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Twist Bakery, Millis. Gluten-free

I wanted to revive this post just to sing the praises of Twist. My wife and I went for the first time this past weekend and LOVED our breakfast and the baked goods we got to go. Absolutely awesome! I cannot believe it took us this long to discover Twist. Everything was delicious and the 100% gluten free, although you couldn't tell at all. This is a homerun for my wife who has Celiac, and I'm just as excited to go back.

Aug 26, 2014
rrocket18 in Greater Boston Area

Gluten Free Fried Seafood at Woodman's

Wanted to bring this thread back from the dead...

I recently made a trip to Woodman's for a gluten free fried clam plate and was *shocked* that the price has jumped to $30!! I honestly couldn't justify the expense and turned around to leave.

Any alternative gluten free fried seafood (clam shacks) out there that someone wants to recommend? Love them or hate them, I've always been a fan of Woodman's solely because of their gluten free options. But at $30 for a clam plate it's time to look elsewhere.

Apr 25, 2014
rrocket18 in Greater Boston Area

ISO: Butcher or Meat Shop in Metrowest For BBQ Season

My wife and I recently moved to Framingham. As we get closer to BBQ season we still haven't found a good butcher shop or meat market. I did some site searching and didn't come up with too many recommendations. We're looking for some local alternatives to your typical Whole Foods. A place that offers a variety of meats and cuts like your standards: beef, pork, poultry, sausage, marinated meats -- and maybe some less common options (veal, buffalo, venison, etc.).

Any local options we're missing out on? Are farmers markets the best option? I don't think we're committed enough to do a meat CSA. Ordinarily we would trek closer to Boston to find some of these items but now that we are Metrowest residents we were hoping to find some options outside the city.

Mar 11, 2014
rrocket18 in Greater Boston Area

Gluten Free Fried Seafood at Woodman's

Just a heads up for gluten free folks that my girlfriend and I stumbled across gluten free fried seafood at Woodman's in Essex the other day. I haven't found any other clam shacks doing gluten free so this was a tremendous find. Frankly, I didn't even think it existed. Their entire menu can be done gluten free except for clamcakes, onion rings, and sandwiches. This was mind blowing for my girlfriend who thought she'd never eat fried seafood again from a clam shack. Big thumbs up to Woodman's! So good we went back with a friend for a second trip two days later.

I don't have a problem with gluten (only my girlfriend does), but to be honest, I enjoyed the gluten free version of the fried seafood much better. It wasn't as greasy or as heavy as the standard plates I ordered. Going forward I will probably order from the gluten free menu instead of the regular menu, it was that much better -- highly recommended even if you aren't gluten intolerant.

Aug 18, 2011
rrocket18 in Greater Boston Area

Zing Pizza in Porter Square: any reviews?

I agree that Zing might be polarizing. Personally, I love their pizza. It's fantastic. The flavor combinations are terrific. Definitely worth a try.

As an added bonus they do gluten free crust (which is also a home run).

Mar 30, 2011
rrocket18 in Greater Boston Area

September Openings and Closings

Any news on the Deluxe Station Diner in Newton Centre? Last I heard they were targeting mid-September.

Sep 18, 2010
rrocket18 in Greater Boston Area

Flatbread Company Moving into Sacco's Bowl Haven

Do you know if they opened for business this past weekend? There still isn't any indication on their website.

Jul 06, 2010
rrocket18 in Greater Boston Area

Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Does anyone know of an ice cream parlor in the boston metro that serves coconut milk ice cream? My girlfriend has an allergy to dairy so we often end up buying coconut milk ice cream at the supermarket and heading home, but every now and then it would be nice to go out for a treat.

Jun 04, 2010
rrocket18 in Greater Boston Area

Gluten free pizza in Boston - anything actually worth it

Sorry to disagree, but I find Flatbread's GF pizza to be delicious. My girlfriend is gluten intolerent and therefore I often end up eatin GF as well. She and I love their pizza. Despite it's obvious differences I consider the GF crust to be just as good (if not better) than the regular crust. It tastes more buttery and the texture was as good as you'll find for gluten free. Unfortunately, due to the lack of wheat flour almost everything gluten free has a texture that takes getting used to. I'm pretty sure the crust comes from Mommy's Muffins in New Hampshire.

Jun 01, 2010
rrocket18 in Greater Boston Area

Cherry Bomb Bakery - Brighton

I walked by the storefront that used to house the fish and chips place on Washington Street in Brighton Center yesterday and noticed flyers in the windows with Cherry Bomb Bakery printed on them. I assume they are moving into the vacated space. Anyone heard of them or have any info?

Mar 27, 2010
rrocket18 in Greater Boston Area

Atlantic Brewing Company

Anyone know of a local retailer or restaurant in the greater Boston area offering Atlantic Brewing Company beer from Bar Harbor?

Mar 13, 2010
rrocket18 in Greater Boston Area

Is there any good news near Brookline?

I'm not 100% certain but I was told that Friendly's would be occupying the old Qdoba spot on the corner of Harvard and Green.

Feb 04, 2010
rrocket18 in Greater Boston Area

Honeyville Almond Flour

Almond flour has become a godsend while baking with my gluten free girlfriend over the holidays. We've definitely latched onto the Honeyville brand versus other brands, but it only seems to be available via mail order from the manufacturer. Any local retailers carry Honeyville Almond Flour?

Almond flour in general seems tough to come by.

Dec 30, 2009
rrocket18 in Greater Boston Area

Restaurants with Gluten-Free Menus (or just allergy friendly)

Funny you mention Chipotle... my GF girlfriend and I eat there constantly. They are incredibly sensitive (no pun intended) to her gluten intolerance. They also have little cards behind the counter that show all of their products and which ones contain certain ingredients (milk, gluten, nuts, etc.). The guy making our order recently has a GF girlfriend as well and he highly recommended Burton's Grill. I can't wait to try it!

This thread is fantastic because it was only recently that my girlfriend was diagnosed as being gluten intolerant and we're still in the learning process as far as discovering restaurants that are allergy friendly. Unfortunately, since we are new to this I don't have any additional recommendations other than what's already been posted.

Aug 21, 2009
rrocket18 in Greater Boston Area

Cafe 57 & Grille

I just saw a banner go up for Cafe 57 & Grille in Brighton Center across from St. Elizabeth's on the corner of Henshaw Street and Cambridge Street. Any idea what this place is going to be all about?

Jun 20, 2009
rrocket18 in Greater Boston Area