho Fun (aka Beef Hor Fun) in Toronto?

noodle wok is still the best!

Looking for food shops in Kensington Market

LOL! Surly is right!

where to get light maple syrup?

We make our own. We tap about 90 trees at our cottage property. While the light is "pretty", for flavour I've always preferred the mid grade. The really dark syrup is best for cooking/baking with in my opinion, it adds the most intense flavour.

where to go for noodles...

Noodle Wok, Burnhamthorpe and Mavis, Mississauga.

Suggestions for a good Indian buffet?

Kwality Indian in Burlington, Guelph Line and Upper Middle Rd. Not huge, but consistent, good, and always fresh. $8.99 for lunch, 11.99 for dinner, and 12.99 Fri-Sun.

starving student London SE1 for 3 months

Thanks to both of you for the suggestions. Not at Kings, working a co-op term, quite near Dragon Castle which has been recommended to me by someone already. Must check it out.

Feb 12, 2010
club mataba in U.K./Ireland

best Sunday brunch

The Hot house (front & jarvis), especially if you start with the cakes first!

starving student London SE1 for 3 months

looking for ideas cheap eats, loves all ethnicities. also suggestions on where to shop and save too! has transit pass for zone 1&2.

Feb 11, 2010
club mataba in U.K./Ireland

Le Creuset, All-Clad, Where to get the best deals in Ontario?

Le chef complet in Burlington (Brant St) carries Le Crueset as well

Le Creuset, All-Clad, Where to get the best deals in Ontario?

winner and home sense for sure, but it is hit and miss and depends on location. ask friends to keep an eye out for you. Many, many years ago Canadian Tire carried sets of Le Crueset, I bought mine there in the early 80's. Also Home hardware has some pieces now and again.

Jersey Boys - quick before show bite?

sounds good...but WHERE? I don't the area at all, and we're driving in, with less than an hour to spare, so subway hops are out of the question. Baton Rouge I don't care for at the best of times anyway, too pricey for what is on offer.

Surely there must be some sort of quick diner/noodle place/pizza joint in the neighbourhood....?

Jersey Boys - quick before show bite?

Any recommendations for something near the Centre for performing arts? (Any type of eats...we're easy to please!) We'll likely have less than an hour


Exploring salt: Which ones are 'must trys' beyond simple 'sea salt'?

Maldon flaked salt is the best on fresh summer tomatoes.
I love the flavour of smoked chardonnay salt (even though I'm not a chardonnay fan) And pink Hawaiian is great on steamed veggies.

A couple of years ago, Costco had a salt sampler with 8 varieties (+/-100g) from Be Gastronome out of Quebec. (They also had a vinegar assortment) Fantastic deal, and made a great hostess gift around Christmas time. I wish they'd bring them back.

May 02, 2009
club mataba in General Topics

Restaurants near or around AGO

The British style pub (name escapes me) almost across the street (opposite the big Lutheran Church) isn't bad, good lunch sandwich selection, yummy frites, and fantastic draught selection.

where is the best fish and chips in Toronto/GTA??

Thistle is THE BEST. Just don't think of going on a Friday night!

so...any reports from last week's charlie's burger dinner?

I was sooo hoping to go :-(, but much too late getting a reply in. Anyone lucky enough to make it? Where was it held?

Alphonso mangoes, when does season start?

does anyone know of a source in Oakville/Burlington/Hamilton? I'm intrigued now...