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hotate hokkaiyaki in san francisco?

i love this dish so much that i traveled to Boston's Ginza last year and ordered up. Delicious. Best thing on the menu, hands down. For sushi, I'll stick with my Bay Area faves, and in the meantime - D.I.Y. Goodness!

Uptown Whittier recs

I'm also looking for recs. I'm with picky eaters, so unfortunately the golden triangle is out. Italian, Mexican are safe bets, and American food is the easiest. Any suggestions in that range?

Dec 26, 2007
thetodd in Los Angeles Area

Do you have never-fail last-minute pantry dinners? Here are mine...

this topic is exactly what chowhound is about. i wish i had something to share (a dish to pass), but alas, i do not. i will next time though! ciao!

Mar 05, 2007
thetodd in Home Cooking

orzo tostato

i'm currently living in siena, and learning. first food mishap - the purchase of roasted barley instead of coffee. ouch. please enjoy the original blog post at:

Feb 26, 2007
thetodd in Italy

Eating in Italy - Costs

Here are some general tips.

order house wine, red. "vino de casa rosa", it's usually inexpensive and usually better than a house that you'd get in the states. if you're eating alone, a half litre will do you well.

salty foods aren't usually eaten before noon - that pretty much means no standard breakfasts of eggs and bacon. a typical italian breakfast consist of a sweet pastry, like a bignè (eclair) and an espresso. an espresso is very inexpensive here as opposed to the states, my breakfast this morning was under 2 euro for a pastry and a cappucino.

in italy, pizza is pretty common. most pizza places are bars, where you can get a slice for 1-2 euro. there, you'll eat standing up.

that said, there are a lot of decent sit down restaurants that fire up their ovens too. i live in siena, and near a place that arguably has the best pizza in the city. my wife and i shared a pasta dish, two pizzas and a half litre of wine for 17 euro. eating alone, pasta, a pizza and wine wouldn't cost you more than 10 euro. you can't get much better than that.

in terms of finer dining, you'll do well to venture around. the best meal i've ever had was in siena, it was mildly spendy, at about 20 euro, but that was also three courses, and dining with a few friends, we went through 2 liters of wine. 20 euro might seem like a lot, but this was well worth it.

if you're on the cheap, consider eating modest meals like pizza and pasta dishes, and splurge a few times to get a real taste of italy.

there are also different types of dining venues. a bar is a stand up, take out kind of restaurant. often, you'll see people standing outside eating a slice of pizza, or sipping an espresso. an osteria is a smaller restaurant, small sitting space, small kitchen, but attentive service, and usually a rotating menu. a trattoria is larger than an osteria, but smaller than a restaurant. a restaurant is a larger dining venue. i don't think these venues really have an impact on price, but certainly on the dining atmosphere and experience you'll have.

if you're travelling in a city that sees a lot of tourists, wander off the beaten path, and seek out a smaller place. here's an important lesson that i'm sure other chowhounders have learned as well - stand outside a dining spot, look around and listen. if you hear a lot of english speaking folks, walk away and find another place. if you hear a lot of native tounge, there's a good bet that locals eat there.

Feb 22, 2007
thetodd in Italy

Film Feast

so funny. the moment i read this, the first movie that popped into my head was "big night". obviously other chowhounders have seen this classic foodie movie. some of the best long shots in cinema.

Feb 22, 2007
thetodd in Features

Best Salads in Berkeley

jupiter, on shattuck, has a pretty diverse menu, great wood fired pizza, and a decent cesar salad. wait times can be long, so if you know what you want, order it right when you arrive. a cesar sounds nice for a hot, sunny day - they have outdoor seating. i can't imagine it's too warm in berkeley today though, best sit inside.

2181 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 843-8277

where to eat in the lorin neighborhood, near ashby bart in berkeley?

does anyone have any suggestions for food in the lorin neighborhood? specifically, i'm looking for dinner tonight.

a couple of places that i do like, but want to avoid tonight are:

for a fish sandwich, you can't go wrong with LA Bayou on adeline. get snapper, add cheese, and you're in for a treat.

for a calzone, head to spuds pizza. they usually pile onions on, so if you don't like onions, ask to hold them. their pizza is good, but not great - i stick with calzones.

Whiskey Primer

if only your site provided tastings.

Nov 06, 2006
thetodd in Features

Can You Microwave a Tea Bag That Has a Staple in It?

very helpful! thanks!

Oct 18, 2006
thetodd in Features

Almond Butter and Apricot Jam on Sourdough


Sep 13, 2006
thetodd in Recipes

Chocolate Ding-a-Lings

i can't wait to make it!

Sep 12, 2006
thetodd in Recipes

Weird 500 errors

yeah, i got the same error. i began at > login and couldn't get anywhere due to the 500 error.

Aug 25, 2006
thetodd in Site Talk