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Drinks Before Dinner At Rich Table [San Francisco]

Sugar on Hayes/Gough has drink specials every night and snacks from 5-7pm. Ask them to tone down the sugar content (they are more than happy to modify anything to your taste0 on the drinks and you'll have an enjoyable cocktail.

Two Sisters on Hayes/Laguna has happy hour until 6pm and very tasty bar snacks.

My personal rec: Muka on Grove/Gough. Great drinks and AMAZING bar snacks. Jean-Luc just moved from Bush to Hayes Valley.

Breakfast Sandwich - SF Dish of the Month June 2013

Cafe La Vie in Hayes Valley does a breakfast sandwich for $3.95. egg, cheese, choice of meat, chopped veggies on a croissant or bagel with extras like jalepenos and avocado. Amazingly good for a tiny little shop operating with limited resources and generally a long line for coffee. I go for the company and good natured people and a decent breakfast sando doesn't hurt either.

Buying abalone direct from divers

seriously, do not try to ask a diver to sell you an abalone. this law is taken very seriously. stop into the b&bs along the coast- they will have information on local feeds (crab, abalone, etc).

just an FYI, this year California changed DFG's name. they are no longer game wardens- they are the dept of fish and wildlife now (so, now they are CA DFW). the term "game" was outdated and does not accurately reflect all the natural environment they protect. their website is still

ISO Buttermilk powder

why go for pre-packaged? seems silly to NOT be able to get an amount determined by you? if you hop on the 27 bus, getting to rainbow is pretty darn easy.

Nosa Ria in Hayes Valley - Spanish import shop with food + cookware [San Francisco]

I went in a 5 pm last week. While it's not an ice box, it's also not insufferably hot inside. The case is kept very cold and there are dark roller shades on all the widows that were pulled down. When the location was a hair salon, the heat was much, much worse inside.

Fernet on tap?

Rebel bar on Market at Octavia has not only Fernet on tap, but Jameson whiskey as well.

Easy fish to catch and eat in Bay Area for a newbie fisher?

There's a trout farm in La Honda called Troutmere. It's a fish farm that pretty much guarantees you'll catch something. The best fishing in the immediate area is ocean fishing. River and stream fishing is best a few hours' drive north in Guernville, a few hours south near Big Sur, or out towards Tahoe.

There's a good party boat that leaves out of HMB called Queen of Hearts. Word to the wise: if you're not catching anything on your side of the boat and others are, move to that side of the boat and try your luck there. You're not guaranteed to go home with anything if you don't catch anything yourself.

Any fishing not on a pier will need a fishing license (one day, three day or yearly). You can get one at nearly any tackle shop or Sports Authority. Please also pick up an Ocean Fishing Guide. Most fish have size and bag limits you need to be aware of, as well as no-keepers. Failing to follow these laws results in very hefty fines from DFG.

If you're interested in fishing the Northern California area, I advise you to pick up the Moon Guide to Northern California Fishing.

Foodie from Chicago needs to know what SFO Neighborhood to live in.

what on earth do you mean no strollers? half the shops on Hayes St. now are oriented towards children. Patricia's Green is full of kids and parents every day and early evening. there are dogs everywhere!

Hayes Valley is a great neighborhood to be in, such that you are central to everything and have the ability to go to nearly every neighborhood rather quickly. You will tire of what you find in HV (and the people Friday thru Sunday), but overall the neighborhood can't be beat.

Brenda's French Soul Food - great biscuit and beignet [San Francisco]

A friend and I went to brenda's for dinner on saturday night around 6 pm. the crawfish beignet was very dense with not much filling and way too coated in old bay. the crawfish pot pie was fabulous. hushpuppies were the show stealer of the evening. overall, $40 for two people for dinner wasn't too bad. we were pleased we got in before the wait.

a sour point to note thought: we asked for the remainder of our hushpuppies and crawfish potpie to be wrapped at the end of the meal. we didn't look in the box to see how it was put together. a few hours later we found out: the potpie was slopped into an uncoated cardboard box and had soaked through. our leftovers ended up on the floor of the fridge.