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Dim sum recently?

Yes it is cart service on weekends.

Dim sum recently?

I frequent Wong Gee for dim sum on the weekends in Wheaton. I tried HEC a couple times; it's only okay in my opinion.

Work holiday party with "fun" and private dining??

Any suggestions for a place to host about 30 people for a office party? In the past they have done a very fancy dinner, but wanted to go with something still good but less stiff/different this year. Someplace with "activities" would be a big plus. Was considering H St CC, but while the food is good the atmosphere may be too casual...Anything else along those lines I can think of is kinda dive-y. Anywhere in DC or up toward Rockville would work.

How Do Lefties Peel Vegetables?

i just use a palm peeler too, like this one: so much easier!

Feb 23, 2010
larusa120 in Features

Silver Spring brunch for family?

Looking for a spot near Silver Spring for an upcoming Sunday family brunch (8 adults and 1 3-yr old), about half the group is from out-of-town and already been to Eggspectation so that is out. Preferrably something fun and delicious. Mrs. K's is probably over-doing it. Anyone have a review of Jackie's or McGinty's brunch? Or other suggestions?

Wild Orchid Cafe Annapolis?

Any reviews?

Place for baby shower near Annapolis?

Thanks for the suggestion; it would be a weekend afternoon.

Place for baby shower near Annapolis?

I'm looking for suggestions of a restaurant to have a small, family baby shower (about a dozen guests) near Annapolis in the next couple of weeks. Would prefer somewhere that is somewhat open/airy atmosphere. Definitely doesn't have to be right downtown. I live closer to DC but the mom-to-be is closer to Annapolis, and I'm not as familar with the venues out that way. Thanks!