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Cincy Pubs - help finding the microbrews?

that site is great, thanks for the help! I see magic hat has made its way to Ohio...hopefully get some other VT brews there

Cincy Pubs - help finding the microbrews?

Can someone recommend some good bars in the following Cincy area? Just looking for an excellent draft / bottle selection from east and west coast micro breweries. Are any of these pubs within walking or short driving distance from these towns?

Hyde Park
Mt Lookout
Terrace Park
West Chester


Honeymoon in Kennebunkport

Hi all,

I'm a newbie here so I apologize if this question has already been addressed. My future wife and I will be honeymooning in Kennebunkport for 2 days this upcoming September. I was wondering if you could possibly recommend some restaurants. Since we're driving from VT, I was thinking that the first day would be all casual dining, and we can enjoy a romantic dinner on Tuesday (unfortunately cannot afford the White Barn INN!)

Day 1
Lunch - Looking for a very casual lunch spot that offers great lobster rolls with minimal lettuce! Are there any places that offer a great view and serve beers as well? Possibly Cape Porpoise for this @ the Ramp?

Dinner - looking for another casual/seafood spot right in town. Allison's?

Day 2
Lunch - Nunan's or Mabel's?

Dinner - romantic/seafood/great view...thoughts on Cape Arundel Inn, or Pier 77?

Any information is greatly appreciated.