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Coffee & tea needed to supply our restaurant

my husband and i are currently getting ready to open a deli & Bakery and our looking for a "different" coffee and tea option which has a competetive price ......any suggestions?

Dec 08, 2009
lochnessy52 in Pennsylvania

Tangy Apple and Beet Salad

i thought this was great however it didnt last more then 24 hours.... i wouldnt make it unless you will eat it entirely in one day

Dec 04, 2009
lochnessy52 in Recipes


I just went to roccos in greenwich village (i believe) and theirs was great and actually was made to take with so we were able to eat some later.... the have tons more great pastries too!... they charge by the pound so you can start a box and go to town!

May 07, 2009
lochnessy52 in Manhattan

Assi Market food court is a real find!

I was just there for my first time a few weeks ago!... I live in lancaster and we really dont have anything like it favorite part was the larger bins of blue crabs that you could just grab and throw in a bag!.. no rubber bands around their claws or anything!... .. if you go back you have to go to the little hot food stand near the raw fish ... the guy there makes these delicious cake balls on a cast iron skillet with small circular molds... i got ones with crab inside and my friend got eel i believe... it was the most delicous and interesting thing i ever had!! just those were worth our trip!

Apr 20, 2009
lochnessy52 in Pennsylvania


I just had a delicious cappucino nanamio bar and was looking for a recipe to make one.... please help me out

Apr 20, 2009
lochnessy52 in Pennsylvania

Mini beehive cakes

a bit ago i went to central market in lancaster city and bought a small cake which the woman told me it was a mini beehive cake.... it seemed to be cake baked in a honey like liquid which made it a lil spongy like a pineapple upside down cake and was cut in half which the middle had a creamy/buttery thick icing in the middle... I tried to buy them again to try to redo the cake myself but they no longer had them... please have you ever had anythign similar or do you know what the recipe may be?

Apr 20, 2009
lochnessy52 in Pennsylvania

Cake Decorating Suppliers in the Philadelphia Area

i can usually find alot of good stuff at reading china & glass... they have a pretty good selection and tend to have a few things different from the norm.... theres one in the reading outlet center and also one in the lancaster outlets

Apr 20, 2009
lochnessy52 in Pennsylvania