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15 east sushi in NYC

they are going through a soft-opening with seating only at the sushi bar (sushi / sashimi menu only) for dinner.

I went the other night. I thought the quality of the fish was quite good (similar to other top-tier sushi restaurants in the city). Service had some hiccups and the restaurant was almost uncomfortably quiet at times given the small # of seatings (~10 at the sushi bar). Presumably this gets ironed out by the time they do a full opening.

Dec 24, 2006
DrGiggles in Manhattan

NYC hound debating between leopard or baricelli inn

any strong views one way or another?

also, as a sidenote; i'm surprised giovanni's in beachwood isn't viewed more favorably on the message boards. I went a few months ago and thought it was one of the best italian meals i've had anywhere (comparable to the top places in NYC). did i just happen to catch them on a very good night?

would love any suggestions. thanks in advance!

Jiannetto's Midtown Pizza Truck

I heard that the truck was in an accident; the owners are trying to get a new truck but for now there's only the one on 47th.

Aug 25, 2006
DrGiggles in Manhattan