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Help! Repatriated Torontonian baffled by the Chinese food!

Pray tell, what is so outrageous about that type of service for that type of food?

Hubby and I expect service to match cost.

Buster Rhinos new Store

Very exciting! I love his ribs and Hubby can't get enough of the pulled pork. We've always had to get it on the way back from trips so this is perfect.

Restaurant venue for Sunday Afternoon private party - 40 people

Second Le Select! Wonderful place.

Guu is Guu(d) – review + pics

I'm happy to say it was just like we remembered! Hubby adores it!

Burrata in Toronto

Buca had burrata flown in from Italy the last time I was there! Decadent!

Hank's "Southern-Ontario" fare (review + pics)

Hubby and I went shortly after the introduction of the night menu and also thought the sides were the strong point on the menu. After looking at her photos, BokChoi received a very different dish. Ours was like what pinstripeprincess described, like a risotto. Hers looks more like what a regular dirty rice is like.

Amuse Bouche Restaurant: Definitely not amused

Oh my! I hope this doesn't change anything. I love Amuse Bouche!

Guu is Guu(d) – review + pics

How does Guu in Toronto compare to Guu in Vancouver? My hubby loves the Vancouver location and makes it a required meal every time we are there.

Black Hoof

I love the charcuterie at Black Hoof. It will have to be a regular shopping stop for me when they start putting it out for sale.

Black Hoof
928 Dundas St W, Toronto M6J, CA

recs near Sheraton

Love it. Nota Bene is my regular date night place with Hubby. The menu doesn't change frequently but we adore what is on it so it doesn't matter.

Nota Bene
180 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 2A1, CA

Weekend TO visit-recommendations for party of one?

Has anyone been to the old Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar or new Wine Bar? It was one of my favourite places to dine with Hubby at the bar because it was very active and fun.

In the Distillery district that atmosphere is great. You can't go very wrong there.

Jamie Kennedy
9 Church St, Toronto, ON M5E1M2, CA

Burrata in Toronto

Did you see pinstripeprincess' post at the end? In my experience the Canadian burrata is just a bit better than fresh mozzarella.

Black Hoof

didn't matter, they weren't handing anything out.

Nadege Patisserie is Bad

Well their not yet ready for prime time and may never be. I stopped in this morning for a latte, a couple macarons and a croisssant with my Hubby.

The latte was too weak and barely warm. Macarons were too thin shelled, one was mucky, the other was gloppy, neither were fresh! and the croissant was small, expensive, unbuttery, unflakey, dry and no chew.

Even worse was the service. They didn't ask my hubby or I why we didnt drink our $4 lattes in the glass mug after staring at it, they took 10 minutes to cash me out and after asking how it was, and I told them the truth, they just said "ok", without even an offer to replace the coffee.

They seem to be more about the concept, the design and the spectacle (white glove service :/ ) than the food or service. I Wish I loved this place but I don't. And based on the smirk of the managers face when I was cashing out I dont see much reason to retrurn.

Colborne Lane over-rated?

Completely agree. Your expectations must be in check to understand and appreciate what Colborne Lane is doing.

Where to go in NOTL?

Hubby is loves Treadwell in NOTL. Not to be missed!

Charlie's Burger?

I can't log into my account any more and it seems that my previous post was removed. Any one else having problems with Chow?

I had said that it looks like they have gone down a different route than they originally had and now it isn't a tempting event. Looks like price guaging with an experimental sous chef who has just discovered fusion!

RSVPs are not first come first serve, you're just falling for their clever premise foodyDudey.