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Pasta Carbonara with Peas

wow, sounds great. i love that it sounds so easy, delicious and simple. you should have more recipes like this that a normal working person can make!

Apr 05, 2007
waggore in Recipes

Best Salads in Berkeley

Does anyone have a favorite place (that has some variety) to get dinner salads in Berkeley? I just can't think of any!

Just moved to Emeryville - any recs?

Two words. Los Cantaros- on San Pablo just around 53rd street is really good. Their chile verde burrito is amazing- as well are their Mexico City tacos and Mole burritos. I compare every Mexican place in the East Bay to this one. Their hours are a bit funny.. but it's woth it. They have a larger full restaurant also on Grand by Lake Merritt. Enjoy!

Rachael’s Husband Can’t Swallow Story

I loooove that you have food gossip! Just one more reason to cruise by the chow site!

Nov 21, 2006
waggore in Features

Fried Turkey with Southern Rub

Can't wait to try it! I found the turkey fryer Bayou Classic 3066A 30-Quart Outdoor Turkey Fryer Kit for only $49.00 at amazon. (free shipping!)

Nov 06, 2006
waggore in Recipes